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LOL, I got some stupid email from a family member that I hate dealing with. This person sends them constantly. Pro-Bush, Pro-War and since he was in Vietnam, he must know ALLLL about this war.

By Bryan ******* · November 15, 2005 08:21 AM
The Bush administration is finally and concertedly pushing back against the Deaniac Democrat lie that President Bush somehow lied us into war in Iraq. The president has delivered two speeches in the past few days that take direct aim at those Democrats who voted in favor of the war but now claim that the administration duped them into that vote by lying about the intelligence regarding Saddam's WMD. All of this is to the good, and it's long past being about time the administration did this. A majority of the country now sees President Bush as a dishonest man; the "Bush LIED" meme and the administration's lack of a robust self-defense against it are two big reasons why.

The tragedy of the situation is that the administration could prove beyond doubt that it didn't lie its way into war just by promoting a simple Google search. Take a look at this graphic.


You can either go to Google and plug in the search string in that graphic, or you can just click on the graphic. Google will take you back in time to 1998, the last time prior to the invasion that the US and Saddam Hussein had a major confrontation. The Google search string Clinton Iraq 1998 will bring up 3.5 million hits about that conflict, during which pretty much every prominent Democrat expressed his or her belief that Saddam had or was developing WMD and was a threat because of it.

No one believed then or since that any US action including Operation Desert Fox in December 1998 completely destroyed Saddam's WMD programs. So if the Democrats believed in those weapons back then, why are they claiming to have been fooled by Bush into believing in them in 2002 and 2003? Well, it's obviously politics at work--the leftwing base of the Democrat party has pulled even its national security hawks to the left, where conspiracy theories rule. And the biggest conspiracy theory that the left loves concerns the war, and how Bush LIED us into it.

So Google it. Prove for yourself that he didn't, and indeed couldn't have. Tell your wavering friends to Google Clinton Iraq 1998. If you have Bush-hating friends, make them do that search and then watch their world crumble around them.

Feel free to rip this to pieces.


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Tell your family member that.... pssst Bill Clinton isn't the president and...that 1998 airstrikes were FIVE FUCKING YEARS before the invasion of Iraq!!! Five more years for sanctions to cripple an already crippled military and whatever WMD stockpiles it may have had. Five more years where the Kurdistan area of Iraq was further able to grow, flourish and become virtually autonomous from Baghdad. Jesus, what is it with this desperate dependance on the Clinton administration by the wingnuts? Who'd a thunk?

You may want to ask him to read the following and ask why the current administration is now lying about lying:

In challenging war's critics, administration tinkers with truth

Or maybe ask the relation why Dubya Inc. didn't deem it necessary to tell the American people that military intelligence viewed a source that claimed a link between Hussein and al Queda was a fabricator:

Report Warned Bush Team About Intelligence Suspicions

Or that members of the U.S. freakin' AIR FORCE told Dubya Inc. that the looney toxin carrying drones claim was bogus:

Air Force Analysts Feel Vindicated on Iraqi Drones

Then, if that doesn't make him at least pause from guzzling another class of Dubya Inc.'s Kool Aid, ask him if this boondoggle was so goddam important, why the f*ck would this adminstration and its civilian idiots in the Pentagon so poorly plan for this invasion and occupationq that one would think they couldn't plan a one-car funeral and we now have blood-n-guts former Marine types saying there is nothing more that the military can do there:

Post-war planning non-existent

Spy agencies foresaw Iraq resistance

Reconstructing Iraq: Insights, Challenges and Missions for Millitary Forces in a Post-Conflict Scenario

That's not even getting into the lack of proper equipment for the troops, the recruiting hit the Army took in 2005, the mess the current troop rotation schedules are making with military families, the shame of Abu Garab et al., the creation of more trained militant Islamists to go forth etc. etc. etc.

Start him off with that. I got a load more if needed.
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rowansdad, you are great!

Thanks a ton,

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