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visiting from May 06 baby board. I'm 40.5 wks pg, 70% effaced, cervix is very far anterior, 2.5 cm dilated, lost part of my mucus plug...and am not having any other signs of labor.
I've tried castor oil 4 x (nothing. not even pooping), acupuncture twice, EPO, RRL tea, lots of sex w/dh, lots and lots of walking.

I am considering inducing within the next two days and would like to hear from those of you who have experience with inductions. Pls. dont flame me for my decision--its been a tough one to make.

My immediate option is cervadil followed by pit if needed. I'd like to turn the pit off once contractions start so I can be mobile and work with my doula. Is this possible or will I have to be hooked to an IV?

Really looking forward to hearing from you.

41 yr. old : Mom to MW (5/20/06) and RM (02/05/2011), m/c at 5w6d (9/07/09)
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I've run a lot of inductions, does that count?

You may or may not be able to turn off the pit. With induction, a lot of times when we turn the pit off the contractions just stop or seriously slow down. Once I have an IV in someone, I generally don't pull it (because then if it is needed later, I have to stick you unnecessarily) but if you're able to turn the pit off then it can be saline-locked.

Cervidil is a great cervical ripener, but doesn't do much to make your uterus contract most of the time (a lot of women end up with uterine irritability, where the contractions are frequent but very brief and not strong).

Ask for telemetry! You do NOT need to be in bed to run pit. Cervidil is usually in overnight, so sleep as much as you can, but for the pit you do NOT need to be in bed.

Good luck!

mama to Max (2/02) and Sophie (10/06); wife to my fabulous girl
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First off, best of luck with your labor!!

Now, I was put on pit with my DD due to getting "stuck" at 6 cm and having non-producing contrax every 2minutes... It is NOT very fun... And I've heard that pit CAN make you labor longer... Personally, I was in labor for 26 hours... Also, I had pit in an IV and I was able to be up walking through my contractions. So, you should be able to do that as well.

Have you tried blue cohosh? I dunno if it's what sent me into labor or not, but I will tell you that I DID go into labor the day after I started taking it and my son was born very quickly... My labor with him was 4 hours and I pushed 6 times and he was here... MUCH better than my long pit labor... Now, I'm not saying that the pit or the BC changed labor times, but it seems like it to me! If you wanna go the BC way, PM me and I will give you details if you want them!!

Again, best of luck to you!!!! And Lots of labor to you!


Wife to Kevin (8-1-98)
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I was induced this pregnancy with cervidil @ 42 weeks. Two rounds of castor oil didn't work for me, either.
The cerv got my labor started by itself, and ds was born after 3 1/2 hours of very intense contractions. I was quite happy with everything; of course, I would have preferred to go into labor on my own, but apparently that wasn't going to happen!

Good luck!
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I took homepathic Caulophyllum (blue cohash). One does every half hour for 4 does. Try again every other day. How my MW said to take it... We had sex and walked.... I had #3 at 40+6

Have you had your dr/midwife try and stripe your membranes? Thats what did it for me with #2. And helped get #3 going stronger.

As for moved furniture the night before.

If you are 40.5 weeks...hang in there...really..I know you are ready, we were all there last month. but try to wait as far toward 42 weeks as possible.

Good luck!!
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I'm not flaming but it really sounds like your baby is not reasy to be born yet. I know you are probably very uncomfortable and anxious to meet your baby but please try to wait longer for your baby to be ready. Labor will start naturally when s/he is.
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smlwieber - What was the strength of your Caulophyllum ? I found some in 30C. And by dose do you mean dose on label for 4 doses? Thanks for the info.
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I didn't know you were able to dictate when or if you would be induced. The doctors I have seen won't induce until you are at least 1 week past your EDD. My son was born a bit larger than average, the doctor suspected it, and I begged to be induced, but he would hear none of that. Needless to say it caused my son and I grief for a few years because he wasn't induced. I don't see a problem with being induced a couple weeks early, but most doctors won't do it unless the mother or baby is endangered.

An iv may be good idea since birth can be long and strenous (you can never forsee that) and you need to stay hydrated. I hope you make a birth plan and let everyone know how you would like the labor and delivery to go.
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