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birthangeldoula 12-30-2008 04:23 PM

My sister-in-law lives in Manhattan Beach, CA and is currently 12 weeks pregnant. She is looking for a new OB since her current OB office has been horrid.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Nannysbaby 12-31-2008 01:46 PM

Rebecca Perlow is great.

OrchideZ 01-14-2009 08:38 AM

I would recommend the OB backed midwife team at UCLA which is in Westwood
Or if she wants an OB directly, three I have dealt with and really like are:
Dr. Carla Jansen
Dr. Radhika Rible

Dr. Ram Parvataneni

I did my prenatal care with the midwifes and they are very nice and professional. Dr. Jansen was my back up doctor and I met with her a few times. I ended up being in labor for over 30 hours and required an emergency c-section b/c of baby's heart rate. Dr. Parvataneni did the surgery and was wonderful in a tense situation.
I saw him for a handful of follow ups.
Dr. Rible I saw twice and most recently decided to keep on with her as my OB. I really like her. We discussed babywearing and I even bought a Kozy meitai on her recommendation.
If your pal is ok to drive up to Westwood, UCLA is currently the 3rd ranked hospital in the nation and is known for their care.

Ironica 01-14-2009 01:56 PM

I had a great experience with my first pregnancy with the midwives at UCLA, but ended up with a c-section because I was stupid enough to head straight to the hospital like a good girl when my water broke. :-/ Then when I tried to do a VBAC pregnancy with them, and didn't want to take the glucose challenge (instead opting to test my sugars on my own according to the protocol required if you have a GD diagnosis), I had to switch to an OB. They flat-out said they had to transfer my care if I wouldn't do the glucose challenge.

So... they *can* be a good choice, but that wasn't the first obstacle I came up against in my second pregnancy (bad advice about weight, and they don't seem to know that it's perfectly ok to nurse through pregnancy, plus I didn't have the option of getting a GBS culture and then refusing abx if it was positive). If you are a very healthy person with zero concerns, and are willing to do all the mom-testing (they were ok with declining fetal testing, but I *did* want to do that; ok, I'm an odd duck I guess), then they may be a good option... but if things go weird on you, they're not much better than any other hospital team.

JessasMilkMama 03-08-2009 05:34 PM

Dr. Carline Louis Jacques was my backup OB and ended up delivering my last baby when I transferred. She was extremely competent and kind, and released me 8 hours after birth. And she found a Ped for me to come in and release the baby without any problems. When I got sick (UTI) a few days later she saw me right away that day (missed her Yoga class for me). She seemed very supportive of natural birth. I did not have prenatal care with her so I cant say 100% how she was, but for me she was great. I mean, she backedup a midwife, that itself is impressive. She has lower csection rates. She is in Torrance so not far from MB

JudiAU 03-10-2009 03:11 AM

I deliver with the midwifery practice at UCLA. I never see a doctor while I am there. I transfered quite late in my first pregnancy after my OB started giving me the heebies.

My water broke and I didn't go into labor. About 10 hours later I called and they asked to come and get checked. No labor. No dilation. The plan was to get induced the next day but they were fine with me going home. I did end up going into pretty fierce labor during the night, which was weird, because that isn't supposed ot happen. I got to the hospital at 5cm, was in transition and had an epi, and dilted to ten within the hour. But the baby hadn't descended at all which is weird and not supposed to happen.

So...we waited. And a few hours later the baby posterier descended on his own and I gave birth vaginally. Very grateful to have a vaginal birth with a lot of weird circumstances. Almost any OB would have operated even though there was no medical reason. They just don't like weird.

Most recently, I am pregnant with second. Was offered congratulations on still actively nursing toddler. Was warned that I would probably loose my milk supply at around 18-20, which sadly, I did, but that nursing wasn't any issue with pregnancy.

Best of luck...

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