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Sorry I havn't been on, or updated - the IRL stuff just demanded that I take an internet break. Babymooning and all

Xitlaly Enea was born at home, in water, on July 19th @ 6:46pm
She was 6lbs 2oz and 19 3/4 inches long

Laboring had been starting up for me al week long - but this was my 1st labor without induction and I was mentally shutting my own body down because I didn;t recognize the labor signs. I was talking negativly to myself about how this was painful enough to be labor etc etc.
So on Tuesday I kinda talked mysefl out of my contractions, my Midwives came over to check me and I was 5cm's.
Wendsday I had a few contrax that I tlaked myself out of.
Thursday I was getting really frustrated, and mad that I wasn;t goign into "real" labor. (hahahhahhaha. I cna laugh at it now).
Friday night I had contrax on and off - but once again. they did not hurt at all and I was just so mad that I didn;t have a "real" labor yet. (labor should hurt like hell - right??) My MW called me and told me to have some wine and go to bed, to stop bweing frustrated and calm down - she;d call me in the morning.
Sat. mornign bright and early my wonderful MW called me and we had a great conversation about positive talk, and a positive mindset. She gave me some homepathics to take, had my Dh give me a massage, adn take a bath. She said she'd calll back in 2 hrs.
Well she actually called back in 1 hr - by which pioint i had taken her advice on changing my mental outlook and was solidly contracting at regular intervals. I had also come to terms with the contractions not hurtign in the least.
My 2 MW's decided to come over and check me - I was 7cm's and my water broke during the check. this was about noonish.
We got the birht pool set up and I called all my friends to come over.
So we all sat around and ate food nad chatted for an awhile.
They checked me again and I was 9cm's (still no pain at all, ciontractiosn were just .. interesting).
I got in the pool for a bit but it was boring, so DH and I went for a walk around the neighborhood so I could concentrate on really 'feeling" the contractions. ONce i got some more serious ones I went back home and got in the pool.
Oh, the pool is soooo nice
MW's check me and I am 11cm. s but not feelign any urge to puch becasue baby is not really engaged - her hand is up over her head nad she keeps engaging at the ear.
So we spend the next 12 hrs trying different positions and finger wrangling to move baby's hand/arm out of the way - and KEEP it out of the way since she keeps moving her hand back to ontop of her head.
Eventually it moves to under her chin and her head engages - but not before it had created a swiollen lip on my cervix!
Well at this point it deffinatly, FINALLY hurt. Oh boy did it hurt! Thank goodness for birth pools!
It took a pushor 2 to get her past that swollen cervical lip - oand then she was out!! Whooosh.

It was the most fantastical feelign in the world! It was amazing, I will never ever ever go back to the hospitol ever. This was the most amazing birth experiacne, it was everything I could have imagined and more. Wonderful midwives, surrounded by friends and family. My 4yr old DD was next to me the whole time 'helping'. and my DH was awesome - he 'caught' the baby and is listed on the birth cert. as the deliverer!!

and you know what? If I had been inthe hospitol they woulda labeld me failure to progress. they would've either cut me front and back and used forceps, or straight to a c-section. They would've never let me go 4hrs at 9cms.. and I would've been on my back pushing that hand into the cervix.. they wouldn't have had a clue what was going on because they wouldn't have checked, and they wouldn;t have known how to help me.
Looking back, I dodged the biggest bullet.

heres a picture of my sweetpea
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Look at all that hair!!!
Glad you had a great birth!
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Congrats! She's so beautiful!!

Linzie~~wife to Eli 10.1.06, mama to Summer 5.06 and John 7.08
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big congrats mama!
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Awww, sweet pic. Congrats! You sound ecstatic, just the way every new mom should be!
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She's beautiful...congrats! :

Blissed out mama to 3 beautiful boys love.gif LIFE IS GOOD! thumb.gif

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beautiful home birth story, what a beautiful babe! thank you for sharing.

Karen happily married mother of 3 great children (19, 6, 5), in my last semester for my Masters in Nutrition and started a six-month internship.
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