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Where to start. Let me first off say that never in a million years did I EVER think I'd find myself typing up this thread as I sit in a hospital room with my 13mo hooked up to IV abx

DD started with her first ear infection at 6mos. I waited it out using garlic mullein drops, heating pad, chiropractic adjustments, and lots of love. 21 days later she was still screaming in pain and miserable. So we took our first trip to the doctor. She started on amox. 10 days later, still infected. Then omnicef, then azithromycin. Then visit to the ENT, then ear tubes. 2 weeks post surgery she's still draining green, foul-smelling pus. Another round of azith. Then clear for 3wks, then green pus, then 5days worth of rocephin injections.

This went off and on from Feb-July. Clear for a few weeks, abx for 10 days, then clear for a few weeks.

In July she had her ear tubes replaced with fresh ones and her adenoids removed. Same story except this last infection has not cleared. Every culture she had done has shown a different organism. This last month she ran 104-105F fever for 2 straight weeks. Her culture came back as penicillin-resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae. She had another surgery Thursday to clean/flush her ears and sinuses. She has been on IV rocephin since Thursday after the surgery. The doc saw her ears tonight and said they are clear, no drainage.

My question is...HOW can I help keep her clear? We're NOT going this route again. HOW do I heal her body from the damage of these abx? What, if anything, can I do to NATURALLY help keep her from getting these infections? Should I just let her ears drain and the infection run its course next time? Anyone use TTO to treat ear infections?

She is 13.5mos. She is still BFing about 2-3x/day. I offer more...but that's all she takes. I work at a daycare and she comes with me. Sucks, but it is unavoidable. She is not vaccinated. Well, she's had 1 dose of DTaP...but I don't know if/when I plan on giving her anymore.

Where do I start, folks?

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Oh my goodness, this must be so tough for both of you. I don't have a lot of advice, just sympathy. My son has had a few ear infections starting at 1yo. He was prescribed antibiotics but he was too hysterical to ever take them so I gave up on that very quickly and slipped the tiny homeopathic pills in his mouth instead. He never minded those. I also tried breastmilk, peroxide and homemade colloidal silver from his aunt. The colloidal silver really helped although he hates to have anything in his ears. I put a few drops several times a day as soon as I noticed him pulling on his ears. CS is a natural antibiotic and my son's great aunt has always used it on her own grandchildren for pink eye, ear infections, sore throats.. you name it.
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Sounds like she probably has some pretty bad allergies. Have you had her tested? I would start there because something is causing her to be constantly congested. Usually adenoids are taken out of children with bad allergies. I'd also probably do a mold test on your house.

Craniosacral therapy is an option to open up the drainage in her head, but until you find out whatever is causing the congestion, she'll be prone to bacteria setting in.

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This is my miracle: Esberitox. I will make this short. It's an immune booster. Three of my kids were on breathing treatments and had ear infections every other month when they were little. One son had 2 sets of tubes in his ears. My dh got tired of them being sick and went to a natural store to get advice. since they started taking this, NONE of them have been to the doctors in 7 years!!!! They were 6, 4 and 2 a the time. But I have started my others out as early as 1 yo because they are small chewable little tablets. I have even cut them in half. If you need more info, holler!! But I swear by them!!

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This is a copy of a recent post of mine regarding ear infections and immune system. Have you tried to identify food intolerances with a food journal? I'd eliminate ALL dairy. Dairy exposure is everywhere. Here is a list of hidden diary: http://www.kellymom.com/store/handou...dden-dairy.pdf


Diary intolerance is the number one cause of fluid build up in ears.

"In one study an astonishing 86% of the children tested became free of ear problems once they came off dairy food."

Additionally, I was just reading that chiropractic adjustments could help with ear infections. I didn't know.

Breast milk in the ear or garlic oil is supposed to help too.

Also, add vitamin C and whole food probiotics, such as yogurt for the immune system.

"In an October study in the medical journal The Lancet, researchers found that antibiotics for ear infections are only beneficial to children under the age of 2 with both ears infected. Study leader Dr. Maroeska Rovers, of the University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands, said that researchers found that in most other cases, watchful waiting is OK."


"Evidence has been building over the years showing most ear infections resolve on their own and antibiotics do little or nothing to speed the process. And, overuse of antibiotics leads to antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. The most important factor in treatment for ear infections is pain relief."

A landmark study published in Pediatrics has shown that treating ear infections with antibiotics has no benefit when compared to doing nothing. (McCormick 2005).

My recommendation is classical homeopathy.
A friend's daughter had six rounds of antibiotics for ear infections and was scheduled for tube insertion. She saw the homeopath and gave her daughter the proscribed remedy. On return to the physician prior to the surgery, her ears were no longer infected. And she has had no ear infections since.

Our classical homeopathist first learned about homeopathy for her son with ear infections. Then she became schooled about homeopathy. I am a complete believer. Although, I still do not understand how it works. We are all on constitutional remedies and are rarely ever sick.

Another suggestion is Grapefruit Seed Extract. (Not grape seed.) GSE is also a natural anti-inflammatory. It is give orally, diluted in water. It tastes horrible though.

Here are some more ideas:
Garlic is a natural antibiotic.
Collodial silver is a natural antibiotic.
Vit C-large doses (natural fever reducer, iirc)
Cod liver oil- essential fatty acids help the immune system (We use Nordic Naturals -strawberry and our son loves it!)
Chamommilla is good for restlessness, discomfort, insomnia, unbearable pain; fever; child is impatient and angry.
Zinc to help the immune system
Echinecea- We use Sambucol for Kids
Probiotics- for immune support, digestive system is 70% of immune system. Many of the serious side effects of cp are associated with a damaged gut, secondary to antibiotic use. Avoid antibiotics with cp and other viral illnesses.

And Dairy is the #1 culprit of fluid and mucus production leading to an environment conducive to ear infections.

Here is some info about homeopathic remedies (and treating ear infections).

* Aconite: Pain that comes on suddenly after a shock or chill.

* Belladonna: Severe throbbing pain; child is oversensitive and cranky.

* Chamomilla: Unbearable pain; fever; child is impatient and angry.

* Lycopodium: Pain on right side only; stopped-up nose; cold extremities.

* Magnesia phosphorica (or "homeopathic aspirin"): Pain reduced by the application of heat or pressure.

* Mercurius solubilis: Pain accompanied by swollen glands and sweating.
I would do whole food probiotics, cod liver oil, magnesium, vit. C, zinc, coconut oil, bone broths, green juices. Support the immune system. The gut is 70% of our immune system. Antibiotics damage the microbial balance in the gut.

Basically, you have to heal the gut to strengthen the immune system. Check out the "Healing the Gut-cheat sheet" at the top of the forum. https://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=434071

Antibiotics rarely address ear infections, which are generally viral in origin. Nor are they more effective than watchful waiting, unless it is a double ear infection in a child younger than age 2.

Here is more information regarding avoiding drug-resistant bacteria: https://www.mothering.com/discussions...5&postcount=12 Basically, UNNECESSARY antibiotics are the cause, not avoiding antibiotics when NOT needed.



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104 degrees or miserable are my indicators to start *homeopathics*. We don't do Tylenol or Motrin.

Here are some homeopathic options for fever, if it gets very high.

I'd use the Belladonna and other homeopathic antipyretics for fevers:


***Here is an article called "Fevers In Children, A Blessing in Disguise". I read it first printed in Mothering Magazine. It discusses the dangers of fever reducers. ***

Definitely homeopathic alternatives could help. Match the symptoms.
Here is a list of possibilities.

We do homeopathic remedies for any acute issues. Consider his whole picture: fever?, lethargy? thirst? color? diarrhea? discomfort? blood? projectile? voiding? etc.

Here are some homeopathic alternatives:

And some Epsom salt baths for the detox effect.

Fever- no medication approach

Help with 10mo old ear infection please!

How can I get rid of ear infection w/o antibiotics?

PLEASE suggest herbal alternative to ABX!!!!

Those threads have a lot of herbal, homeopathic, and holistic alternatives to support the body to heal itself.


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The Epsom salt baths are huge, plus molybdenum and zinc. Maybe some sauerkraut for the stomach acid benefit. Have you done the 'pink pee' test?

Take a look at this thread discussing food *intolerances* avoidance vs not (re: detoxification discussion, ie detox pathways):

Start here to learn about detox pathways:

And here are a few informal videos about detox pathways:

and here about evaluating digestion and stomach acid (beet "pink pee" test): http://heal-thyself.ning.com/forum/topics/the-beet-test

Foods to Help Phase I and Phase II Detoxification:

Then here, the threads linked at the top will help you to understand more about identifying your family's detox pathways:

check out www.eatingcultures.com to try and guess on some of your detox pathways, and figure out which nutrients will be important for you. And www.detoxpuzzle.com to identify some of your detox pathways, nutrient deficiencies/needs.

Other allergens could be cumulatively overloading the system, also.

Here's an old post of mine about addressing environmental allergens.

Here is a link with more information about eliminating airborne allergens:

A heated debate is the role of iodine in our diet related to immune system dysfunction and the deficiencies associated with nutrients. https://www.mothering.com/discussions....php?t=1091794

This is my "Cliffs Notes" version for healthy guts.


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I don't have any advice, but I could not read this without reponding. I am so sorry you and your LO are going through this I hope she gets some relief soon!

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Wow, thank you all for the links. I have a LOT of reading to do

To reply to some of the questions...

Josephine was allergy tested at 6mos. A SPT was done for wheat, egg, milk, soy, peanuts, shellfish, banana, avocado, blueberries, cats, dogs, mites, mold, dust and a few other environmental allergens. She was negative for all of these. Nevertheless, I still did a total DF/SF diet for 6mos and saw absolutely no improvement. It was SOOO hard that at a year I added those things back into my diet. I honestly saw no changes for the better or worse.

She also had RAST testing done and it was negative for all environmental allergies. During this last surgery they drew blood to run some more food allergy tests and immune system function tests.

I forgot to mention that DD chronically coughs. BADLY. She has since about 4wks old. She has been tested for cystic fibrosis and thankfully was negative (my sis died of CF). But that hasn't stopped the pneumonias and bronchitis cases. The allergist is convinced that its acid reflux that is causing the cough and ear infections...but even after 6mos on a high dose of prevacid, no difference. We see the pedi GI on Wednesday.

The doc sent us home with a script for ceftin for 10 days...but I am not going to fill it. I am going to be hypervigilant about keeping water out of her ears, working to boost her immune system, and flushing out her ears with peroxide/water soln. daily to keep and more bacteria from collecting there.

Oy, thanks for your help!
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I can't even imagine. Wow. I hope things are better. Please know that you are in my prayers!

I am sure you have been flooded with advice but I have a friend with a toddler who has also had horrible sinus trouble. Recently she had a ct scan and was told that something needs to be done, procedure-wise.

Balloon sinuplasty has been discussed as it is less of an ordeal which is especially important given her age.

Not at all sure if this even applies at all in your case but I thought I'd mention it.

Take care and god bless!
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Oh my goodness. I am so sorry for everything you and your little have been through.

Our family uses essential oils as our first defense. I recommend using 2 drops of basil essential oil on a cotton ball in the ear canal. The vapors that are released by essential oils, such as oil of basil, have been shown to have rapid bacteria-killing effects. It must be therapeutic grade to do its work.

We also use OnGuard on our feet at bedtime to boost our immune system. If we fall ill then we use OnGuard 3 times a day with the appropriate oil to go along with the illness.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions about essential oils. I am here to help!

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You may not know but you can use home remedies if you have otitis or any kind of inflammation first. But it doesnt mean that you dont have to consultate the doctor at all.
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Some articles that can help you to fight ear infection that follows with earache http://homeremedieshelper.com/home-r...-treat-earache. I searched for treatment ear diseases if anyone knows plase share it.
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this is an old post but my oldest DSD is suffering montlhly with this problem she is almost 7. She is at the dr atm for another ear infection. She was also dx'd with adhd. She has had the allergy testing and shows no allergens. So DP is thinking the tonsils need to come out. It is so frustrating. She didn't have tubes, but she is constantly sick. It just goes from okay to worse and is on 2 otc's to manage her constant inflammation. DP has the same problem and needs his tonsils out too.

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