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This past Sunday I began what I believed to be my second PP period (DS2 is 11 months and still nursing, but not exclusively anymore - first PP period was at 8 months PP). It started off pretty normal for me, maybe a little more red flow than usual, but nothing that I thought anything of at the time. However, usually things turn more towards spotting by the fourth day and this time by the fourth day I was still seeing red flow, same on days five and six. I thought this was weird, but still didn't think too much of it. Now on day seven (which I would normally definitely be down to occasional brown spotting) I've had some cramping on and off (nothing too bad) and I've passed about 7 or 8 large-ish clots (silver dollar size, maybe a bit larger) in the past 6 hours or so.

I always pass clots during my periods, but usually it's during the first few days of my period and although I have occasionally passed clots this big during regular periods, I've never passed so many in one day before. Right now I'm still a little crampy and still have bright red flow, but it's not terribly heavy - I'd say moderate. Does this sound like an early miscarriage? Something else? I've always had irregular periods and I do not believe it's possible that I could have been very far along if this is an early miscarriage despite the fact that it's been three months since my last period.

Also, I've felt a little out of it mentally for the past day or so - just kind of zoning out a lot. I don't know if this could be related or not.

I have pretty terrible medical insurance right now and I do not have established care with any midwife or OB/GYN right now so I do not have access to any kind of "advice line." As far as I know my options are Urgent Care or wait a week or so to get an appointment. I don't feel like this is something that requires Urgent Care so I'm planning to call for an appointment Monday morning and am expecting at least a weeks wait before being seen, but I would go to Urgent Care if I suddenly felt worse. Does this seem like a wise course of action? Anyone experience something similar?
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If you're miscarrying now, you would most likely still get a positive HPT if you took one. So you could check it out by peeing on a stick if you wanted.

When an early miscarriage progresses without complications, there is really not a heck of a lot that anyone can do. If you went to urgent care, or your doctor's office, they would mostly be able to say how sorry they are. They might offer you painkillers (no guarantees). In your plan (wait and see, go to urgent care if you feel worse), you don't pay for the sympathy of trained medical professionals - not a meaningful difference. It's a fine plan.

If you start to run a fever, or if you're getting through more than a pad every hour or two, go in. Otherwise, stay comfy.

I'm sorry you're going through this.

ETA: Most OBs will get a suspected miscarriage in for an urgent appointment the same day. So if you do want to call yours on Monday, you may not have to wait that long to see someone. However, my experience was that seeing my doctor took the thing from "I may be having a miscarriage" to "I have had a ton of ultrasounds, and I may be having a miscarriage." They can do a lot to identify what's going on, but if you are having a miscarriage, it's not like they can do something to stop it. They'll do what they can... but it may be that all they can do is tell you for sure what's going on.
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I think your plan sounds good. I have had a m/c and if it ever happens again I will just stay home (unless symptoms get complicated and I NEED to go in).

It's horrible to sit in urgent care for HOURS AND HOURS being uncomfortable and worried for them to just tell you that they can't tell you anything.

Hope you feel better soon though.

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Thanks. I'm just laying low today.

My concern right now is what if this isn't a miscarriage - then what else could it be? I think it's a m/c and if it is, I feel comfortable with my plan. I know that unless I suspect some kind of infection, there's nothing a doctor or midwife can really do to help so I'm fine with (and prefer) to handle this on my own.

But there's a little part of me that keeps thinking what if this is something else that does need to be addressed by a doctor? To those who have experienced a m/c, does what I described in my original post sound like a m/c? I have no first hand or even second hand knowledge of the reality of a m/c - only what I've read.
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