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StellaNuova 05-24-2011 08:39 PM

Hi everyone have been lurking but finding less time to post these days...I think I may have mastitis, that is a sore breast correct? Ouch this really's my dominant one too. My lo is such a good sleeper at night she's done a couple of 8.5 hour nights and I think that might be what it idea why she's such a sleeper my other two didn't even approach that till they were 3 or so, lol!  In any case it just said to rest (hahaha!) and try to nurse a lot...any other pointers? I guess I could pump but don't want to generate more milk.  My nipples are sore too, but nothing else for that besides lanisoh, right? It was strange, I noticed the sore breast didn't leak this morning when I was nursing on the other side and usually it does...but I didn't feel let down which is strange for all this related? 


Not to sound too complaining...but I don't want this to get worse. It's weird I have a mammogram coming up and I am nervous about it and in the past there was an abnormal mammo on this's almost a manifestation of the worry. 


Hope everyone is enjoying their sweet babes!  


Lyss 05-24-2011 09:34 PM

Stellanuova, look on for tips.  I do remember that you should find the sore spot and massage it.  Put the baby's chin toward the sore spot.


When I had mastitis, I think it was bacterial from bloody nipples.  My boobs got bright red and hard and hot, and I got a fever that shot up high fast and made me delirious. 


I hope it's just a clog that comes out soon.  Do you have an oversupply issue?


My lo sleeps 6-9 hours/night, too, and it took a few days for my milk to adjust a couple weeks ago.

gumshoegirl007 05-25-2011 08:49 AM

DDCC - I had mastitis right after my milk came in and it wasn't fun.  Mastitis can really kill your milk supply, and my LC told me that if it didn't resolve in 48 hours to go on antibiotics.  My supply crashed in both breasts and I was barely able to pump 0.5oz at a time from the blocked one and my newborn couldn't latch to my hard breast.


During that time from onset to antibiotics, I had to pump, feed and do anything to get the milk moving.  I'd use a hot compress and massage.  The LC even tried to strip the breast - she would massage and express milk to get the two ducts that were blocked and infected moving - and after an hour all the puss wasn't even out. 


I know you said you didn't want to pump because you didn't want to increase your supply, but if it is mastitis I think you need to get that milk moving!

StellaNuova 05-26-2011 06:59 AM

Hi Lyss & Gumshoe,

Thanks for the replies. It can't truly be mastitis as it is just a sore spot and I don't have other symptoms, thank goodness. I am trying to be sure to nurse that side a lot and this a.m. I pumped. It's still sore, but not getting worse so I hope that's a good sign. I'll check out Kellymom. 




Banana731 05-26-2011 01:31 PM

it's might just a plugged duct at this point too. but with your nipples being sore is there a chance that you might have thrush? that can contribute to duct issues.


check out jack newman too, he's got some good info too.

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