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baconstripp 09-26-2014 01:31 PM

UTI Help
Hi everyone, So I've lurked on here a bit reading different threads for a long while. I've seen a couple threads on UTI but have a couple questions
I felt the urge to urinate for over a week but when I got some abdominal tenderness I decided to go to the urgent care on Tuesday night. I was prescribed sulfamethoxazole I took it in the morning and than n the evening. The next day I woke up and felt kinda funny I decided to call my GP and go in to. She changed it to Cipro. I took Cipro that evening and noticed a tendinitis like feeling in my shoulder/elbow I workout a lot so I wrote it off. Took one in the morning still had that feeling decided to read the phamplet and turns out it can cause tendinitis or worse off tendon ruptures! So I stopped immediately called my doctor and asked to plase change it. The girl called me back and said the doctor says no and wants you to stay on Cipro... Well Im freaking out. I didn't take anymore yesterday and today. But have started every natural remedy on google! I also went out and just bought the UT Vibrance because everyone is raving about it. I was worried about the goldenseal but I called the company and they said its fine. Also seems that some women on here have even take it during pregnancy. Im still bfing my 8 month old so Im wondering has anyone else taken it while breast-feeding? Does it work fast? Anything I should be looking out for just in case? Thanks! Im totally a worry wart and Ive never felt so freaked out. I was still considering an antibiotic but I really don't want to take that Cipro...

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