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ollineeba 07-14-2007 09:57 PM

I've talked to my son (5) a few times about the new baby but he never had much to say about it and didn't seem too interested, so I didn't push the issue.
Today, seemingly out of nowhere, he walked into my bedroom while I was getting dressed and handed me a picture he had drawn of me. It was so beautiful and I could tell he had really taken his time with it. And right in the middle of the belly area was a little baby
It made me tear up, it was so sweet. I guess he's more aware of it than I thought.
Usually he's one to just scribble something down on paper and isn't very patient with his drawing or writing, so this just meant so much to me.
I'm going to have it framed

mama_y_sol 07-14-2007 10:08 PM

That is very very sweet. I agree that kids know more than we give them credit a lot of times. My dd, who is 3, is also very aware of the baby to come.

Yesterday she asked me "Do you know how is going to be my very very best friend in the whole wide world?"

"who?" I asked

"The baby!" she replied. Talk about the truth! That really made me realize how incredible it is to give a child a sibling, a friend for life (hopefully!)

I think you should buy a beautiful frame to surround your son's picture.


impromptukiss 07-14-2007 10:22 PM

that is adorable! :*)

my kids are taking it well. kayleigh (just turned 4) asked if the new baby could sleep in her room, and asked if we could give the new pink (we also bought one green, lol) blanket i bought to the new baby if it was a girl.

ethan, my (just turned) 2 y/o is doing better than i expected. one day kayleigh & i were having a dissagreement in target (over push up pops, lol). when we walked away, ethan said "kayleigh made mommy baby sad." i thought he meant him, although he's never refered to himself that way. i asked what baby? and he point to my belly & said "mommy belly baby."

leewd 07-16-2007 12:55 PM

Mine are constantly asking to watch the "baby" video which is a Bradley Squatting Home Birth video. Cori (21mo) has decided her "body" is between her legs since I said "the baby is coming out of the mommy's body." OOPS!

Jillybean 07-16-2007 04:42 PM

Aww those stories are so sweet! Mine are doing ok with it. My older one seems excited but he's mostly "whatever" about it. He's been through it before, no biggie

My younger one seems to be having some mixed feelings. He likes to rub my belly and ask about the baby. But then sometimes he'll say he doesn't want a baby I know thats normal but he's always been my high-needs one so I'm concerned that he might have a difficult time adjusting.I guess I'm just going to try to prepare him the best I can.

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