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  1. September 2011
  2. This forum will be closing.
  3. Birth story of Suri Davina
  4. A great book to share...
  5. link for social group!
  6. Sad :( We're at the top of the DDC's
  7. Baby boy is here!
  8. Trinity Marie is here!
  9. Midwife Gifts?
  10. DS2's Victorious VBAC Story
  11. Advice and prayers - nursing issues
  12. Plugged duct help!
  13. Postpartum exercise: what's your plan?
  14. social group anyone?
  15. Reminder about Social Groups
  16. Paloma here...late to post!
  17. Olive Claire is here :)
  18. Who else has over done it?
  19. Sleep, where are you? - advice please?
  20. Feeling SO blessed
  21. Postpartum dvt. Experience?
  22. Pump Rant
  23. Things they didn't tell you about - post partum stuff.
  24. Engorgement...
  25. I am Momma, hear me ROAR- The VBAC homebirth of Matthew Evan
  26. quick reference thread for new mamas!
  27. Congratulations new mamas! who is left?
  28. Baby Henry- Birth Story, 41w3d, homebirth
  29. Welcome Baby Sage
  30. baby blues?
  31. How is nursing going for everyone?
  32. Baby is out!, Tameron's birth story post #11 now with pics #14
  33. Cassandra is here! Birth story included
  34. You know your a "new" Mom when... postpartum tales to make us laugh!
  35. Finally! Baby Matthew is here! - Birth story and pics Post #10
  36. prodromal labor
  37. Water leaking!
  38. My baby girl is here! UPDATED with birth story post #1
  39. Luke is here - home water birth
  40. My 9 day old baby can't stop eating.
  41. Baby Liam is here! - birth story
  42. *~Chat Thread for Sept. 26-Oct. 2~*
  43. Post Pregnancy Belly - how long does it last?
  44. Alexander's Birth Story
  45. River's Birth Story
  46. Aaron Lyle is here! Postitive Induction Story :)
  47. Baby Miles is here!
  48. Early labor or a virus?
  49. WooHoo!! Here I go...
  50. she's finally here!
  51. post partum pads
  52. Baby Sydney Rayne is here! Birth story LONG--added post #11
  53. Had my sweet baby -- skin of my teeth VBA2C
  54. Baby Maxwell is here!
  55. Looking for home births La Crosse, WI area.
  56. 3cm... membranes are stripped.... cramping and contracting ;)
  57. *~Chat Thread for Sept. 19-25~*
  58. DD2 is here!
  59. Kai has arrived!
  60. Baby Alexander Is Here!
  61. Baby Lucia
  62. Baby name opinion
  63. this is new...please share experience...updated!
  64. mucus plug
  65. Eczema down there???
  66. Baby Chloe is here! (Birth story & pics in #18)
  67. Magdalen Grace
  68. Noah James
  69. 39w1d pregnant and have to find a new OB? seriously!
  70. Baby Pics!!
  71. Encouraging/Triggering Labor - Tricks of the Trade
  72. Our little man is here! (more pics added post 18!)
  73. Birth Control After This Baby - Let's Discuss the Options
  74. due date day
  75. Early labor....
  76. ~*Chat Thread for Sept. 12th - 18th*~
  77. Contractions every night. Nothing by morning anyone?
  78. Princessjules had her baby! Julia posted her birth story #7!!
  79. New baby, but grieving the relationship with DS1
  80. Our 9/10/11 baby is here!!!
  81. Hoping This is Labor - I'm Not Going to Church -Birth Story and pics post #35
  82. Baby is here -- added pics
  83. The Beginning of the End of This Pregnancy?
  84. DH away and worried about going into labor
  85. I think this is it!
  86. Malachi Daniel is here!
  87. Overdue and sick of the "check-ins".
  88. Breastfeeding and cosleeping woes.... care to comment on my other thread
  89. The beautiful UC of Lydia Faith 9/4/11 (very long!)
  90. "9/11 Baby" Comments
  91. maternity leave woes (vent at employer)
  92. Question to all the mamas who have given birth before?
  93. D.G. is here!
  94. "Low/Normal" Amniotic Fluid - May Need Induction? Urgent Advice Appreciated...
  95. diapering 2 (toddler and a newborn) in the early days
  96. Cassidy Faye arrives! and breastfeeding question ...
  97. Pumping Question
  98. I did it!! Update/Birth Story post #24
  99. You know it's almost time to give birth when..... (some fun while we wait for labor????)
  100. Pre-labor funk?
  101. Lydia Faith is here!!
  102. I had my baby!
  103. Lyle, Conrad, Aaron, Miles-Help!
  104. ~*Chat Thread for Sept. 5th - 11th*~
  105. Due Date Help? (x-posted in August 2011 forum)
  106. HappyMonkey had her baby!!
  107. 41 weeks and counting
  108. ob recommendations in boulder?
  109. ob recommendations in boulder?
  110. Holy cow! I had a baby! -- Updated: story and pics in post #22 :)
  111. May be time?!
  112. Absolutely beautiful birth videos
  113. Catherine is here!
  114. I'm complaining...
  115. Baby Charlotte is here!
  116. Roll Call and Birth Announcements!
  117. Happy SEPTEMBER!
  118. 40 weeks!!!!
  119. Need someone to take over updating the Roll Call!!!
  120. Meal Registry?
  121. *~Chat Thread for Aug. 29th - Sept. 4th~*
  122. Early Labor YAY!!!
  123. breastfeeding and contractions
  124. If one more person tells me I look really big I am going to taser them!
  125. WWYD (Do date question)
  126. baby born!
  127. Need quick, easy supper ideas.
  128. baby shower tomorrow!
  129. Anyone due in 4 or more weeks losing/lost their mucus plug already?
  130. DDCs --> Social Groups
  131. Is it ok to ddc hop this late in the game?
  132. Support Thread for Activealli!!!
  133. What about the hurricane?!
  134. Im happy Im still pregnant because......
  135. Pre C-section diet?
  136. Occasional stabby breast pain?
  137. Need a little reassurance
  138. Calling on mothers with Strep B and your birthing experience
  139. Prodromal Labor Anyone?
  140. What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag
  141. ~*Chat Thread for Aug. 22 - 28th*~
  142. Woah pressure!
  143. Vitamin K and alfalfa tablets
  144. Anyone else dealing with a posterior baby at 38 weeks?
  145. I am sad over the baby name
  146. NST-Anyone experience this before?
  147. OB intern syndrome....
  148. Birth Plan
  149. Placenta Prep for Smoothies?
  150. Turn baby turn tribe?
  151. 37 Weeks!!! Anyone doing anything to try to nudge labour a little early?
  152. Anyone's skin hurting?
  153. heartburn
  154. ~*Chat Thread for Aug. 15th - 21st*~
  155. Are any of you still working? I'm SO over this! *RANT*
  156. Hmmm. LOTS of BH and...
  157. Contraction Timers... if you have a smart phone or tablet
  158. Question about getting post partum belly bands... thinking ahead
  159. Music for labor
  160. I think we *might* have a name
  161. Signs of Impending Labor?
  162. Stop looking at me as the bitchy pregnant lady - Rant!!!
  163. This Is It
  164. Sinus headache relief????
  165. Great news- baby is no longer breech!
  166. is this normal? strange anatomy question-definitely tmi-you have been warned!!
  167. Rib Pain, Anyone?
  168. Flip Baby Flip!
  169. Normal Third Trimester stuff?
  170. Anyone else not doing much?
  171. ~*Chat Thread for August 8th- 14th*~
  172. More OB problems
  173. Plugged duct?
  174. Time to get our bags packed!!!
  175. Would you cancel your home birth?
  176. Need help with girl's name
  177. Birth prediction thread!
  178. Loss of appetite?
  179. Pubic symphysis PAIN!
  180. Ulgh - baby flipped again
  181. ~*Chat Thread for August 1st - 7th*~
  182. Exercise Accountability in the Homestretch!
  183. High AFI
  184. anyone else still bleeding after sex??
  185. Relationship troubles
  186. Last Day of Work!
  187. stranger's opinions of my midwife.... this is crazy
  188. Due Sep 9th...trying to prepare my nest...
  189. 35 weeks today... cramps?
  190. Hips hurt when sleeping
  191. GBS avoidance regimen has begun!
  192. Anyone from Kirkland, WA? Or Seattle area at all?...
  193. ~*Chat Thread for July 25 -31st*~
  194. How is everyone measuring?
  195. anyone else due on or around Sept 5th?
  196. NO patience with our dog
  197. Applying for Unassisted Home Birth?
  198. Quick thoughts on names
  199. Complications and Bed Rest
  200. How would you feel to find out that your choice of names could be wrong?
  201. Hospital that refuses epidurals? (punishment for home birth/birth center birth?)
  202. Hospitalized Bedrest
  203. Group B Strep and antibiotics
  204. ~*Chat Thread for July 18-24th*~
  205. New Hypnobirthing Thread!
  206. packing bags hospital
  207. My milk is back!
  208. Binsi?
  209. This is a miserable pregnancy, anything I can do?
  210. When does baby's position start "mattering"?
  211. Losing weight?
  212. Feeding Your Freezer?
  213. Grumpy and depressed (rant)!
  214. Expiration date vs due date
  215. Tactful way to announce baby registry?
  216. Is the GD test important?
  217. anyone else due early Sept?
  218. Vaginal Discharge - What's Normal?
  219. ~*Chat Thread for week July 11th - 17th*~
  220. A very glamorous question...
  221. Regurgitation?
  222. so, whose going minimalist with this babe? how and why?
  223. thoughts on strollers?
  224. Nesting
  225. so frustrated with ultrasound doctor!
  226. Harsh comments and insensitive strangers
  227. New Member
  228. Awful pain in side at night?
  229. So I just really feel neglected by the prenatal care. I know I should not care, but ..sheesh!
  230. Anyone have a really low baby?
  231. I blew up at my OB today
  232. Anyone else experiencing B&H contractions lately?
  233. Birth Anxiety
  234. Emotional Mess
  235. Breast Pump Advice
  236. ~*Chat Thread for week July 4th - 10th*~
  237. Silly birth fear, but I just need to talk it out...
  238. Baby name roll call!
  239. What if I choose NOT to do the GD screen?
  240. Infant or convertible car seat to start?
  241. ~*Chat Thread for June 27th to July 3rd*~
  242. dh's compromise over circumcision - help!
  243. Sex right now is....
  244. Swollen gums!
  245. Ketosis and other issues...
  246. Breech at 30.5 weeks?
  247. first time mama needs cloth diaper advice!
  248. Anyone know of any bed rest communities/forum/boredom busters? Update from "measuring large"
  249. Getting Ready... winding down.
  250. birth planning for the stuff you don't want to think about