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From 6 1/2 weeks to nearly 10 weeks my LO has been nursing/comfort nursing from about 9/9:30 pm until 10/10:30 on one side, and then DH picks her up and lays her in the pack n play, where she'd sleep until about 5 or 6 am. We started adding a bath (which she seems to enjoy) at about 8 1/2 weeks, just before the nighttime nursing session.

Suddenly at just under 10 weeks old, DD nurses at night, seems tired, etc. She comfort nurses for her normal amount of time, and then when DH picks her up, she is WIDE awake and cries.

One night he walked with her until she fell asleep (11:30)
The next night she cried and cried when he walked her, so I comfort-nursed her again until she fell asleep (12:00)
Last night, NOTHING worked. We unswaddled her and changed her dipe (she pooped around midnight, which is not normal for her.) When we changed her, she was WIDE awake and smiling, wanting to PLAY. I tried to nurse her in bed with the intention of co-sleeping (not putting her in the pack n play as we normally do) just to give DH some rest. But she ended up fussing in bed, too. I ended up taking her to the living room, walking with her and singing for a half hour, and putting her to sleep in her swing, complete with nature sounds and the swing going. She slept like this (stirring a bit every hour or so) from about 1:45 until 6:30.

Why could this pattern suddenly have changed??

I am exhausted, and DH missed his 7 am meeting today because he was so tired. I am getting anxious about tonight. I start the bedtime routine at 8-8:30, and doing all this work just to have it fail and take until 2 am to get her to bed is not good!!!

What am I doing wrong? She does nap quite a bit during the day, nursing and comfort nursing a lot. She also gets sleepy and naps for about an hour somewhere in between 6-8pm, usually in the swing or Pikkolo. Should I keep her awake? Help!!!!

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Our dd's are about a week apart and I couldn't NOT respond. My dd was STTN at 7 weeks old (crazy, isn't it!) and then she started waking up again at least once right around 10 weeks. It turns out it was a growth spurt which lasted about a week and she is now back to STTN. Funny thing is, she is now going to bed earlier! Their sleep patterns are so sporatic during the first year or so. Generally, when you think you have it all figured out, they go and change it up . Changes in sleep patterns are usually associated with growth spurts, teething, illness, or milestones (such as rolling over, sitting, etc.). I know it can be tough, but hang in there!

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Originally Posted by Beauchamp View Post

She also gets sleepy and naps for about an hour somewhere in between 6-8pm, usually in the swing or Pikkolo. Should I keep her awake? Help!!!!

I'd try making this her bedtime, and when she wakes from this "nap," see if you can nurse her back to sleep. Have this nap take place in a darkened room, and when she stirs just go to her and stay in that room to see if she will go back to sleep and stay that way. It may take a few days/weeks for this to stick, but I'd guess she needs more sleep at night (as do you!) and an earlier bedtime (since she's waking up so early in the am) would help.

Oh, and definitely a possibility on the growth spurt issue the pp brought up. That could certainly be the reason for the drastic change.

Good luck, mama!

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A growth spurt is a real possibility, and as well, babies begin to need less sleep as they come out of the newborn period. And babies this young change their habits all the time. As soon as you identify and get comfortable with a routine, it will likely change. Their bodies are just changing so fast at this point that their habits do to. Your baby has been sleeping very long stretches at night - nice, but not typical, and it won't necessarily keep on that way. You likely need to lower your sleep expectations.

On the bright side, this new pattern will soon change too. If you can get her to bed at the 6pm tired period that is great, if not, adapt however you need to. You may want to encourage her to be awake more in the day, because her need for sleep will continue to diminish somewhat, and ideally you'd like her to be awake in the day and sleep at night. 3 naps a day would be very reasonable for her age, for example mid-morning, afternoon, and around six, then to bed at shortly before you, with several night wakings to nurse. A lot of babies this age are awake through the evening hours, and since both parents are typically home, they really enjoy the interaction they can get then.

If your husband is too tired to cope at work, and you are home, you should take over night care for the most part during the work week, and then nap in the day with the baby. Your dh can take over night care for Friday or Saturday or whenever he is off so you can get a real sleep, though obviously he can't nurse.

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