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Tiffany_PartyOf5 02-19-2008 02:44 PM

Hey ladies. I know Ive been gone a few weeks. I dont think Ive been here since a few days after Nate was born. Anyways, all is good here.. hes nursing like a champ, loves his paci LOL, and is starting to wake up a lot more during the day.. he sleeps good at night (only wakes and nurses once at night)... Hes 3 weeks old today and Im sad LOL. it feels like hes growing way too fast and dh and i had agreed before that he was our last but now that we have the vasectomy scheduled (march 29) im rethinking LOL. its like knowing that I cant really change my mind is sad lol

we have been super busy between mom staying here during the week, we went down to Animal Kingdom at disney one weekend (Nathans first trip to Disney), and then today dad called and said he had to give grandma mouth to mouth and now they are at the hospital (he called 911).. so Im really worried about her and am thinking of making the trip down there now (right now its looking like she took her blood pressure med even though her bp was really low this morning anyways which caused her to pass out so she should be fine as long as thats really what caused the problem)... we filed our income tax return and it should be direct deposited on Fri. Im ordering 2 new strollers (phil & ted e3 with the doubles kit and a valco trimode twin with toddler attachment and preschool stand on the back) Im also getting a laptop woohoo! and a bunch of smaller things..

how is everyone else and little babies?

ollineeba 02-20-2008 01:12 PM

Glad to hear things are going well for you with the baby! I'm still super jealous that you live so close to Disney

kehliouise 02-20-2008 04:39 PM

glad to hear from you. that is cool about the strollers. i checked out what you picked out. they look cool. i recently ordered a stroller and i'm waiting for it to come. it is backordered which i didn't know was the case when i ordered it from that company. i'm irritated now. i can't wait till it gets here. i got the BOB duallie with car seat adapter. it was the only double jogging stroller i could find with a snack tray. the snack tray is essential at our house.

sorry to hear about your grandmother...i hope that it is just a case of her taking the blood pressure medicine and that she will be fine.

i know what you mean about maybe wanting more now that you have this one. after ds#1 was born i said i was never having anymore children. this time though i'm already thinking about it. i definately want three kids. i don't think the dh does, but he didn't want one and then he didn't want two...and he is really the best daddy i know, so i'm sure he will eventually change his mind. good luck making a decision on the vascetomy.

Surfacing 02-21-2008 02:42 AM

Such good news that Nate is nursing well. You're happy that he's growing but I KWYM that it's a little sad to see your newborn grow. My little 5.5 wk old dd is outgrowing the 0-3 mo. newborn clothes already and just today I was sniffing over the fact that she is not the little newborn I remember...changing all the time. Of course I'm excited that she's more alert, awake, smiling, and bigger. How are the other kids taking to the newcomer and all the changes? Are you enjoying your new house?

We are also debating whether this will be our last child - I'm thinking in my gut that it should be because of what dh keeps saying, and about my own energy/health limits. Dh's mother is moving to our city and she will need our support, so realistically we have to think about the demands we are placing on our time, energy and resources given the fact that eldercare is becoming a reality. If we decide this is the last child I will probably get my tubes tied because I don't want an oops, and I don't want to decide whether or not to have an ab*rtion (ugh)'s just sad because if this is it, this is it. But I am trying to keep it in perspective and acknowledge the pleasure, joy and gifts I receive from the two kids I have. And I realize that my life can still be rich and joyful with these two children alone. YK?
So I hear you on the vasectomy, TiffanyPartyof5. Kehliouise - so funny that you are already thinking about a third, me too! When the baby hormones are working well, they're working well!

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