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x-post in BF forums too.


EDIT: From the replies I've gotten on the BF forum it sounds like it is entirely possible, so feel free to ignore this post.


Okay, potentially stupid question, but is it possible to have thrush on just one side? It seems impossible, but i've got a deep shooting pain on my left side only, and am wondering if the thrush went into the tissue on that side but not the other?

We had thrush since her birth, 2 months ago, but I have taken acidophilus religiously and so it wasn't bad at first and I didn't know for sure if it *was* thrush at first. The ped said whiteness on tongue could've been it "thickening" up, and white patches didn't show up on cheeks until about week 4, so I didn't seek treatment until then.

Anyway at week 4 we started nystatin for her 4x/day and I was given a one dose of diflucan and told to use gyne-lotrimin cream on my nipples after each feeding.

I increased the probiotics and basically the gyne-cream has been worthless (and it bugs me to use it) and the nystatin seemed to cause her tummy issues. But I used them both for a week and pumped a lot, boiled everything daily, etc. And things did get better -- but it didn't seem to go away completely. And now I'm wondering if it's become an internal thing???

The baby's tongue still has white on it but maybe that's a "thickening" thing? and not thrush?

The white patches inside her cheeks are gone, we've been off the nystatin for a few weeks and my nipple soreness is WAY better -- but I still have deep shooting pains in my left breast while nursing -- it feels like a nerve is hit or something. Yes, I can feel it on the right too but it's barely minimal by comparison. It's pretty intense and very unpleasant on the left though. And bizarre as this may sound, I can feel the sharp pain go from deep in my boob, down my leg and into my foot.

It's worse really late at night/early in the morning.

But the right side is not nearly as problematic.

Is it possible to have thrush on one side only??? Or is it something else? If so, what? I don't have a temp, but my left side is larger than my right and so I try to nurse more often on the right...don't have any plugged ducts though (did once but it cleared up in the shower luckily). Is there something I'm missing?

I'm very new to this and thought once my nipples healed and I didn't have to use my pump any longer, the thrush was gone. But this pain inside is really annoying.

I'd love some advice -- I'm sticking with the BFing come hell or high water, but it sure would be nice if it wasn't painful.


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I didn't have time to see what comments you got in the bf forum, but we've been dealing with thrush here so I thought I'd mention what worked for us. We also got the oral nystatin, which I absolutely *hated* giving to Matthew b/c of the high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors/flavors, etc. It just seemed wrong. Then I started doing some reading and it's thought that the oral nystatin is often ineffective b/c all the sugar in it (to make it palatable) just feeds the yeast : The nystatin cream did help his *horrible* thrushy diaper rash, but I also felt weird about putting it on my nipples. So, after getting more and more sore I started researching.

What's been really effective for us is the grapefruit seed extract method described on Dr Jay Gordon's website ( It's totally impossible for me to do the treatment hourly so it's taking a bit longer to get rid of it, but it's *definitely* working. I swab the solution in his mouth and on my nipples and the whiteness on his tongue is finally receding, in fact it's nearly gone and it was really thick (no other patches). The nystatin didn't touch it. Like I said the nystatin cream was good for the diaper rash, though I've also swabbed his bottom with the GSE solution. I've also been doing probiotics as an extra boost. We are finally getting it back in balance.

Interesting that you posted this b/c I have an occasional deep shooting pain in my right breast that I was also chalking up to possible ductal thrush. It's definitely not a plugged duct and it's intermittent, so I'm relying on the probiotics, lots of water and very little dietary sugar for now. My nipple pain is generally worse in those predawn hours as well - I figured it was low blood sugar making me less tolerant to the pain and a night of drowsy nursings (= not as good a latch). A small piece of very dark chocolate was a lifesaver for a few nights (the sugar, the endorphins....who knows, but it worked well!).

Okay, novel over. I hope this wasn't too much of a repeat of what you've already heard. Good luck with those yeasty beasties!!!

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Thanks for the link -- I've called the m/w and DH is picking up the 2 week diflucan for me tomorrow. I bought some gentian violet and am hoping to use it this weekend -- meanwhile I've increased my probiotic intake to three caps, three x daily, which will help, I'm sure.

Will try the dark chocolate trick tonight!

We've been lucky -- no diaper yeast issues at all thankfully, and really I can totally see how some people give up on BFing entirely -- between thrush and latch issues, it's tough. But I'm not giving up it's not unbearable, the pain, just VERY annoying. But it's worth it. Plus, Winnie's getting so preciously plump and I know it's helping her immune system, etc., so much, so I'm sticking with it.

Will try the GSE if the GV and diflucan doesn't work. I'd rather deal with the mess of the GV for three days than trying to do an hourly thing, at this point, but that's just me.

Sorry you've had problems too I hope the GSE works!!

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