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I have to return to work Jan 10th and need to start getting DD used to taking BM in a bottle (she'll need it for 4 feedings a day as I'll come to BF her at lunch and when I pick her up). I've tried the Soothie bottle, Avent and Playtex drop-in style bottle and all she does is chew the nipple with the side of her mouth. She's not really a paci baby (sometimes I can get my friend to give her one in the car if she's really crying but that's all).

Any tips or suggestions besides keep giving it to her? I know she can be cup fed but it's not the easiest for some DC providers (and I'd freak if my precious milk was wasted) and (I feel) dd will be able to eat more often if it's convienient for others.

Anyone else going back to work PT or FT and facing the same issue?
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my ds chews the nipple also. Not a paci baby either. I've tried all those bottles plus all the nipples greber makes.

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Have DH give it to her? I've heard they do better if someone other than mom gives the bottle. I never give mine bottles.

I'm back at work full time, pumping 3x/day. Too far to go home for lunch regularly.

We use the Born Free bottles because they don't have that bi-phenyl whatzit that's carcinogenic. Anybody else use them?
Anybody else have any idea what possible difference that ridiculous valve thingie can make? It's two extra pieces to disassemble and assemble for washing, and I don't see how it can possibly do anything. But MIL (Nanny) says that DD likes the Born Free ones, and so does she, better than Avent. So we'll stick with them.

Something I've learned this time, my second time pumping for a baby: if we have to supplement with formula because milk was wasted, it is not the end of the world. She is still getting mostly my milk, with all those good benefits, and I've done everything in my power to give it to her. This time we had to use formula for my first few days back, because my huge freezer stash was rejected for lipase taste and I was sick so couldn't pump any extra. It's turned out to be a blessing because now I'm mellow about it. She'll drink what I pump (and DD1 will scarf any leftovers), and if on some particular day that is not enough, she'll have a bit of formula to tide her over until I get home. DD1 never drank formula, but I stressed out over every ounce of spilled or wasted milk... which was a LOT.

My compensation is DD2 has not yet worn a sposie.
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Hm. DS2 really likes the Medela bottles. DS1 took to the Dr. Brown's bottles, but I heard the plastic in those was unsafe, which is why I switched for the second babe.

I know it took a while for my first son to get the hang of it. Honestly, we just kept trying... but I was never in the room when they did it. Otherwise, he'd have absolutely nothing to do with the bottle.

Suz, mommy to 2 chess-playing, lightsaber-wielding boys

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I'm going back to work part time in a month. Some of my co-workers suggested that I should leave the house and DH should give the bottles while wearing one of my sweaters. We haven't tried it yet, but I have a meeting next week and I'm going to leave DD with him and a bottle of EBM. I'll let you know how it goes.

Good luck. I've certainly been stressing about this issue too, so you're definitely not the only one.

ETA We have Medela bottles and some glass ones that my midwife had and gave to us.
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I've been giving mine EBM in a bottle about once a week or so just to have her accustomed to the idea in case DH or my mom needs to watch her for longer than a couple of hours.

DD1 wouldn't take ANY bottle, and I tried just about everything. Now, DD2 won't take the orthodontic-style Medela nipples, but is OK with the other Medela ones, that are very similar to the Avent.

I've heard of good results with the Adiri breast-bottle, but that's one I never tried with DD1.

Definitely try the low-flow ones first. I think that the faster flow rather than the shape is the big difference for my girl in which one she'll take. If the milk's coming out too fast she wants NOTHING to do with it, and gets grumpy with the bottle-giver.

Good luck!!
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We exclusively ff and ds spends time chewing on the nipples too so go figure. He's just not a day eater. he'll eat in the evenings and at night just like his moma.

Just a thought....if you bf on demand dc may also not really be hungry. It may be bfing for comfor. My son's can give or take the paci and they were both ff. You may need to give it time so they work up a hunger. Then they'll eat. Kinda difficult to do, I know but may be necessary.
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the adiri is working for us, after 5 or 6 attempts with other styles. we call it the moob ~the man-boob~ cuz that's what it looks like!

it's a bit pricey for an experiment, but sooo worth it if it works!

fwiw, i went through the same thing with my dd 7 years ago. it took 9 different bottles (ugh!) before there was one she would take. it was an evenflo style that, of course, is no longer made. figures, no?

stick with it.... you'll figure it out eventually!
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Mine will only take a bottle when I'm not around. Dh gives her a bottle about once a week.

I'm attending a birth when she's 4 months and hoping things are okay.

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I have been back to work for 2 wks now, my ds needs 3 or 4 3oz bottles - he is at the center from 8:45 - 4:00 every day.

My ds (and two older dd's) have done well with avent while I have been working - What I found to be key when getting them to start taking to the bottle is having someone else feed the baby with me totally out of the room -at first my dh or mom would hold the baby facing out (instead of in a *nursing* position/cradle hold) and have them hold the bottle way up by the ring around the nipple to hold it close to the babies mouth - so they can't push it away as easily (does that make sense? lol) - make sure the milk is heated up to just the same temp you pump it out at (body temp) so it tastes the same to them (we put the bottle in a bowl with warm water for about 20 min to heat) - now it is no problem and ds takes the bottle and breast well interchangeably (sp? one handed typing isnt easy- lol)
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We're using evenflo glass bottles with gerber nuk orthodontic nipples. DD won't take it from me but took it right away from dh. She loves to eat!
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