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****WARNING!!**** this is looooong!!

well, for starters we never *knew* my due date~ I was still nursing and hadnt gotten my period back, so we couldnt go by that. my dh and i were 98% certain of the day (give or take a day) that we concieved~ putting my due date at June 20th~ but the ultra sound i had put me at july 2...meaning there was no daddy and we'd be making a call to the vatican sigh...thats a big window for having a baby!

june 20th came and went, which didnt surprise me~ both my other kids had been induced at 42 weeks. i *tried* to wait patiently and encourage my little guy along, to no avail. then july 2nd came and went. my mw was going by the july 2nd date, so she wasnt worried, i, however was going by the june 20th date, so i was getting stressed out. i had an u/s bpp and the horrid woman who did it gave me NO info, honestly, i dont think she really knew what she was doing (this was not where we normally go). that was june 29th, and i was left wondering if everything was ok. then due to rescheduling on my mw's end and kids oversleeping the next week, i went 2 weeks without a mw appt. i was seriously freaking out. my dh went with me to my july 12 appt. at which time we were both miserable and pleaded to have my water broken to force this kid out...after all i was 3 weeks overdue! she checked me for the first time and my cervix was 1cm, long and firm plus my little guy was floating...needless to say she wouldnt break my water. she sent me for another u/s.

the next day fri the 13th i had a u/s (this time at my normal office where they know me and my family and are just wonderful). well, he was only measuring 40w : and was only about 8lbs. he had plenty of water and everything was perfect. we spent a good 10-15 minutes looking at his little face, watching his eyebows move, his mouth suck and his little hands stroke his face. i left in a wonderful mood, reassured and prepared to go a couple more weeks if need be...he wasnt a 12 pounder having health problems due to a deteriorating placenta, etc like i feared. he was still perfect :

when we got home i started the black cohosh regimen that my mw had put me on (10 drops every hour for 8 hours until i saw her again on monday). i also used a ton of epo to help ripen my cervix. i even *gasp* had sex friday AND sat! damnit, i was gonna get my cervix ripe!

i got the tiniest bit of bloody show on sat...enough to encourage me that my body may be starting to do its thing.

sunday i woke up at 7am with contractions. YES! they HURT, but were odd...started in my bum and only included my pelvis, not the top of my uterus or anything. hey, it was something! i also had a fair amount of bloody show! they got to be like 3.5-5 minutes apart. and then i started the cohosh. its true that alone, the black cohosh can relax your uterus : they spread out to 10 minutes, onto about 25 minutes apart. i took the opportunity to take a nap, go to an open house and drag my family to the grocery store....i needed to walk, and we needed food!

i continued to go with the flow of contractions...which never got into a pattern, but hurt like hell when i had them! i ended up going to sleep around 1am. i was awakened with painful, full on moaning contractions every 10-25 minutes throughout the night. around 4 i had to get up and have a popsicle and try to regroup. the cntrx werent regular, so i went back to bed.

i woke up, again at 7am (im NOT a morning person! ) on monday morning. i had a 10am appt with my mw, but that was a hour drive...add to it picing and dropping my kids off at camp, that wouldve meant 3 hours in the car and even with my dh driving, that just wasnt going to fly, so i called my mw. she and her asst., shannon were leaving another birth and said they were about an hour+ away but would come over. my mw wasnt too encouraged when i told her that id been in labor for 24 hours and they were *maybe* 10 minutes apart. but, as she was talking to my husband she heard me have a cntrx and she started to floor it

they arrived at my house around 8:30am. my dh had taken the kids to camp and i was home alone trying to straighten up. i was terrified to be checked...id never gone into labor on my own and didnt have full faith in my body. i started to cry because i was afraid i was only 2-3cm and i made them schlepp all the way to my house, cancelling an entire day of appts. for me. well, turned out i was 6-7cm! i couldnt believe it! i started to cry again, this time because i was so happy and excited and proud of my little cervix for doing its job! :

when she checked me i found out why all my cntrx were starting in and mainly hurting me in my bum~ my cervix was still tilted backwards (how it normally is). so, during my next contraction, she manually pulled my cervix up so it was closer to the position it was supposed to be. yeah, that sucked! :

they then started going nuts getting everything together~ convinced this baby was coming any minute. they were super stressed out. i was taking my time walking around, doing my thing and trying to help out. i knew it was going to be awhile. my dh finally arrived home around 9 and started filling the tub. then he went to work doing all the 'jobs' i had laid out for him (partially to help, partially to keep him busy so he didnt freak out ). he was a nervous wreck, as he has been through our other 2 births, but this time was different...we were home, which was freaking him out in a whole new way. he was awesome. i figured we had 2-3 hours to get all these things done, but between me doing a lot before he got home and the mw's lighting a fire under his ass, everything got done in like 15 minutes. i was no where near giving birth~ i was offering everyone scrambled eggs and coffee and wanting to go throw in a load of laundry. i was by far the most relaxed person in our house...which cracked me up.

around 10/10:30? the cntrx started getting a bit rougher, and to be honest, i was bored so i decided to get in the tub. i thought id fall asleep, it was great. and seeing as my cntrx werent terribly close together (although they kept telling me they were), i was just hanging out. my mws hadnt been home for a solid day and this was their 3rd birth in a row, so needless to say they were tired. i felt like a watched pot...like i wasnt hatching quick enough. it was really irratating. and then the phones started. it was monday and they were supposed to be in the office. both their cell phones were going off the hook and my mw didnt bother leaving the room while she talked to people...like the phone company : thats every laboring mommys fantasy...to be having a transition contraction that the phone company guy gets to hear : leave the freaking room! i hate being polite! : theres no way that their phones didnt slow me down...my cntrx were coming at huge intervals and all this distraction was not helping. she checked me at some point and said i was 8-9cm. told me if i pushed id open to 10. ummm...i wasnt ready to push! i *wanted* this to be over, but it wasnt time yet. sigh... i tried pushing, but it wasnt going to happen, so i settled back in and took my own sweet time, which is what my body wanted to do.

i started needing to push, of course my mw was still on the phone..or was it another call? : her asst (who i love!) had to leave to get to ANOTHER birth! i was scared to push, not only because of the pain, the fact i was *POSITIVE* he was coming out my butt, but because my mw, who had sat watching and waiting for me to have this kid for hours, had finally left the room to talk on the phone. i honestly thought she was going to deliver him with the freaking phone under her ear! she finally got off the hone, and i got down and dirty with the pushing.

both my other 2 were born on dry land, in a bed...i was real nervous about how to push in the tub. part of me wanted to get out, but i just couldnt~ i wanted to have my water baby and the thought of walking just wasnt an option so, i had my dh hold me under my armpits from behind while i held on to his shirt and shoulders. put one foot on a handle and pushed. now my other 2 had come flying out, this one did not. his little head started to crown and his bag of waters finally broke. i had a hard time pushing because i simply wasnt having strong, frequent enough contractions. then they started coming with a vengence and i pushed with all my might. got his head out and then nothing. no cntrx. hes underwater and my mw is telling me i have to push, so i did and i did and i did. finally! he popped out and was brought ot my chest. i was still convinced he came out my bum

he had a bit of trouble with his breathing~ lots of goob in his throat and nose. but my very capable mw (she really is great, just wasnt when i was laboring) suctioned and suctioned and suctioned some more while i rubbed his back. she sent my dh for the oxygen, but just as he grabbed it he let out a wonderful loud cry. which lead to 2 of us crying my little man was here, safe and sound and curled up in the pool with me.

after a little while she cut his cord and i got out to make my way to the bed so i could deliver his placenta. as with the rest of labor and delivery, my cntrx took their own sweet time, i had to end up squating to help it come out. just what my sore legs wanted to do! : he latched on right away and has been a nursing pro ever since. somehow, i managed not to tear~ just a couple skid marks. again, back to my theory of him coming out my bum!

this week has been a whirlwind of family and chaos. mr. jason is doing wonderfully. he was 8lbs even at birth, but due to a MASSIVE explosion at 4am his first night, he dropped to 7lbs 8oz at his 4 day check he'd already gained 5 of those oz back, though. i wasnt shocked, the kids an eater! got the blisters to prove it! :

so, here are his stats!
Jason Henry
dd~ June 20-July 2???
born~ Monday, July 16, 2007, 1:25 pm
at~ home, in a pool
weighing~ 8lbs even
and~ 20 3/8 inches

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congratulations!!! i'm so glad he's finally here!!!!

Mama to three sweet girls (a dramatic, chatty 10yo, a bouncy, dynamo of a 7yo, and a delightful, whimsical 3.5yo)
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Congratulations! Sounds like he took his sweet time getting here.
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congrats mama and happy babymoon! I'm so excited to add another babe to the announcement thread.

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Congratulations! Great to hear about another water birth!

Laura, Mama to Mya 7/02, Ian 6/07 and Anna 8/09
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Yippy! Wonderful birth story... Congrats on the sweet little man!

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He's here! Wonderful!! Very best wishes to all of you.
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Originally Posted by jbobys View Post
the fact i was *POSITIVE* he was coming out my butt


Yeah, that's how it felt for me too, and mine was only over 6 lbs! Like the worst BM EVER, ha ha! Congrats! The pictures were SO CUTE!!!

Circ doesn't work! Stop the violence of circumcison. Had another UP/UC/HB in August!
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