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We're likely moving to Orange County and I was wondering about birthing options there when (and if) we have another wee one. We'll be near Warwick. Any thoughts on the birthing center at St. Anthony's? Any midwives in the area?

There's me, DH, and the little guy (8/05). Expecting another little one 10/10! Hoping for a .
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I do not know anything about them, but there's these folks: I called them when I was pregnant but they were too far away.
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I gave birth at St. Anthony's last year.

The good: The nurses were wonderful and I think it's a nice hospital. They allowed me to have as many people as I wanted in the delivery room and the nurses were really in tune with my needs too. They kept asking me what I wanted and needed to make sure I was comfortable.

The bad: My birth experience was not what I had hoped it would be. They do not have any midwives that deliver at the hospital and they don't have a lactation consultant. I received lots of bad breastfeeding advice from the nurses. Luckily I had a friend who I was in contact with...thank you Unreal...who gave me lots of good advice.

Welcome to OC. .

Neeka - mom to DS-4 and wife to computer fanatic DH
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Hey there mama,
Just wanted to let you know that the above link, AllWomancare in Slate Hill, is no longer valid. They have since closed that office, but some of the excellent MWs from there are now at Nyack hospital. That's all the advice I have for you from personal experience because that's the group I used with my last pregnancy, I am now seeing a new HB MW... we'll see how that goes. There are other MWs in the area though, with great reputations...

Martha Roth
JoAnne McParland
Jennifer Houston
Susanrachel Condon

...just to name a few off the top of my head. Good luck with everything!

Brooke: a glass~blowin' hand~drummin' tree~huggin' home~birthin' earth~lovin' goddess~mama of 3!
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I'm across the river in Dutchess county and am currently using Susanrachel Condon as my midwife. She is a homebirth midwife and truly excellent. I've also heard very good things about Martha Roth.
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I live in OC and gave birth at St. Anthony's last December after origianally thinking I would deliver at St. Luke's. I origianally was using a midwife and that is why I was going to St. Luke's but then changed my mind about the hospital so I had to change doctors. There aren't midwives associated with St. Luke's. I don't know if I can share info about the doctors on line that deliver there but I mostly like all of them...I am pregnat with number 2 and will deliver there again in April. Things to know about is a very conservative county so most of the doctors...OBs and Peds...are very conservative and are quick to c/s. I did hire a doula to make sure my birth plan was carried out. I love Nurse Margie who really was the one who delivered my baby, but there was an overnight nurse who butted heads with my doula and I and took it out on me by disturbing me all night long. I wish I knew here name but I remember her face and if she shows up in my room this time I will demand she leaves.

My doula recommended that I look into the midwives at Nyack hospital but I was already 36w when I decided on using a doula so it was a bit late for me to switch...

I found a great LC in Warwick who helped me through 12 weeks of problems. She is a nurse at Good Sam but lives right down the road from St. Anthony's.

I eventually found a Ped who is understanding of my vax views and is very supportive of me BF.

I can send you any of the info want just PM me.

Ideally I would love a waterbirth as the the shower really helped me last time but St. Anthony's doesn't have tubs and I'm currently trying to find a local hospital that does...

Mama to Jack (12/7/06) & Liam (4/3/08) & Iris Hope (10/6/10)
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I decided to deliver at St. Lukes and there is a part of me that wishes I didn't. I liked St. Lukes better than Horton for a few reasons, some personal, some no (great neo natal unit if needed). My dr. and I had a fight in the hospital room because i never wanted to be induced and he just told me to schedule. When I questioned the nurse as to why I was given a huge guilt trip over the gestational diabetes (i did NOT have it). Being tired, pressured and wanting to see the last of that dr I went thru with the scheduled induction. It was not a pretty scene and I had to sign a form saying I was not forced into an induction. While I can't be sure I feel that this had a negative impact on my care by the nurses. The delivery went well overall however after was when I became unhappy with the hospital. I had all of 2 nurses that were pleasant to me. The rest I barely saw. I wasn't told that I could get my son from the nursery in the morning after testing, the only med i needed was a colace for constipation and i never got that. I think it was harder passing that then it was my son. I was given a bunch of forms to read and initial on infant care - but no one talked to me about any of it and I was told to just sign it. I was there for 1 full day and 1/2 day after delivery. I think I had all of 5min interaction with the nurses. No one checked on me with JP, no one asked if I had any questions. It upset me as I was a first time mom and had no clue what I was doing. The one night they were going to take him from me at 10pm into the nursery ( I was alone at night and afraid to care for him on my own) they came in around 1am and I had almost fallen asleep in the bed with him. Had I known then what I know now I would never have spent the night apart from him (I'm a cosleeping convert, lol) and would have done a few other things differently. Our next child will not be delivered there. I want the nurses to at least care enough to check in until they are told they can relax. Oh and I was just off the nurses station and I know thats where they were most of the time.
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