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Well, since we already have a few babies who just couldn't wait until November to make their appearance, I thought it would be a good idea to get this sticky up here!

Just so that we have all the birth announcements and stories in one place (doesn't mean you can't have your own thread below), please post your baby/babies' info here, as well as birth stories and photos if you want to share!!!
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I'll just cut and paste our story here in the official birth thread!

I have an announcement to make......

Marlee Sol was welcomed to the world at 9:48 a.m. on October 6, 2006. She weighed 5lbs 5oz and was a whopping 17.5 inches long. The birth was completely natural and I couldn't be happier with how things went (except I forgot to get my placenta back). We're home, and dad is napping with her now. He is in love!! So are her brothers. **smile from ear to ear**

If you're interested in the whole story:

I started losing my plug on Wednesday and Thursday. I wasn't too concerned, as I knew that could happen a while before labor begins. Thursday evening though I started getting some cramping and told my husband to keep his phone on when he went to class. I had dinner with my mother and drank a tiny cosmopolitain, thinking that the vodka might ease the cramping and deter labor. It seemed to work, as I went home feeling not much of anything and slept through the night.

Friday October 6

6:45: G's (dh) alarm went off and I woke up thinking that I had cramps again. More mucous plug came out. Again I told G to keep his phone nearby. He went off to work and I waited for my mom to bring my son home - he spent Thursday night with her. I thought maybe my water broke, as I had some trickles coming down my legs, but I wasn't sure. I called dh back and told him I thought maybe today was the day.

7:20: my mom and ds showed up. I told my mom to be on alert that she might have to pick up ds from school, but I didn't tell him anything because I did not want him to be worried all day at school. My cramping was getting worse, but I was still unsure whether I was truly in labor.

8:05: drove ds to school. I am now sure I am in labor. I almost feel like I need to pull over as it is really hard to concentrate on driving. I called dh and told him he better come home.

8:30-9:00: in the shower. contractions are getting bad enough I have to sit down. Dh gets home and starts loading the car. I don't want to go. I am forced to hands and knees with each contraction. They are 3 min apart and I can't think while I am having them. It takes forever to get me to the car. I can't walk during the contractions and I am exhausted between them. Dh is getting panciky.

9:10 - driving. I am silent and ocntracting hard. Bumps are pissing me off.

9:20 parking lot of ER - I can't walk from car. I want to get on hands and knees in parking lot - dh won't let me. Stranger gets me a wheel chair but I can't sit.

9:32 - walk into L&D - fall to hands and knees in reception area. Nurses come to get me. I barley make it to triage. They want to check me but I can't get off hands and knees. Finally say if you want to check, do it like this. I remember thinking that if I wasn't dilated at least to 8 I was going to have to have an epidural, natural birth begone! - but she checked and said the head was right there.

9:40 - wheeled in bed from triage to delivery room while still on hnads and knees. I am asked to crawl from one bed to the other but before I can, I have to most animal instinct to push. I startgorwling and pushing. Some one tells me not to and I say I have to do it. Give a push in triage bed, crawl to delivery bed and continue pushing. Head is there and there is a cord around her neck. I am told to turn over to doc can cut cord before delivery - I refuse and am forced to my back. Dh reports me saying "this is stupid, it doens't make sense." Three more pushes - no tears or ripping (hooray - just some mild labial abrasions - but they do hurt a lot!!)and...

9:48 baby is out - and it's a GIRL!!!

She had a little trouble breathing She was retracting. Nurses say from the quick delivery her lungs didn't get a good sqeeze and since I was 36 weeks, they called NICU. NICU tok her for observation. She spent about an hour with them on monitors - no oxygen or anything, and then was back with me. She was very tired the first night and slept close to 12 hours straight, but now she is nirsing really well and we are dong great!
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I'll update with more details later, but in a nutshell, she's here!!

Amy Michelle arrived at 11:38 am on October 12, weighing 6 pounds even at 34 weeks!!

New WOHM to DD8 and DD3
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...the safe arrival of

William Allan
born Thursday, October 19th, 2006
at 6:48 in the morning
In his mama and daddy's bed
after 1 1/2 hours of labor and a mere ten minutes of pushing
Weighing 5 lbs 1 oz, 17 1/4 inches long

Delivered by his wonderful Daddy

We are all home and doing good. William is sleeping peacefully beside me as I type. Hopefully I will be able to write his birth story soon...

~ Elizabeth {no longer} in Alaska {mother to five born at home}
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well well well...

I can't believe it but at about 2:10 am saturday morning I birthed my li'l baby Booboo into my hands (in the shower!) after 2 hours of active killer back labor!

He was born at 37 wks 3 days and weighed 6 lbs 3 oz. He's nursing basically non stop and we're strggling with latch but boy, does he have the strongest suck ever! Even my LC/doula was amazed how strong his suck is!

Although the labor was way too fast for me to get really into a good hypnobirthing groove (and the back labor meant I had to be constantly moving), it was absolutely amazing. Yeah, it kills, but natural childbirth rocks! Everyone I've seen since then has been in shock at how I'm up and about so soon after giving birth (after they get over the shock of hearing how I caught him myself in the shower! )

The pushing stage was incredible--I didn't even know I was pushing, my body was just doing it, and I had soo much relief between contractions. On the way to the birth center I was rocking back and forth in the car singing between contractions...I never really planned on it, I just instinctively burst into song with the rhythm of my body. I felt tons of pressure, not realizing it was my body bearing the baby down, and so within five minutes of getting into the center, I pushed him right into my hands as I stood in the shower (waiting for my tub to fill up, LOL). I didn't know that he was coming that fast until I felt the head between my legs and within two involuntary pushes he was out and in my arms. .

Anyway, I'm off back to babymooning but I'll leave this piece of advice for anyone stuck with back labor--when you labor on hands and knees, don't forget to put something soft under them! I wasn't thinking straight in laborland and after almost 2 hours rocking in the shower and floor on my knees they are killing me!

Best wishes to all those who just gave birth or who are about to soon!
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Luke Jalen arrived Oct. 21 at 11:09 pm. He weighed in at 6 lbs. 13 oz. He is beautiful and healthy!
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My baby was born 10/21 into my hands after almost 30 minutes of labor and one big push. He's my smallest baby by 4 whole ounces , weighing 6 lbs 4 oz.

Looks like the 21st was a good day to birth a baby!!

Congrats to everyone and welcome babies!

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John Henry
October 27, 2006
4:45 p.m.
7 pounds, 15 ounces
19.5 inches long

Baby was due November 8 - and I was sure I would go to 40 weeks, since I had done that with DD. But around 1 a.m. on the 27th, I got up to pee and noticed some bloody show. I went back to bed, and had what felt like strong menstrual cramps every 20-30 minutes. I still thought I was weeks away. In the morning, DH took DD to her gym class in the morning, and I took the opportunity to shower, wash and dry my hair, all that good stuff.

From about 10:30 a.m. on, I tracked my contractions, took care of DD (I'd sent DH to work, again thinking we had time), and puttered. At about 2 p.m. I messaged DH that he should come home. He got home around 2:30, took DD to the friends who were going to care for her, then came home and put things in a bag for me as I thought of them - I hadn't packed! At about 3:40, I said I thought we ought to go NOW; it took about 20 minutes to get out of the house from that point.

Without traffic, it's about 10-15 minutes to the hospital from our house. Unfortunately, 4 p.m. on a Friday afternoon around here guarantees traffic. So ....

... think "sitcom trainwreck" for the drive to the hospital, arrival at hospital, and delivery of baby.

We got to the hospital driveway at approximately 4:35 p.m. (according to the slip DH got later from the valet, who was VERY confused when we pulled up). DH got me in a wheelchair, and wheeled up to L&D on 5 VERY quickly. I was wheeled into a triage room, could not get myself out of the chair. In fact, I declared that I was going to pee - that meant I was pushing, and my water broke. Wheeled even MORE quickly to an L&D room. Once there, I declared that I was pooping (yes, I have no shame while in labor, apparently), and pushed AGAIN in the wheelchair. Two nurses lifted me by the arms out of the chair, pulled off my pants (and saw the top of the baby's head VERY clearly) and turned me around to get me on the bed. I got my left leg, butt, and my right foot on the bed - and John came FLYING OUT - head AND body all at once. No one caught him, he landed on the bed in a huge puddle of the fluid that came gushing out with him. Time of birth? 4:45 p.m.

He did great - Apgars of 8 and 9, very content all the time. My OB got to the room about 3 minutes after John arrived, delivered the placenta, and then spent 45 minutes stitching me up - I tore down AND up, so I was glad to have him there, and I trust him with putting me back together. I had a lot of afterpains and the uterine massage was NO FUN, but necessary, since I had a borderline hemmorage last time. I did NOT have pitocin or anything else after delivery.

John latched on as soon as I got my hands on him - I'd been hyperventilating, and wanted to get that under control (needed oxygen) before I took him, but he was with DH the whole time. He's been a nursing champ ever since, even dealing with my overactive letdown.

Everyone is happy and healthy and WHOLE and home! Yay!

Mama to DD : (7/23/03) & DS : (10/27/06) married to DH 7/20/01
and yet 90% more mainstream than the rest of MDC
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Born: November 7th, 2006
Time: 3:29 pm
Weight: 9 lbs 10 oz
Length: 19 3/4 inches

Will post the birth story when I have more time. And then also hopefully post a few pics!!
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I am still too totally blissed out and in shock at how everything about this birth exceeded even our highest hopes and expectations to actually find the best words to tell my story right now, but just wanted to announce the arrival of Colin Patrick, who was born Sunday, Nov. 12th at 6:54 pm. He is perfect and beautiful and we had the best homebirth-like experience in the hospital that we could have dreamed of. We rejoined our DD at home to begin our babymoon all together yesterday, just 20 hours after the birth and we are in heaven! I hope to post pics and a story in the near future...
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Ruck Turner
Born November 7th at 5.23am
Expected November 18th
Weighed 9lbs 10oz
21" long

Here is his amazing birth story.

I woke up to a contraction that made me get out of the bed and get on an all fours position, it was really strong. I peed and got back into bed. I had another contraction that made me assume my all fours position again. I went to pee again and decided to try and check my cervix. I found that I was about 5cm dilated and I don’t know how my bag of waters was not releasing it was bulging out and felt huge. I walked back into our bedroom and laid down again and waited for another contraction, but it took so long to come that I fell asleep again. I woke up a little later to another big one. I woke Kevin up and told him that I thought the baby would be here soon. He got up quickly and put in his contacts and asked me what he could do. I asked him to fill up the tub because I had had another contraction by this time and the water was sounding really good. I walked into the kitchen and tried to decide weather I wanted to make a cup of RRL tea, I started making it but never finished. Every time I’d have a contraction I’d get down on all fours, I think at this point they were about 7-8 minutes apart for 2-3 contractions. I tried to call our midwife but my cell phone wasn’t working, so I tried Kevin’s and it wasn’t working either. So Kevin decided to walk over to his parents shop (not very far away) and call her from that phone. He didn’t get her but left her a message. I was in the tub while he was doing this. I was still rolling over to all fours whenever I would have a contraction which were coming a lot closer together now probably 2-3 minutes apart. I started getting out of the tub after each contraction to poop. I tried to check my cervix again and I couldn’t feel it, just the gigantic bulging bag of water. Kevin got home about this time and I started staying on the toilet between contractions and kneeling on the floor during them. I was feeling the urge to push but didn’t want to until the midwife got there. I started looking at the clock in between contractions thinking that surely she’d get there soon. But then I started to realize that she defiantly wasn’t going to make it. So I started telling myself that she wasn’t going to get there. I told Kevin that if he wanted to think of another way to have the baby, call a doctor friend of ours or go to the hospital now was the time to make that decision. He said that he didn’t want to have the baby in the car, so I started pushing. I told Kev to wake Ariel and Jax cuz they wanted to be present so bad.I pushed on the floor in our bathroom in front of the tub. I changed positions quite a bit. Kevin videoed me a bit at this point and I was amazed at the positions I chose. Roo was posterior for most of the few weeks before birth, he would turn sometimes but always would go back to complete occiput posterior. I tried to feel what position he was in during early labor and he was still posterior. I think I felt inclined to get into these positions because it was my bodies intuition to get him to move around. I could feel him moving and kicking during most of labor. As I changed positions I was back on hands and knees for a moment and my water released, the pop was so big that it startled me and I jumped a little. I told Kevin at this point that I had changed my mind about a waterbirth and the tub didn’t sound good to me at all. But after pushing for a few contractions on the floor after saying that I hopped back into the tub. I told Kevin at this point, probably about 5:05 or a little later that I “don’t know if I can do this”. He just looked at me like okay... I pushed once more and felt him move down a lot. I reached down and could feel Little Roo's head, it was just a little molded portion of head covered with soft hair. Kevin was videoing until his head was fully out and then I said “ouch” and he turned off the camera. I asked him to put his hand under Roo’s head and asked him if he could see a cord, he said no. Then I asked if he was head up or down since I still thought he might be posterior, but Kevin said head down. I couldn’t see anything but a bit of hair. I said “okay I’m going to push really big with the next contraction”. The next contraction came but it was a really weak one that lasted probably all of ten seconds. So I told Kevin “okay with the next one I’ll push really big and push him out”. I was kind of in awe of me talking this all out aloud, but I think it really helped Kevin know everything was fine. I felt the next contraction start and said “Lord, please help me push him out!” and out he came! I pulled him right up and put him on my chest. Kevin started videoing again right away. Roo was breathing nicely and let out a cry about five seconds later. I just sat there talking to him. I started nursing him and both kids were so excited that he was here. I got out of the tub not long after and sat on a blanket on the floor to cut his cord, I would have gotten into bed but we hadn’t put anything down incase of a mess on the bed so I didn’t want to get in until I was cleaned up a bit. After we cut the cord I decided to try and squat and see if the placenta was ready to come out, but no such luck. So I went in to go to the bathroom hoping that if I would pee then it would get my bladder out of the way so it would come out, but I had a hard time peeing. The placenta ended up coming out about an hour and fifteen minutes after the birth.
Ruck was born at 5:23 a.m. Weighing 9lbs 10oz (wow, I thought maybe 9lbs but that was more than I expected!) and 21 inches. He is such a sweetie and we are so blessed to have him in our lives.

I am doing great, I had no tears. The afterpains where the worst but are finally gone. Kevin and I are so happy with the way the birth went, it was a very life changing event, as all births are. But this made us feel so much closer together and like we can do anything together. It was an awesome day that I will never forget.
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Miriam Iris Denomey
born Wednesday, November 15, 2006
at 8:04 pm
Weighing 7 lbs. 10 oz., and 20 inches long

18 hours of labour
Caught by our two lovely midwives at our local hospital.
I got stuck at 4-5 cm for a few hours, and requested an epidural at 6:30pm. At 7pm I was fully dilated, pushed for an hour (what a FABULOUS feeling!) and our sweet Miriam was born. Had a 2nd degree tear, but it's not too uncomfortable. We came home just before midnight (about 4 hours after birth), and it's been an amazing ride ever since.

She smells like a honey sugar-cube, has a few wisps of hair the colour of her daddy's, dark blue eyes, and loves to be swaddled. She makes sweet noises, likes to sleep while nursing, and enjoys petting her own head. We are absolutely overjoyed!

Will post full birth story eventually. Miriam is sleeping in a wrap right now and making cooing sounds.

A + J = Miriam (November 2006) and Raymond (June 2010)
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It's definitely a boy!

Xavier Morgan Timmons
7 pounds
20 inches
13.5 head

Born 6:15am, Saturday 11/18/06

Super strong (was trying to crawl when they did newborn exam and holding up his head!...explains all those kicks!)
He 'Pinked up' immediately and cried nice and strong right upon birth.

He's got the most beautiful, blemish/birthmark free skin and golden brownish blonde hair with light blonde underhairs (will probably go blonde in a few months like my other son did). Dark blue eyes, but that can always change. And his head isn't 'cone shaped' as he didn't stay in the canal long enough for it to be an issue.

Well, and now for the birth story!

So I'd been having lots of BHs for a few weeks...and this last week, especially, with 'hours' of ctx, that stopped when I slept.

Friday the 17th I had them start sporatically in the morning, but by 3pm to 9pm, they were averaging 10 min apart.

I shopped with boys for treats for them (had a feeling), ate a hearty lunch and baked a vegan pumpkin pie! Called midwife at 9pm to say I was going to bed, but have had 6 hours of 5-10 min apart membrane or water though...

12 midnight (11/18/06), woke up to STRONG ctx, and went to bathroom. Still no Bloody Show or water, but ctx 2 min apart and really made my butt hurt. Called Midwife and said takinga hot bath, to see what happens.

12:45 am: Still having ctx, and the bath did not slow or stop them. Call midwife again, and she thinks she needs to hurry on over, as I did a self check and could feel head low and was about 4-5 cm (guessing). While I'm waiting for Midwives, we call MIL and I am scrubbing the toilet and moving stuff into place (my Dh, sees me and is like, Ok, this HAS to be labor...)

1:30 Midwife 1 arrives and does the first ever 'pelvic check' (she always just relied on me telling her what I though I was dialated/effaced to). She says I'm definitely a solid 5, but really stretchy during ctx, and definitely almost all the way effaced (as I thought)...with only a tiny lip edge on one side. She can feel 'bag of waters' still intact.

2:00am Other midwife arrives and we decide to set up my master bathroom as the 'birth central', since both boys are sprawled out on the king bed and taking the entire thing up!! I'm fine with this, it's a warmer room!

2-5am Chatting, standing and rocking, sitting on toilet which is really comfortable to go pee alot (was drinking emer gen c packets left and right)...they hurt my butt (from baby's low head position), but I'm actually feeling pretty amazing in between ctx. And am telling jokes and stories of my younger days...haha... They had kinda slowed down to 5 min, with a few 'cluster' ones...but definitely managable.

5am I decide to get in the tub again. They are about the same, but more intense when I get one. I'm getting a little 'shakey' and feel like transition coming on. They both think once my waters break, I'll 'go fast'. I try different positions in the tub and once I roll to my right side around 5:30, I get a mondo 'surge' of pressure and involuntary pushing. I have a few of these nicely spaced (three cluster, need to push a bit with it ctx) and find my 'groove'. Definitely NOT talking during these!

6am The sunlight starts streaming in the glass brick window and catching the 'sun crystal' ball and it's like a surreal 'look' in the bathroom. I am holding my hand down on my perinum for counter pressure and the midwife does a quick check while I'm in the water (no pain with it at all). I have a ctx, she says if she leaves her hand there, I can push against it and maybe my uber tough water sack will break. It does, with no pain, and I get three more cluster ctx with some pushing.

I decide I want to get out to deliver on the floor next to the tub, but as I lift up, get another mondo ctx and baby's head moves into the birth canal (but not crowning). I get that early 'ring of fire' sensation and am joking and sayin...ok like's burn time baby!

6:10ish I say to midwives, "I'm getting out of the tub, and this baby is coming NOW!" I manage to get over the tub edge, face the tub, get on my knees and lean on the side of the tub, and put my hand down to counter press for 'crowing' pressure.

6:12-15am They realize at this point I'm quite serious about doing this fairly quickly to avoid that 'Ring of Fire' canal pressure!!

I do one big push with the ctx it caused getting out and tell them I'm crowning, they can see that now, and start handing me hot washclothes to hold against me. I do one more push, head comes out, I drop washcloth and put both hands there. They check that there isn't a cord, and then I push and self deliver the baby into my own hands and bring him up to my chest.

They helped me spin around to a sitting position, wrapped him and me in pre warmed towels/blankets and I get to sit there and cuddle/nurse for an hour while the cord stops pulsing. Once they have placenta out (about 15 min later) and in a bag, and both of us warm and quickly checked for any 'issues'...they leave me propped up on pillows to nurse and get to know my sweet little baby!

Btw, my DH was in the next room snoring away...haha..with both boys sound asleep too! They slept right through it and the newborn 'clearing his lungs' when he first came out! He stopped crying once he nursed and spit up the lung fluid (no terrible suction tube in the mouth...he had clear lungs in a few min. upon birth).

They had asked if I wanted to wake my DH, but he was so tired, I said to let him sleep (he'd been up all night trying desperately to finish up a work project before baby came so he could take off 5 weeks straight to be with just us and do all the house stuff).

He's seen both my other two births, and this 'self directed' position wasn't exactly the most graceful/glamorous I was happy to let him sleep (it was an 'all girl' moment anyway, with the streaming rainbows of sunlight, greeting the midwives and me and the new baby.)

He's been doing all the cooking/laundry and care of the boys while I've been laid up in bed! (He even washes and restocks my post partum cloth pads and is doing the 'meconim' diapers and has them spotlessly clean!)

They did the newborn check right there on the floor while I took a 'fun' bath and DH held him and sat near me, until I was ready to get out and crawl in bed with baby! My MIL and sister came up a bit later and got to see baby and then quietly dissappeared to cook/clean and help around the house and make 'announcement' phone calls.

They did a perinium check after my bath. Absolutely no tearing, swelling or pain. I can 'kegel' contract just fine, and they said if they hadn't just seen me deliver a baby, they could not tell from my perinum/vagina that I'd just had a baby! I was able to go pee right away, (WITHOUT that peri bottle) and had a BM a few hour later with no pain. Now, the uterus post partum ctx while baby is nursing is another story...hehe...those I can feel!

It's just SO surreal to be holding my baby finally and feeling this good. He's beautiful, and is 'cooing' when he sleeps sometimes! He's nursing like a champ, and we just had his 'day 2' check. He's still a wonderful skin color, hasn't lost weight (I've let him nurse 24/7 on demand) and I think it's helped the colostrum come in strong and even a bit of milk I think I saw already today!

I'm being spoiled by my hubby and my MIL, who is just the greatest thing ever! She's scrubbed the rest of my house and helped with the boys and only holds the baby when I ask her so I can take a shower or go pee or eat....she's the greatest MIL ever!
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Hi ladies, Here is the email I sent out to some friends earlier this week. Spencer was born last Wed (nov. 15th). We are doing GREAT. -------------- we've been adjusting to wonderful parenthood for the last few days and loving every sleep deprived moment

It was a LONG labour which started Monday (13th) and got more intense Tuesday. My contractions were 5-7-10 mins apart and quite strong by Tuesday. My midwife came home to assess me and said I was VERY effaced (paper thin) but only one cm dialated. So I had to wait. She phoned again at 10pm tuesday night and my contractions were strong but no closer together (or so we thought). I worked through the contractions (THANK YOU hypnobirthing !!!). At four am on Wed monring (nov 15th) the baby got FRANTIC and then stopped moving and I FREAKED out. Went to the bathroom to pee and I was hemmoraging. It was really bad. Paged the midwife and she told us to get to the hospital ASAP so we drove there VERY fast. Its only a 4 min drive from our home. The midwife called ahead and told them we were coming so we were hooked up asap the the monitors and baby's hb and ALL my vitals were fine. they could not figure out why I was bleeding like that. The midwife called an OB in for a consult and she could not figure it out either. It was a lot of blood and the only thing they could think was that my cervix had some sort of blood vessel that popped. Who knows.

As long as we were fine, we decided that we should stay in the hospital (after two freaking days of contractions I was ready to move things along). Oh and btw the contractions were in fact 1-3 mins apart, I just counted the HUGE ones! LOL!! So they broke my water at 5:30 am on Wed. I went from 2 cm to 10 cm by 8:45am. I worked through the contractions on the birth ball, the jaccuzi etc. I never took ANY drugs!!!! I am so happy and feel totally empowered by it. I started pushing (WOW what an urge - its crazy stong like something takes over your body!!) at quarter to nine and it lasted two and a half FREAKing hours. It was the hardest part for me. I felt NO pain during pushing but was SO exhausted by then I think someone could have cut my arm off and I would not know. Anyway, at the 2hr mark my midwives were getting nervous and said it was hospital policy to call in an OB and that the OB on call was a BIG fan of episiotomies and vaccums and forcepts. I basically had 10 mins to push the baby out before they were legally bound to call the guy. I FREAKED out. No way after 2 and a half days of drug free labour and all my hard work was I going down that route. I pushed like never before and baby Spencer was out in 10 mins.

I was WIPED OUT but he's worth every second of it. ALL of it, the 3 years that we dreamed of seeing his little face (our IF struggle). I cry when I think about it....he's so perfect and I love him like I've never loved anything in this world.
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Darwin Edwin Stone Brown-Waters was born naturally in a tub at 6:23pm on Wednesday November 22nd. He weighed 7lbs 13 oz, was 21.5 inches long, and absolutely made his mama's day.

I'll update with a full birth story in a little bit.

unbelievably proud mother to Darwin 11-22-2006
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Morgan Jade Cable made her appearance in this world last Friday (17th November), a day before her due date. It was a wonderful and natural unmedicated water birth. 7 lbs, 11 oz born at 8:21 pm. I will post up her birth story as soon as I get two hands free and am not NAK.
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Emerson Elliot Jacob joined us on November 14th at 6:53 p.m. He weighed 7 lbs. and 5 oz.

He has my chin, cheeks, ears and nose.

I was 40 weeks and 6 days.

His birth story is here...
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unbelievably proud mother to Darwin 11-22-2006
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Our daughter, Logan Vail, was born November 30th 2006 at 8:31am

8 pounds 12 ounces born in water at home into her father's hands after less than 6 hours of labor.
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On Monday Nov. 27th, 12 days past my due date, dh, ds and I went to see the midwife since I was feeling the need to talk more and see if there was any progress. Not much progress but I decided I'd take some blue/black cohosh to see if that would start something. Nothing, then later that evening dh had me secluded in our bedroom, massaging me, shower, just keeping me relaxed. Then asked me if I still wanted him to try nipple stimulation. Well that did the trick! Started having contractions, yeah! had been waiting for weeks!, then called the midwife and she said to hold off on more nipple stimulation so we wouldn't have a baby at 3 a.m., which we did! Anyway, stopped that, put the kids to bed and still kept having very light contractions, then they started to pick up, nothing bad just made me so excited. Anyway called midwife again @11p.m. decided to try and sleep. Slept for maybe an hour still feeling contractions which were getting annoying, got up went to pee, came back to bed and laid on my left side and BAM started having big time contractions which I had to moan through. DH called the midwife and said to come now, she was an hour away, and went to set up birth tub which took 10 min., my mom and kids were awake, Dh helped me to birth tub, got in and said I'm going to have this baby in here! Dh made me get out, still no midwife, then I had another contraction and had to push! We got to the bedroom, had me lay on my back, 2 more pushing contractions and my water broke. I had to wait about 20-30 min for midwife to arrive while trying not to push too hard, that sucked! Anyway after the midwife showed up I pushed for about 1 1/2 hours and out came Macy! The most miraculous event of my life! The cord was wrapped twice around her neck, the mw had to do cpr to get her started and it took awhile to get her temp to normal but I never was worried, I knew she'd be okay! Feeling her head and body come out were THE most wonderful things for me, since I never got that far before. We are in heaven and all this little one likes to do is sleep and nurse, that's it! I knew I could do it and I did! Its the most amazing accomplishment esp. after 2 c-setions! Labor was sooooo easy and fast, pushing was a lot of work and I'm sure glad labor was quick so I could use all that energy for pushing. Thanks for reading!

Macy Jane
November 28, 2006
3:08 a.m.
6lbs. 2 oz.
20 3/4 in.
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Announcing the birth of Talia Lily!!

on wed., nov. 15th, I had been having regular contractions from about 7:30 pm until 10 or so when I was going to bed and finally noticed them... I told dh, but told him they weren't really very strong, but he wanted to call my mom (and my midwife) right away, so I didn't argue with him. She came over to check me and I had dilated to 6 cm (from my 4 cm that I had already been for a week). So she called the other midwife, my sister, and another woman who were going to be at the birth. They came an hour later and set up and filled the pool, got all the equipment out, etc, and dh went outside to chop wood... the contractions were fairly regular, but not painful at all, and I was getting really irritated by all the people in my small living room, dh being outside, and the possibility that with all the noise dd might wake up... so they all went away and I had a little break down and got upset with dh for not being with me and helping me deal with all of them... (I can laugh about it now at least) anyway, the contractions seemed to get a little more intense after a while but were pretty irregular... my midwife suggested (over the phone) that I try hands and knees (baby was posterior) and nipple stimulation to get things moving more. So I tried that for about an hour but on stopping it seemed like things kind of fizzled out... by this time it was about 5 or so in the morning, so we went to bed. Dh got up with dd at 7:30 (nov. 16th) and had her go spend the day with his mom, and came back to bed... of course he had to explain why the equipment and pool were all out in the living room, so she had a hard time leaving, though he promised she'd be there to see the baby being born.... we slept, I took a bath to relieve my aching, and we slept some more, and then I got up determined to get things going if I could, because my midwife said I could easily stay 6 cm for up to three days, and though I was tired from such little sleep I felt like I would be more tired in three days from just pure insomnia and impatience.... so I told her that, and intended to try sex to start things up, but my midwife ended up getting me a homeopathic remedy and stripping my membranes (around 3 pm). A little while later I started having uncomfortable contractions, though irregular.... I was still 6 cm, but stretchy to 7 and 95 % effaced, so all the women were again called (with the exception of one, who had to leave for a trip).... things kind of just stayed the same all that evening... I tried walking, more nipple stim, and though the contractions did get a lot stronger, I wasn't dilating any further, so finally, at around 9:30 pm (dd was back home and in bed at this point) both my midwives said they felt that I should have my water broken.... this freaked me out, because nothing is a guarantee, and I really didn't want to end up in the hospital... their concern was the opposite - that I would end up in the hospital from sheer exhaustion. I went for a walk with dh to talk it out, and my contractions were noticeably fewer and much less intense (earlier in the evening we'd gone for a walk and I had to stop and lean on him during a contraction... it wasn't the case this time). When we got back we talked it over some more with my midwives and agreed that I would try to sleep for a while but that if I couldn't sleep after an hour to call them and they would come break my water bag.... I was really exhausted at this point and felt like it would be no trouble to sleep, but when I went to bed I couldn't sleep because of the new anxiety about breaking my water! So after an hour we called, but by then my contractions had stopped completely... my midwife didn't think breaking my water was a good idea if I wasn't contracting anymore, so she told me to get in the pool and then try to sleep. I did this, ending up going to bed at around 1 am, nov. 17th. At around 5:30 am, I woke up with a really really intense contraction and got up to go to the bathroom. Dh followed me, and I had another one, and then another... I said, this is it, call my mom.... so he called, and she said to time a few more... they came about 5 minutes apart, and were increasing in intensity.... almost an hour passed, and I was on my hands and knees on the couch, head pressed into dh's shoulder, vocalizing pretty loudly to cope... at this point I said call my mom and tell her to come NOW! everyone came about 5 minutes later and I was 7 cm, completely effaced... I got in the pool, which was too cool (but not to me), so my mom said if I wanted to have the baby in the pool they'd have to empty some water out and refill with hot.... so they hauled buckets back and forth while I moaned, and sometime after 7, my mom told my sister to wake dd up.... dd came out and watched, at one point she put her face directly across from mine from the outside of the pool, inches away from my face (I was in the pool on hands and knees, arms around dh who was sitting with back to pool, hands around me massaging my lower back, with my head over dh's shoulder, resting my chin on edge of pool) while I vocalized really loudly.... she stayed there through the entire contraction, just watching my face!!! and later, during the pushing phase, and in between contractions, I heard her say, "mama's tired" in a really soft, sweet voice! Anyway, I felt my bag of water break with a big pop and rush (thank god it had still been intact!!!) and a little while later (14 minutes of pushing altogether), Talia Lily was born, at 7:56 am. She was blue when she came out but revived quickly, and because the pool filled with blood and the cord was hardly pulsing, my mom thinks my placenta must have partially separated when I pushed her out. So we had a very scary first minute that felt like an eternity, but then she was pink, cried once and soon was sucking at my breast like a champ! She weighed 8 lbs, 10 oz., and was 20.5 inches long.... and now I can't believe she is already 9 days old! I am sleeping much better with her than I did with dd#1, which is great news... and dd#1 is adapting still.... she's had a few break downs, crying about things, and I expect that when dh goes back to work we'll have some more adjusting to do, but she is very sweet towards Talia, and loves to kiss and pet her.... I am very happy, and so far our babymoon has been wonderful! Everyone was shocked that she was a girl, most people were so "sure" she was a boy!
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:Mikaela Gabrielle Eleanor:

November 15, 2006
8:47 AM
8 lbs 8 oz
19.5 inches

Full birth story is located HERE
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