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cynthia mosher 01-08-2002 07:17 AM

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natural remedies for warts?

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Author Topic: natural remedies for warts?
Moderator posted 01-08-2001 05:50 PM
My son has warts on the palms of his right hand, the one he writes with. He is 5 and in kindergarten. I know sometimes warts just go away, but they are really bothering him because of the writing. Does anyone know any natural remedies for warts? I don't really want to use those acid products to eat away at his skin.

Member posted 01-09-2001 08:45 AM
I don't know how far you go in this direction, but we "witch" warts away at my house with pretty good success, say about 75%. I do better with the neighbors kids and vice versa than with my own, but I think it is that my kids are used to the weird mom here and not the weird neighbor and her kids are the same.

I have a child rub a copper penny on their wart twice a day, and then lose the penny down a storm drain after a week. Usually the wart is gone two weeks later. The neighbor has some "magical incantation" she mutters while waving her hands over the warts for three nights. Be very serious in whatever ritual you use.

good luck

Lori W
Member posted 01-09-2001 09:01 AM
You can also use tea tree oil, you have to be consistent, rub it on 3 or 4 times a day.

Cynthia in Arabia
Moderator posted 01-09-2001 09:15 AM
I've had great success using castor oil. I think it works by softening up the wart all the way through to it's root which causes it to fall off. There may be some other explanation for its efficacy which I'd appreciate hearing if anyone knows. Or it may be pure mind/body medicine with my child believing it will work and the body doing it's job of expelling it based upon the strength of that belief. Either way I've rid both my daughters of their warts within two weeks. Apply the castor oil to the wart at night and cover with a bandage. Remove and reapply in the morning or midday. Consistency is important. With one stubborn wart I added a little baking soda to the oil and it worked like a charm without burning or pain of any kind.No scars either!
Good luck

Member posted 01-11-2001 05:27 AM
I am not sure about the safety of this so check it out first. But when I was young, my brother got warts all over his fingers (it looked like cauliflower not the typical bump)
My Mom tried all medical treatments like burning etc but they came back. Then I got them. We ended up using topical iodine. We applied it numerous times a day and wore bandaids,(the brown is ugly). It was the only thing to work and took a few weeks.

Member posted 01-11-2001 04:40 PM
This is a great remedy. You take a garlic clove and cut off a thin sliver. put the garlic sliver right on the wart, with a bandade over it. Do it at night, and take it off 24 hours later. It should blister up and then turn black and fall off. I know it works because I did it for mine. It looks a little gross and hurts a little(not much). Nothing like getting them burnt off!!!! If it does not blister up, turn black and fall off, try it again.

Member posted 01-22-2001 07:16 PM
I know it is not the right time of year for this but, I have heard that dandelion milk (white juice inside of stem) will work. You have break open the stem and rub on wart very frequently.

Moderator posted 01-28-2001 09:44 PM
I also used the garlic method as described above and have found that to work.
The other suggestion I have is a homeopathic tincture of Thuja Occidentalis. Put a bit of that on a q-tip and apply it nightly to the wart. You can do it more often, but try to let it dry first before putting a bandaid on it. It smells aintly pine like. It is from arbor vitae- tree of life.
I would do this on it's own, not with the garlic method!

Lori W
Member posted 01-30-2001 10:11 PM
I tried the garlic method and the wart did not fall off and it burned the skin surrounding the wart! I now have two severe burn blisters on my thumb! I guess a person should cut the garlic to the size of just the wart so it doesn't burn surrounding skin? Am I missing something here?

Member posted 01-31-2001 02:23 PM
Yes, I am sorry. You have to cut the garlic to the size of the wart. It is supposed to blister up. How long ago did you do it? It will take awhile(a week maybe) to blister the wart off.

Laura S
Member posted 02-03-2001 11:43 AM
I've also had success using castor oil. When I was 5 I had a wart on my face and my mother feared scarring using other methods. She heard about castor oil somewhere and it worked. I've since used it and recomended it to always seems to work. You do have to be consistant with it though. Good luck!

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