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I'm a first time mom, so all of this is new to me...but here goes anyway:

My blood pressure fluctuates ALOT at my appointments. I freak myself out on the way there, and my pressure is usually 130/80-140/80 when i get there, and then after I see who I need to see, and hear the babe, it drops down to 90/55-90/60ish. It's been like this my ENTIRE PREGNANCY (my pre-pg b/p runs around 105/70).

I did the 24 hour urine catch three times, and I've never had proteins on the dip either in the office or the 24 hour. I haven't really gained weight at all during this pg (under 15lbs) but I think it's because I've been more conscious of what goes in my mouth, and I'm not swollen, headachey, etc... Anyway, at the last appointment, the doctor seemed concerned and is sending me to a maternal-fetal specialist, my appointment is tomorrow afternoon.

Part of me thinks that this whole thing is for nothing - I've never been comfortable in a doctor's office type setting, even though my doctor is fabulously crunchy and has a wonderfully relaxed environment. It's just not about me , it's about the babe, and I'm always terrified that something is wrong. We've had several losses before this baby, and I just don't trust my body, which I guess is where my problem lies.

I called my mom in tears when I got the referral, and she thinks I should just not go...But the naysayer in me thinks I most definitely should. But I do have several questions that I guess I could ask this doctor, and I'm going to post them here, because you ladies are such a wonderful wealth of knowledge and info

- My highest blood pressure doesn't seem THAT high. Isn't normal 120/80? And isn't the bottom number of more concern than the top?

- Does the concern lie in the fact that it goes up high? Or that there's such a descrepancy in the two extremes?

- If fetal growth was an issue, wouldn't my measurements be off?

- On the same subject, I had that forever long 20 week ultrasound, and she was measuring right on. I guess alot could happen in 10 weeks, but wouldn't there have been some indications of something bad happening?

And so, now I'm just getting to rambling. The baby is head down, and her heart rate has consistently been in the 150's. She has pretty good movement, though now that she's in the launching position, I don't feel the kicks quite as frequently, but i do feel movements. Any input on this before tomorrow, or suggestions on things to ask this specialist would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks, Mamas

On the fun side- DH and I (and 10 of my family members) went in for a 4/D ultrasound, and I'm in love

She had her hand in front of her face the entire time, and in many of the pictures it looks like she's smiling, as if to say "Ha! Ha! My Daddy paid $180 for people to take pictures of me, and I don't like it, so I'm going to wave my fist in front of my face THE WHOLE TIME!"
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Casey- I have to keep this quick but my bp likes to go up to 130/80ish during pg too. I've been taking (2) Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract tablets, (1) Rainbow Light Just Once Food Based Calcium tablet and a couple teaspoons of flax seed oil in my daily yogurt and my BP has been wonderful ever since.

I was thrilled today at my prenatal, my BP was 126/60. That's more like my non-pg BP.

I'm 29 weeks today and measuring 28cm, that is normal for me. I've never measured big and I don't think I've ever measured over 36cm either because I carry low (babes were 6lb 2oz and 7lb 7oz at birth).

I gained around 25lb the first time and only 15lb the second time. I'm guessing I'll gain between 15-20lb this time around. Really- this can vary SOOOO much.

and I hope maybe some of this long, disjointed post helps!
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So, um - why IS your doctor sending you to a maternal-fetal specialist?

No, really. I mean, take what I say as you like it, or leave it. I am pretty far to the no intervention end of things. And I know what it's like to be afraid for your baby - I was very afraid due to spotting w/my DS, though this time I feel like no matter what I do, this baby is going to be OK.

But as long as your blood pressure goes back to normal when you AREN'T stressed, I can't see why any intervention beyond maybe getting a sphygnomometer to use at home in case you get other symptoms would be called for. And maybe thinking about how to reduce your feelings of stress so it doesn't go up during labor (like maybe avoiding doctors and hospitals?!?!)

And I can't see why fetal growth would be a concern if your measurements are right on and getting bigger. Mine are quite small, but growing, and my midwives don't seem concerned.

I'd want a very specific, clear, well-explained reason before I would go.

Best wishes!

Here as mama to W (2/04), R (5/06), D (7/09), and J (12/9/12!), co-parenting with my DH

I WOH part-time, am a doula & childbirth educator, home/unschool, and hope we are nearing the center of chaos


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Popping in from the April DDC - as the pp said, why exactly did you get this referral? Did your doc state what his concerns were and why they were severe enough to warrant at maternal-fetal specialist? All of the questions that you posed here should be no problem for your regular provider to answer in detail. The standard cutoff for a concerning blood pressure is anything above 140/90. And the fact that your BP comes down so much after you've settled into the visit and are more relaxed would seem rather diagnostic of whitecoat hypertension, *not* true hypertension. If you are not spilling any protein on the urine dip, doing a 24 hour urine seems a bit much - especially three times! Have they run any other pre-eclampsia (blood) labs? It appears that this is what they are concerned about, though there is little evidence that they need to be concerned.

If your belly is measuring fine (weeks pg = cms of fundal height +/- 2 cms, i.e. at 30 weeks your belly will likely measure from 28-32 cms), especially if the numbers continue to go *up* each visit, that is a great indication she is growing regardless of your weight gain. Many moms drastically improve their eating habits in pg and therefore don't pack on the pounds. If you were overweight to start with you may not gain a lot and that's fine. When you eat healthy your body will gain what it needs to in order to grow a healthy baby - simplistic but true.

If going to see the specialist will make you feel better then by all means go, but it seems to me that they may wonder why you're there too. If it were me I would delay the MFS visit, have another visit with your own doc to see if you can get your questions answered to your satisfaction, and find out specifically why the referral was done. I would also consider requesting that your own vital signs not be checked until they have done the check up with the babe - then you'll be more relaxed and get a more accurate reading.

What a pain in the butt for you, I hope it all gets sorted out and you are able to find some peace that your body *is* doing a great job of growing this baby!

Jessica, CNM placenta.gif+ DH geek.gif + sweet boy (4/06) jog.gif
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Thanks, ladies ((hugs))

I measured at 24 at my 24 week appointment and between 26 and 27 at my 30 week, which I thought was in the "normal" range.

She did sit down with DH and I, and explain WHY she was concerned, but (this is terrible) I pseudo spaced out and concentrated on trying to keep calm. So, in bits and pieces, what I understand is that she is concerned about the blood vessels getting compressed when my b/p spikes up and not feeding correctly to the placenta, which can cause premature decay of the placenta, and as a consequence, a smaller baby because the baby doesn't get the right amount of what it needs to thrive in utero..and since it's unlikely that the doctor's office is the ONLY place i get stressy, it's hard to tell how often it happens, and to what severity.

But again, those are through distressed ears, I tend to be like that. I just felt this overwhelming feeling of "oh god, this IS because of me." and I voiced that, and she assured me it could happen to anyone, and there would have been no prevention, but I still feel that it is because of me, know what I mean?

I'm going to talk to DH tonight, and see his thoughts on delaying this appointment until I get some more answers.

Wittyone, thank you for popping in Yes, that 24 hour urine catch did seem excessive, and such a pain (Not to mention gross, a big jar of urine in the fridge. ew). They have run blood labs on me, as my white cells have been out of control, but it's been mostly plain ol' CBC's, and one functions test when they were particularly outrageous - but those were at the recc. of a hemotologist, as blood cancers run in my family.

Busybusy, thanks for the suggestions! I'm going to try that

MamaBeakley, "though this time I feel like no matter what I do, this baby is going to be OK." THAT is what I need. That feeling, and that confidence. I just can't seem to get there
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Ahhhh... so your ab measurements are running a little low... I'm high risk, so I've been seeing my peri for a long time now. I don't know how all peri's are, but mine are as low intervention as possible. I would see them, but that's just me. Do what you feel comfortable with.
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Just wanted to pop in and say somewhat elevated blood pressure in the last trimester is considered a good healthy sign as long as no other symptoms are present as you are aware. But I think you bp is not truly elevated if it goes down after appointments. Could you purachase a home bp cuff they are pretty cheap and could really relieve you mind if you are worried this happens at other times. I would skip the appt. unless there are other symptoms presenting. And I never make it to 40cm my top has been 38 but with my first it was around 36 at term. I just slow down after 20 wks. My kids are between 7 and 8 lbs. A slow down in fundal height may just be normal for you it is just a guide anyway and doesn't truly reflect fetal growth retardation unless combined with other symptoms and signs. Take care.

Oh I forgot to add cute pics!
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I'm sorry you're stressed mama.

Originally Posted by [email protected]
Mamabeakley "though this time I feel like no matter what I do, this baby is going to be OK." THAT is what I need. That feeling, and that confidence. I just can't seem to get there
I hope you are able to capture this feeling the way you would like too.

Look at your sweet little babe! Darling!

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