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My 2 1/2 year old is very vocal and is using this to really makes us crazy. We don't swear, expect on a very occasional circumstance but he has taken up using these words, we have quit swearing at all, we know that its our fault for every swearing. He says it all the time, I thought that if I ignored it, it would go away, as we don't use punishments. I've tried talking about how they aren't nice words and mom and dad shouldn't use them ever either. Although I then he thinks that its more fun!

Any ideas?

He also yells stop all the time, especially when he wants us to respond in some way to him. He has been doing this for months, we don't yell at him, we do use the word stop occasionally, but have quit using it as much. He does it I think to get a reaction from us. We have done the change the subject thing, and he still will yell at us "stop" . we are very kind and gentle discipliners, we believe in positive discipline. My husband has been very frusterated with it lately and is giving him a sort of time out. It really doesn't help long term, we would have to do it all day.
I try to really validate him and ask why he is saying stop what is it that he needs from us, why try to interact, as he is our first born and has high attention needs.
Any new ideas would be great!!!!

Thanks so much for your time!
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Perhaps try some playful parenting? Turn the swearing around on him some way to take away the power of the words. Give him "other" swear words to use...make up silly words.
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I'd quit making a big deal about it first of all. He's doing it over and over because you're giving him a big reaction.

Then I'd start using silly swear words in place of the real ones. Spill something and say, "OH FUDGESICLE!" or something, he'll soon forget the old words.

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The Playful Parenting ideas (essentially saying something like "oh fudgesickle!") worked beautifully with my dd.

So, when my dd was saying "poop" and "boobies" at in appropriate times, I would say "you can say that, but don't you say "Waffle""! Then she'd say "waffle" and I'd pretend to over-react "Oh no, you said Waffle! Ack!" She'd say it again, I'd moan and 'cry', and in a week or two, it was over. My reaction to "Waffle" was a lot more fun than my reaction to 'poop', so it was more fun to say waffle.

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Aaack darn psychic kids! They know when we are shocked...I say ride it out, but I also really loved Lynn's idea. Just so you know, when DS was 3 or so we were in the car and I had to stop suddenly. Wellll, the words that came from my sweet little boy! It was time for mama to clean up her act, needless to say. But there is a certain energy to certain words, KWIM? We are so strongly socialized to be shocked by them, or worry that grandma wil hear But truly, the less you can be shocked or horrified, the better. I alwys told my kids they could say anything they wanted in the house, but that I preferred they not swear in public. They are not angels by any stretch, but I can take 'em to a nice restaurant and not have to hide! It passes!
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My son learned "Damnit" from watching a movie with his dad when he was 2.5. When he was telling me about the movie he repeated what he had heard. Then he went around saying that word all the time. I personally thought it was hilarious, but my H got really frustrated and did everything he could to stop it, which only made it worse. I told him to just ignore it, but he didn't want to. My son started using it for everything and didn't outgrow it for at least a year.

My DD learned "Damnit" from my H as well when he was looking for his shoes. One day, I heard her say "Damnit where are my shoes?" while she was looking for her sneakers. I about died laughing. This time, my H chose to ignore it and she pretty much stopped saying it in about 3-4 months.

So I vote to just ignore it! And to be honest, I don't really care if my kids say curse words at home, but they never really do because we don't make it a big deal. It's more fun to get a reaction out of mommy and daddy and if it doesn't bother us, then it takes all the fun out of it.
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