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Adam B. 11-21-2016 07:57 AM

one parent vegan
Hi, I'm new here and not really the mom, I am the dad :)
The thing is: we have a beautiful 19 month old Kristof (slovak version of Christopher). I have (still quite recently) become vegan but my wife is not. She is not like totally against the idea, and she definitelly gets the animal-rights, animal cruelty part of veganism, but she has these concerns all the non-vegan mums probably have - will he really thrive?; I do not want to experiment with something as important as our son's health; I was raised non-vegan and I am halthy etc. And I came to the point where I think that all the rational ideas and proofs I can give her about the nutrition facts and data - they do not work... so what I ask for: do you have any suggestions what could I do to move her towards the idea of our little one being vegan? Thank you very much :smile:

(just to make sure - I love to listen to and discuss opinions but please, do not tell me in this thread that the vegan diet is not for my toddler etc. - I stated my problem I ask for help with and it is not weather I should or should not raise my son vegan... thanks:smile:)

newmamalizzy 11-21-2016 10:49 AM

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But I think this IS about whether or not you should raise your son vegan. I agree that you absolutely can raise a vegan toddler from a health/thriving standpoint, but I don't necessarily think you should be discrediting your wife's opinion. I think that you should have an open conversation where you come up with a solution that suits both of you. Perhaps some meals can be vegan and others not. Perhaps you can agree to make every meal vegan with non-vegan add-ons for those who want them. Perhaps you can emphasize healthy animal products raised locally. Or compromise with a primarily plant-based diet that includes animal products in a supporting role. Whatever you decide on should feel comfortable for both of you.

mumto1 11-21-2016 12:27 PM

just me personally
I think it's hard enough to feed a toddler never mind adhering to a strictly vegan diet, so I agree it's a good idea to have a balance between vegan and mostly vegetarian. There are lots of meals that just happen to vegan/vegetarian but still... This was the compromise we made when I was pregnant, to be mostly vegetarian (as I was previously practicing a much stricter diet). I guess it depends on your sense of ethics/your beliefs. There are communities like Buddhism for ex. which are vegan.

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