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Tangled Web / Offit and his memory of 9o's

Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practice to deceive!…….

or how Paul Offit can’t keep HIS 90’s version of the Philly measles outbreak STRAIGHT!

another day, another retelling of his version of his story!


Maybe Jesus would get his story straight

Let's see (NOTE- no mention of 7 dying in "his" hospitable CHOP in this account) -

"nine children died". 7 or 6 what difference does any of it make!

The epidemic started when, after returning from a trip to Spain, a teenager with a blotchy rash attended a rock concert at the Spectrum.

Spain, Romania, a church picnic, a concert ???

When spring came and the epidemic faded, C.D.C. officials published the results of their investigation. Over a third of those infected — 486 of 1,424 — belonged to one of those two churches, as did six of the nine dead children.

BUT so what? Well if you can't keep your "own" story straight maybe you are lying about other things! Could that be? BUT he treated them and saw them die!!!!!!! so- he says!

.................................................. ..............

Let's start with NOVA - Sept 10, 2014 - http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/body/va...ing-shots.html

"I guess we all have our biases. Mine is that I work in a hospital, and so, for example, in 1991, in the city of Philadelphia, there was a massive measles epidemic. Of the nine children who died during that 1991 epidemic, seven of them died in our hospital. So we had to stand by and watch, while we tried to support them. And you know, as doctors, your, your job is to try and save children's lives, and when you stand helplessly by and watch them die it's…it just gets to you."

Well - here we can also hear him tell it -

at the 22min he repeats the claim 7 out of 9 died at his hosp. (if one can sit through it) AND at no point does he say the news reports are FALSLE and actually used some "headlines"

and here too - 22:14 min he states (about James Jones - who actually died at St. Chris's hosp) but Offit claims "I remember that...actually in our hospital"
and here are some more link -





http://www.nytimes.com/2014/03/28/op...sles.html?_r=0 Here no mention of him even treating them-oopsie!

Here was my other posts on it -

I know it must be Yellow Journalism as I posted (THIS was in the Disney Measles thread)

ONE DAY IN 1991, when Offit was a young attending doctor at CHOP, he was called in to consult on three or four patients. They were behind Plexiglas at the hospital’s intensive care unit. They were slung across stretchers, with plastic breathing tubes down their throats, which fed them maximal concentrations of oxygen. The kids were obviously in bad shape. There was almost no viable tissue left in their lungs. They were dying.

The parents of these children, Offit later learned, belonged to a church community in North Philly that practiced faith healing. None of the kids had been vaccinated against the measles or any other disease. Their parents didn’t believe in vaccines. This was unfortunate, because the measles virus is not really affected by human belief. The measles has never been eradicated completely, like smallpox. It’s still around, lurking — a spark looking for the right tinder. That summer, a particle of the measles virus happened to catch in that church community, blazing rapidly through its unvaccinated kids, and there was nothing Offit could do. It was too late. Offit saw those kids every day, as they slowly drowned in their own fluids.

The experience would have transformed anyone. “You can’t watch that happen and not be affected by it,” Offit says.

Read more at http://www.phillymag.com/articles/wi...Q8ae8SU6fSD.99

ah, it took place in Feb not summer, and they didn't go to the hosp - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8483622 - only one sought out medical care

POSTED: February 16, 1991

POSTED: February 16, 1991
In visits with 75 children yesterday, physicians from Children's Hospital found that nearly half of the children had the measles, but none was seriously ill or required hospitalization, said Dr. Maura Cooper.

"All the children were very well taken care of and all the families were very receptive to having doctors coming in to look at the children. None of the children were critically ill."

here is also the NYTimes correction - http://www.nytimes.com/1991/02/17/us...f-measles.html
Correction: February 20, 1991, Wednesday An article on Sunday about a measles outbreak in Philadelphia referred incorrectly in some copies to cases among children who attend two churches that preach reliance on faith to cure disease. Philadelphia health officials said about 500 cases of measles had been reported citywide, including about 220 involving children at the churches.

Chapter 7 here is a good read - NO mention of him treating these children either - here it happened in Feb and he re-tells what OTHERS did IN-homes

who died -
Karyn Stilldied 2/7 reported but no mention of where in news reports/Offit mentions her as having been pronounced dead at Abington Hosp after arrival (not CHOP)
Monica Johnson died 2/8 home
Tina Louise Johnson died 2/15 home
James Jones died 2/8 St Christopher's
Linnette Milnes[/COLOR] died 2/14 Abington Hosp
Nancy Evans died 2/15 home

Police and a fire rescue squad were dispatched to the house, in Germantown, where they found Tina dead in a second-floor back bedroom.http://articles.philly.com/1991-02-1...-gospel-church

Just hours before Tina Louise's death yesterday morning, the Medical Examiner's Office was alerted by a funeral home to another possible measles- related death, that of Nancy Evans, in the city's Fox Chase section. The "funeral home notified the city - NOT a hospital- details do matter. she died at home - The Johnson child was pronounced dead at 5:15 a.m. after police and the medical examiner were called to her home by her father, Wayne Allen, 41. She is the second child in that family to die this week. Her sister, Monica, 9, who public health officials also believe had measles, died last Sunday. from here - http://articles.philly.com/1991-02-1...gation-measles

Medical authorities also were still investigating the death of Linnette Milnes, 14, of Cheltenham Village, whose sister attended Faith Tabernacle Congregation school. The girl died Thursday after coming down with measles. An autopsy performed yesterday on Linnette was inconclusive pending the results of more laboratory tests, said a representative at the Montgomery County Coroner's Office. - so this one wasn't in the hosp or they would have know she had measles according to Offit "memory" - clearly this one was not at CHOP of St Christopher's either.
In other reports he mentions 2 hospitals - clearly 3, no reports mention any dead children at CHOP at any time. Please explain that? It's his word on PBS and no news reports confirm any of it.

MORE on "healthy Linnette" - not so healthy (that old preexisting thingy) - Linnette Milnes died at Abington Memorial Hospital, officials said. Dr. Robert Sharrar, assistant city health commissioner for disease prevention, said the child, who suffered from Down syndrome, probably died from a breathing problem complicated by measles.

James Jones died at St Christopher's Hospital for Children http://articles.philly.com/1991-03-0...h-commissioner

now pesky things like dates kind-of sort-of matter too -

This is dated 2/15 /91 - after the death of several of the children already happened - http://articles.philly.com/1991-02-1...gation-measles

Pediatric officials at both St. Christopher's Hospital for Children and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia had agreed to recruit volunteer pediatricians to help examine the Philadelphia families.

One underlying condition for complication was mentioned, the others it is not, that is not an assumption ALL HAD to be perfectly healthy.

No proof Paul Offit "treated" these children "in his office" and there is NONE to suggest they were treated in his hospitable CHOP

and this too!

By June, 1991, 938 measles cases had been reported to the Philadelphia Health Department. In addition to these cases, 486 cases and 6 measles-associated deaths occurred between November 4, 1990, and March 24, 1991, among members of 2 Philadelphia church groups that do not accept vaccination.
once again this must be wrong - why has this NOT been retracted?

Only one of the children who died had received medical care.

IF this is wrong, why has it not been retracted?

This Pub Med is based on the CDC team that was sent to Philly and their reports. Should we call those doctors conspiracists?

but really, so what you may say? Well PRO vaccers make claims that he treated 7 out of 9 at CHOP, he saw the die! ......yet there is not proof of it and also, really why not keep the story the same? Guess it sounds better, the "fog" of war maybe? Seems like something else I head recently in the news about keeping a story STRAIGHT and what happens when one doesn't!

If one can't keep a simple story you want to retell and retell, over and over again to present day STRAIGHT....... are your really telling the truth about the other things you are saying?
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Here is Offit claiming that vaccination rates were much better back in the early 1990s! http://www.beyondconformity.org.nz/h..._pauls_porkies

so why were they having epidemics if everyone was obediently vaxing?

Line 16 contains the punchline: “Some (parents) aren’t giving any vaccines at all; since 1991, the percentage of unvaccinated children has more than doubled”.
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By two doesn't cut it anymore does it? Since now it means shots for LIFE!
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The numbers are not adding up and again a mix up in dates! I see a pattern here!

2/10/15 NYTimes story - Between October 1990 and June 1991, more than 1,400 people living in Philadelphia were infected with measles, and nine children died.

1400? Between Oct & June?

CDC report had 938, with 486 just within the 2 churches.

http://www.ageofautism.com/2015/02/d...presents-.html This can also be found on Democracy Now site

During a four-month period in Philadelphia in 1991, we had 1,400 cases of measles and nine deaths.

Oct to June last time I checked was 6 months!

Oh those pesky facts!
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