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shellnurse 01-17-2011 02:16 PM

things are going pretty well, I just have had a few bad nights of sleep in a row and DD (age 5) seems to have gotten way more annoying than usual. Probably just my state of mind, but I really can't handle pretending we are horses, listening to high pitched singing of the same same song 5,ooo times throughout the day and even getting her to do her homework has fallen by the wayside. I just want to watch tv and breastfeed.


How do you stay patient and have the energy to do housework, etc and love on and pay attention to the other kid(s)?


northcountrymamma 01-18-2011 07:43 AM

I hear almost 7 year old is so bored out her mind and wants to do things that I have no energy for.


So this weekend I had her make a little schedule for her day...which included two long bouts of outside play. I had her make sure that there was a really good amount of independent play, whcih was perfectly fine to be wherever ds and I were hanging out nursing etc. And then I made sure that she scheduled in some time for her and I which we could do whenever ds was resting or hanging out in the sling happily. And I also had her schedule in a nap for mamma. It worked beautifully. I have never actually seen her play so happily on her own at home as this weekend...we will definitely be doing it again. 

I know my dd is a bit older...but with some help and guidance I could see this working for a younger child as well. 

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