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Hello All,

I am new to the community and I found some really useful info here about asthma medications. I have a 2 year old toddler and his ped put him on pulmicort for the winter...he has had 2 wheezing episodes (before the pulmicort), and when he gets a cold, we start him on albuterol immdly. I was concerned about giving him these meds regularly and I chanced upon this thread. Has anyone tried Hylands homeopathic ? They have a cough syrup and tablets for when kids get a cold..I have tried the cough syrup and so far I think it works..although I sometimes get confused whether its thealbuterol or the hylands cough syrup thats doing the trick..just wanted to throw this out there and see if any of you have any feedback on using alternative medicine (homeopathy or any other) as a means of controlling asthma symptoms...

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Mineral26, Thanks for bumping this thread. I had not seen it before. My 3yo DD has IgE food allergies and gets viral asthma. We are coming off an episode this week (and I can tell you the kid who coughed on her last Saturday at DSs school event!). She cannot use the Hylnad's homeopathic remedy due to lactose sugar (dairy allergies). I have used a Magnesium lotion this episode, along with nebulizer for xopenex and pulmicort at first sign of cold. The wheezing has not been so bad but she has felt terrible. I had not seen Pat's e-mail and am going to up some of her supplements. Welcome to the board.
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Hi, Mamas -- OP here -- There are a LOT of posts here about homeopathy, including some recent ones from me, as homeopathy has greatly mitigated viral-induced asthma in our house (also the Swissair humidifier seems to be reducing sickness episodes!). It didn't help until I found a good homeopath, and there are lots of quacks out there, but since I found a good one, it really seems to help. Sicknesses are far less frequent and less severe. I do drops and pellets, one set for morning, one for night, and my son loves to take them. Our homeopath said it would take at least a year of the remedies to END the asthma, don't know if this is true that it could end it but I do see a remarkable change since we started it. And there are a bunch of posts on this thread that discuss the amazing effects of homeopathy. So read through the whole thing and you'll find it!
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Hi all, I have gotten to page 4 of this thread and learned a lot. Need some advice.

DD (5) had cold induced breathing trouble once the winter she was 2, again once age 3, once age 4, and yesterday. So this is 4 times in 5 years. And it isn't with all colds (obviously). The cold she had this time was one day of stuffy nose that I hardly noticed, this winter it was a big cold.

The first 2 times I though it was lots of goo in her lungs from drainage, but this past winter (episode #3) I took her to the dr and he gave albuterol syrup. Of course, it was pretty much over when we got there, so i never got the prescription filled. Yesterday I got it filled, and the drug information sheet says 'this medication does not work immediately and should not be used for sudden attacks of breathing trouble'. Well, looking back over the day i realize it wasn't sudden, it just got worse in the evening and i didn't pay much attention during the day. So, anyway, i gave her 1/2 tsp (the dosage says 3/4, but it was 8pm and i wanted her to sleep, she slept restlessly all night, and the albuterol didn't help her breathing). So, this am we are going to the dr.

What should I ask for/expect? It is definitely cold induced, and happens once or twice a year. Do I just need some sort of emergency thing? Help? This thread has lots of info for more frequent asthma problems, but that isn't us. Hugs to all the mamas who have to deal with this.

I have never seen an asthma attack, only know one person who has asthma, and DD hasn't been diagnosed with it. But, reading here, I am pretty sure that is what she had. Of course, by the time we get there this morning, she will be almost fine. And I don't want an official 'diagnosis', just a drug that would help her breathe.
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I have a blog.
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i didn´t see this one before putting mine up. great info!

what about thyme EO? maybe on feet (sole), spine or chest or eucalyptus?
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