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  1. This DDC will be closing
  2. August 2011
  3. Childbirth Ed Class Worth it?
  4. Emerging Butterfly and Alicia Venus update!!!
  5. heartburn and reflux connection?
  6. Soft spot/fontanelle question
  7. "good enough" parenting - older dc plus baby
  8. Baby boy is finally here!
  9. Aaaah, Postpartum Lovin' !?!
  10. Emerging Butterfly had her baby!
  11. Tell me about your boobs :)
  12. Baby not gaining weight.
  13. Eye Color and Finger Nails
  14. Dry Climate / Bloody nose? (Update after pedi visit)
  15. Birth announcement... a month late :) whoops!
  16. how's your food stash holding out?
  17. wgat is the longest stretch of sleep you've had since giving birth?
  18. The Birth Story of Cordelia Erin Cross
  19. Are you vaccinating?
  20. How do you cosleep?
  21. diaper rash?
  22. Mastitis and Clogged Duct
  23. Zoey Lorese, born September 7th @ 4:59 a.m.
  24. since giving birth I havent...
  25. New bleeding and postpartum SPD
  26. do you limit sleep length cycles in day time?
  27. respecting the nest and personal space
  28. The beautiful UC of Lydia Faith (very long) with pics.
  29. Does your newborn sleep all the time?
  30. rocky marriage
  31. any experience pumping and giving bottle?
  32. Latch Issues
  33. starving
  34. Our Social Group is Here!
  35. Sucessful HBAC 15 months & 1 week after c/s (photo added in post 32)
  36. talk to me about your "let-down"
  37. who will be going back to work, when...any one else dreading it?
  38. Baby Book
  39. Baby Wearing in the Winter
  40. running post-pregnancy
  41. How Do You Like Your Cloth?
  42. mastitis??
  43. Liam's Birth Story
  44. Lydia Faith is here!!!
  45. ergo infant insert
  46. .
  47. OK... Now I'm Confused About My Dates
  48. My stupid, dysfunctional boobs... :(
  49. unisom while nursing?
  50. I had my baby! :)
  51. Anyone else feel this way?
  52. DDCers -- Oversupply/Overactive Letdown Anyone?
  53. Jaundiced baby (X-posted from BF challenges)
  54. marcus james
  55. Giving up...would you? (UPDATE)
  56. Anyone else not have labor?
  57. Any home birthers do a hearing test?
  58. sleep
  59. Kendra's follow up ultrasound
  60. Hmm, why would they send my placenta to be examined?
  61. Brick dust colored urine?
  62. Had my baby!
  63. This could be it for me...
  64. Where are we going now?
  65. PoetryLover had her baby!!! and prayers needed
  66. Norrie Marie Hall homebirth with hospital transfer... Pictures post 13
  67. I still feel so clueless- several questions
  68. Baby Malcolm!
  69. When did your babe have his or her first poop?
  70. Please help :( 42 weeks and no labor
  71. Air travel at the holidays with 3.5 month old. Yay or nay?
  72. Baby hair loss
  73. Bloody show?
  74. Poll: Water Breaking
  75. Sleeping arrangement questions...
  76. Support and prayers needed
  77. Emerging butterfly...impatent!!!
  78. Breastmilk question, cross posted in Breastfeeding Challenges Forum
  79. My water broke at about 3 AM
  80. Please send us vibes, prayers... **update in post 24**
  81. Syrena Grey Chronos born unassisted in my bathtub
  82. Water broke! *Pic in post 15*
  83. My little linebacker is here!
  84. okay birth announcement?
  85. Birth Control?
  86. Transverse at 40 weeks
  87. Babies Born in the Caul~ Anyone else?
  88. What's this?
  89. Figured I'd share..Baby is here :-)
  90. Maeve Pearl
  91. Going in the pool pp
  92. Did anyone take extra vitamin C to make your water bag strong? Did it work?
  93. Baby Sick :(
  94. Thrush, anyone?
  95. Emerging butterfly still hasn't had baby!
  96. PPD/PPA/Baby blues
  97. Cora Ann is here!
  98. Post Pregnancy Exercise Thread
  99. DDCs --> Social Groups
  100. Baby Bertie is here!
  101. Whine. Sigh.
  102. Anton's birth story
  103. First Post Partum Period Poll
  104. Mareseatoats had little Malcolm!
  105. checking cervix
  106. Hospital ordeal
  107. Joint pain postpartum?
  108. The Birth Story of Fenix Lily Emert
  109. Inali had her baby!
  110. team did it all pan out?
  111. Making myself laugh! (re: more babies)
  112. Caroline Melody!!!!
  113. Lucy Joy is here! Updated with Birth Story
  114. Fenix is here, wonderful UC birth
  115. Our girl has a name!
  116. Out of stress can come good things!
  117. Sorry I've been MIA
  118. Advice about homebirth/induction/dates
  119. Night in the ER
  120. East coasters
  121. Pics of my baby BOY! *pic heavy*
  122. can anyone share what it feels like to have your water break and just 'trickle"?
  123. I think (pray, hope...) I am in labor
  124. "leaking" and EPO
  125. Irene Roxy is having her baby!:)
  126. If you drank RRL, how was your labor?
  127. How many weeks would you go before scheduling an induction?
  128. My water broke! = added updates and a picture at the end
  129. Finn's Genetic Results
  130. Whos Still Bakin'?
  131. Can you help me decide on spelling of his name?
  132. Allergy? Reflux? Hindmilk issue? (x posted)
  133. Calling all tandem nursing mamas...
  134. Belly wrapping post pregnancy
  135. Introducing baby Elliot!
  136. What has your new baby taught you?
  137. Olivia's Birth Story
  138. Fantastic bf article
  139. Ada Grace is here! Updated w/ pics and story******!
  140. Is anyone else really edgy?
  141. Reed is here! *updated with pics*
  142. Jessica had her baby :)
  143. Adele's birth story, a month late! Oops!
  144. BTDT moms- sleep deprivation
  145. I had my baby boy!
  146. Anna Sophia is here! With Picture!
  147. Martha is here :) **Updated with tremendously long birth story in post 29!!**
  148. Baby Evan is here!!
  149. Chat thread for another new week Aug 17-?
  150. Anyone still pregnant? ... & still in prodromal labor hell?
  151. First timer question!
  152. Morgann Elaine is here!
  153. My baby is back in the hospital - update in post #36
  154. Here we go! ****Updated with short version of birth story!
  155. Finally had my baby- no longer a member in the overdue club!!!
  156. Italiamom is in LABOR!!
  157. Kendra Marie is here (update in post #1)
  158. Jude Nicholas!! Super long birth story!
  159. C/S ladies, how are you recovering?
  160. Beckily Just had her baby!!!
  161. It's a BOY!
  162. due date estimated on which ultrasound?
  163. Ruby June is here!
  164. My girls are here!
  165. its a girl!! **pics in post #30**
  166. Feeling overly possessive. Do you?
  167. Newborn care for dummies
  168. Our baby girl is here!
  169. Amelie Joy is here!! Update birth story
  170. Is this unreasonable? Re: smoking mother
  171. Cat13 had her baby!!! Squeeeee!!
  172. Lilah Mae Curry! - Birth Story
  173. RileyAnn had her baby
  174. Kate is here (born Tues morning)
  175. Do you like this nickname?
  176. tinyprints 20% off promo
  177. Pitocin to help birth the placenta or not?
  178. My birth story
  179. Karalynnskies Had her Baby!!!
  180. why must the milk mock me? and other things to cry about postpartum
  181. She's Finally Here!!!
  182. Anyone have (or have had) a REALLY mellow newborn?
  183. Successful Homebirth :: I had a girl!
  184. I'm a mommy! UPDATE with long birth story and pics post 26
  185. September 2011 has their first baby!
  186. Stressing...
  187. Lost my plug!
  188. Contractions!
  189. My water broke!
  190. elove had her baby!
  191. WWYD?
  192. CrazyCatLady had her baby!!!!
  193. Jayden Anthony is here!!
  194. No mucus plug/bloody show?
  195. Cervix/ Sweeping Membranes question
  196. Water Broke!!
  197. mucus plug? UPDATE bloody show
  198. Midwife appointment today. Oh, and I'm scared poopless.
  199. Possible induction on Saturday..
  200. Vbac mama's
  201. Chaika Had Her Baby! UPDATE
  202. Funny breastfeeding blog
  203. Dropping?
  204. Getting induced in the morning - Update w/ pics in post #24!
  205. Stickied birth announcements thread!
  206. baby boy born last night! Few pics added.
  207. Had my baby on Sunday!!!
  208. Off Topic: New kitten
  209. PSA: dressing yourself
  210. Where did the thread go with the links to birth stories?
  211. Wild guesses as to what I'm feeling?
  212. baby's position is 'oblique" - anyone???
  213. Baby Moses
  214. Pictures of Nurseries/Changing Areas/Baby Areas?
  215. What am I suppose to do now??
  216. Chit Chat Thread!! 8/8 - 8-15
  217. Rant- If I could pick the day of birth!
  218. happy birthday baby boy! ***picture in post 20***
  219. Chloe Evelyn - July 28th, 2011- birth story- longish
  220. Mucus plug anyone?!
  221. Newborn Size Clothes
  222. Imprint is having her babies (Update from Mama on post # 23 - babies ARE here)
  223. OT: question for moms of two year olds
  224. Baby is here and it's a BOY!
  225. Pictures of our babes as they grow
  226. Bethrw IN LABOR!!!!
  227. My baby's Birth Announcement
  228. Calling Other Procrastinators: What are your Last Minute To-Do's?
  229. Baby born today
  230. Birth story of my amazing son - VERY long
  231. It was not the birth I planned but....
  232. Baby boy still nameless....need opinions
  233. a watched pot never boils
  234. I think it may almost be time!!!
  235. Tamera's Baby is HERE!!! Updated!!
  236. It's a girl!!
  237. Labor has started!! Updated again with story and pictures.
  238. Water broke/in labor!
  239. mamas with babies
  240. Baby is here! (updated with story and photos)
  241. bloody show this morning . . .
  242. What can you tell me about tandem nursing a newborn and a toddler?
  243. Placenta smoothie
  244. vba2c... a birth story
  245. I love you, man!
  246. Alexander John is here!!! Updated with birth story...Short labor-LONG Story
  247. Movement...
  248. Will my mom make it?
  249. Possibly in Labor?
  250. "Due Date" VS "born date".... question from another impatient , pregnant lady.......