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natural remedy for cradle cap?

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Author Topic: natural remedy for cradle cap?
Member posted 02-17-2001 05:09 PM
Our Ds (14m) has pretty bad cradle cap. I showed it to his Dr. at his 12m apt. and she reccomended some "blue" type shampoo. I do not want to put that on my babies head!! I was thinking tea tree oil, but can find no information on if that will help or not. Anyone have any experience with this?

Member posted 02-17-2001 05:42 PM
We used good olive oil. Rub it into the head and let it sit for a while (20min) then use a baby comb and comb out. the crutsy stuff comes right out.

mom at home
Member posted 02-17-2001 06:14 PM
I'd like to know of any nat. remedies as well. The olive oil didn't work for us. My second dd is 3 and still has alot of cradle cap. So far I've ignored it except for trying the olive oil when she was a baby. She has thin, fine, very blond hair, so I've been wondering if I should attempt to get rid of it.

Member posted 02-17-2001 06:50 PM
My last dd had cradle cap for nearly six months until I tried something my friend who is/was a stylist suggested. She said to go ahead and wash hair with your regular baby soap and then scrub (ever so gently ) with a "baby" hairbrush.
The only problem we had with the remedy was I had to be sure to put olive oil or Eucerin on her head afterwards to replace some of the oil that was being stripped.

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Lori W
Member posted 02-17-2001 10:33 PM
We used almond oil and it worked great. Rub it in and then shampoo and brush it out.

Moderator posted 02-18-2001 01:26 AM
All 3 of mine had this (must be genetic). Right after giving baby a bath or shower; I massaged Weleda's Calendula baby oil onto scalp & gently rubbed with washcloth. It works great & no greasy residue! It smells nice too (I hate baby powder smell)

Moderator posted 02-18-2001 06:43 AM
My dd has recurring cradle cap (she's almost 3yo). We've found that olive oil really works, even for a toddler. It takes a couple of hair washings to get it all out, but the cradle cap stays away for a few months. I've heard that if you warm the oil slightly it will soak in faster, never bothered with that myself.
Blessings, Becca

Member posted 02-18-2001 06:44 AM
Have you considered food allergies? This is often the result of allergy to a food the child is eating or their mom, if nursing, is eating. Dairy is especially common.

Member posted 02-18-2001 07:53 AM
Thanks all, I thought you couldn't use the oil after they got hair. Ds also has very thin, pretty long blond hair. I will give it a try again!

mom at home
Member posted 02-18-2001 12:24 PM
Think I'll try the olive oil again. It sounds like it worked for all of you. I think I probably didn't wait long enough before I scrubbed and maybe it will take more than one time. It's stubborn!!

sweet bunny's mama
Member posted 02-18-2001 06:24 PM
i tried oil (twice) and it didn't clear it all up. then i tried a natural dandruff shampoo (i know, i know...i just used a tiny bit) made by pure and basic (it's called "non-medicated dandruff shampoo") and it worked in two little shampoos.

Member posted 02-20-2001 08:00 AM
I use Weleda calendula soap- and shampoo her little bald head with it, using the terry side of a baby washcloth. Cleared right up.

Member posted 02-23-2001 11:38 PM
my daughter had it bad at 3 months. she had thick curly hair and it was awful. I tried oil treatment after oil treatment with everything from olive to calendula, tea tree to almond. They'd work for a bit and then there it would be 3 days later! Finally I broke down, did one very small dose of dandruff shampoo and then did the oil treatments for a month or so afterwards just to keep it off. It never came back!

Member posted 02-27-2001 07:42 AM
just cleared up ds' case... regular shampooing and almond oil were no help; i rubbed a very little nizoral (a yeast killing shampoo, i believe) on it and washed, what looked like not much improvement... got some 'baby oh baby!' oil from health food store with borage oil & it cleared up immediately. don't know if it was a residual action from the nizoral, the borage, or both, but you may want to try either or both.

Member posted 02-27-2001 07:55 AM
Food allergies were the cause of my son's cc, too. He had it horrible for the first two years and we tried EVERYTHING! Then, when I figured out he was allergic to milk and took it out of our diet, it wnet away and has never been back. It is worth looking into since undetected allergies can cause many problem throughout life.

Moderator posted 03-01-2001 05:25 PM
I tried using burts bees baby oil on her head, then gently rubbing with a washcloth. All it did was rub away the little bit of hair that she had on her head (now she has male patterned baldness!)
Maybe I didn't let the oil set long enough? I can't bring myself to run a brush or comb over her gentle scalp!

Member posted 07-25-2001 01:48 PM
Ds will be celebrating his first birthday next week and he still has cradle cap. I was told that cradle cap is due to lack of essential fatty acids in his diet (and in my milk) and have tried with mixed success to increase my intake via fish and flax seed. I eat almost no dairy (at most once a week a small amount and fairly low levels of refined sugars. I haven't noticed any significant changes based on my diet and he gets about 80 percent of his food from nursing. He has zero dairy and zero sugar directly.
He has quite a bit of hair and the problem isn't noticable but... what else have you all tried or heard of. I have also rubbed his head with olive oil and other natural oils, but the stuff just comes back.


Member posted 07-25-2001 07:26 PM
I put a few drops of tea-tree oil in my baby shampoo, about 4 drops per fluid ounce. (I use a sample bottle and refill that.) I wash their hair 1-3 times a week, and that seems to take care of it for us.

Member posted 07-25-2001 07:39 PM
I would rub sunflower oil in a couple of hours before a bath. Then I would shampoo his hair and rub vigorously in that area until it seemed to come off. I did this 3 or 4 times all together and that took car of it.

Member posted 07-25-2001 08:19 PM
I second the tea tree oil. My oldest also had cradle cap for a very long time. We finally cured it with a mixture of 1 part tea tree oil to 10 parts some type of carrier oil. (We used avacado, I think. At any rate, it was a mild oil.) Massaged into his scalp and let sit for ten minutes before washing his hair and it cleared up. We used the oil regularly for a time, and then just as needed if his scalp started to scale up again.

Member posted 07-27-2001 05:29 AM
Thanks for the good info. I use TT oil all the time so I'm suprised I never thought of it! Has anyone heard of any dietary or other connection as to why cradle cap occurs? I'm just one of those people who always wants to get to the cause of the problem and not just remove the symptoms. Is Tea Tree oil fixing the cause or just covering up the manifestation? Just wondering.

Member posted 07-27-2001 08:52 AM
I would love to know about any dietary component, too. I take Flax Seed Oil supplements and eat fish every week so I don't think it could be the Fatty Oils. I also am on no dairy.

Member posted 07-27-2001 11:58 AM
Hi, my dd also had this situation until about 1 year. It went away as soon as I switched her from Johnsons body wash/shampoo to California Baby. Eventually I added Cal Baby conditioner. I don't know what was in the Johnson's, but it was much too harsh for her. Don't ask me why I was using that junk...I guess the giant free basket I got of it as a gift was not worth the trouble. I hope this helps.

Member posted 07-28-2001 08:14 AM
What does cradle cap look like?
My son had yellowish oily flaky patches on his scalp as an infant, which improved with lotion/oil. Now he has brown flaky patches (he's 21 mos.) I tend to disregard it because it's small & hidden in his hair. Is is old cradle cap? Yuck! You guys have inspired me to pull out the tea tree oil!

Member posted 07-28-2001 06:31 PM
Yep, that's what cradle cap looks like! My son used to get the brown variety, too. I guess it's the "aged" cradle cap.
I tried olive oil and brushing it, and it helped. The pediatrician told me to let shampoo sit on it for awhile, and then brush it, and that's what got it off permanently.

Member posted 08-07-2001 10:00 AM
Try taking evening primrose oil and acidophilis if still nursing. My first child had it way into his first year too. With my present child, I avoid putting anything oily on his head, it only clogs follicles further. I just rub her head in the bath with a wet washcloth, then use a fine tooth comb. when hair is dry, I brush vigorously. This has really worked. Your baby might be helped my a prescription from a doctor if nothing seems to work and its bad. Could be a yeast infection. The book "smart medicine for a healthy child" is a great reference for homeopathic and western medicine treatments.

Member posted 08-10-2001 03:05 PM
my son is 16 months and has it I have benn letting it go thinking its not harmfull I guess Im wrong.

Member posted 08-10-2001 03:59 PM
Use whatever oil you prefer. What worked for me was using a fine toothed comb to work it out.

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