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  1. October 2011
  2. It is that time, ladies
  3. Chat Thread- Jan 30- whenever
  4. Cross post: Part time day care? What works?
  5. group for babes born in oct2011?
  6. Preparing for summer travel
  7. Chat Thread: Jan 9 - Someone Starts a New One
  8. still bleeding-what can happen?
  9. Chat Thread: Dec 27th Jan 3rd
  10. freaking out.
  11. Taggies Blankets
  12. Relationships with working parents
  13. Chat Thread 12/4-12/10
  14. Very difficult birth story and great postpartum -may be hard to read for some
  15. Merry Christmas from Faolan ;)
  16. HELP! Clogged milk duct :*(
  17. Rolling over and bassinet safety
  18. Oh, misery
  19. Dry skin
  20. Chat Thread: 11/20-11/26
  21. Traveling with a newborn?
  22. DS sick, worried about baby Ren
  23. trouble getting back to normal
  24. I feel like I'm losing my mind!
  25. Growth spurt or other insanity?
  26. Chat Thread: 11/13-11/19
  27. A couple of newborn questions
  28. Help - Mastitis won't stop!
  29. Elliot is finally here! Updated with birth Story
  30. Ren Victoria 11/10/11!!!!!!
  31. Chat Thread 11/6-11/12
  32. Finally- the birth story of Vera, born at home on 10/28 in the water after an active labor of under an hour!
  33. projectile vomit. :(
  34. Landon James is here!!!!
  35. Finally wrote my birth story (5 weeks later)!
  36. My boobs are broken :(
  37. Claire Ruth is here after a slightly scary and surprising entrance into the world
  38. The unassisted birth of Emrys Kai
  39. **NEW PIX Page 3**Our daughter was stillborn :'( **NEW PIX Page 3**
  40. It gets easier!
  41. Colin Michael is here :D
  42. Alyssa Laurana
  43. Having a tough time
  44. Iona Naomi, my "mini me"--Finally Updated
  45. Chat Thread 10/30-11/5
  46. My Favorite Thing...
  47. Does Your Newborn Do This?
  48. tiny baby rage- bowel movements/gas pain issues.
  49. Joseph Edward joined our family on my birthday! (Emergency c-section, but happy ending!)
  50. She made us a mamma and a daddy! ** The full birth story post # 18 **
  51. My baby boy is here! Happy birthday, Calvin!
  52. any other ecer's?
  53. How long/often does your baby nurse?
  54. My little Evie is finally here!! Now I'm freaking out! Her diaper pulled part of her umbilical cord out!!
  55. Tandem nursing?
  56. Feeling like there just isn't a good time to have this baby.
  57. Postpartum bleeding
  58. My sweet baby BOY is here! Beautiful fast homebirth.
  59. My twins are here!
  60. Chat Thread 10/23-10/29
  61. So what did you do with your placenta? Share your results here.
  62. She finally came out to play!
  63. Labor food/drink ideas, please!
  64. The (ridiculously detailed) story of Alex's birth...
  65. Let's talk...KEGELS
  66. It's a boy! Welcome, Ian!
  67. Gabriel Liev is here after a speedy, intense labor and birthing...pictures finally added in post #1.
  68. In DESPERATE need for names!!
  69. My little man is here! (Story & pics added in post #1)
  70. Chat Thread 10/18 - 10/238 OOPS!! Disregard this post! I don't know how to delete!
  71. Chat Thread: 10/16-10/22
  72. Annika Aster Has Arrived! (Birth Story added to #1)
  73. Isabel Marie has arrived! Not quite as planned...
  74. She is here!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  75. Calliope's birth story & photos
  76. tough day with baby
  77. Norah is here! my VBAC story -
  78. still pregnant?
  79. My home birth that ended up unassisted
  80. Baby Boo is here!!! UPDATE with name!
  81. He's here!
  82. We've watched the scale go up together, wanna watch it go down?
  83. my baby is here :)
  84. Milk supply?
  85. First week in CDs & a few Woolies
  86. Welcome to our baby girl!
  87. Calliope Lynn is earthside! **Pics added!**
  88. It's a..... (UPDATED with Story and Pics - Post # 16)
  89. Sunburst is here! UPDATE AND PICS post 25!
  90. Abel Clark is here! Update
  91. Birth Story
  92. Too much worry = delayed labor?
  93. Update and She had her first photo session :) LOTS of photos
  94. Pressured to induce!
  95. Zoicks! 2 hr labor, surprise UC!!
  96. Elodie Sofia took her time, but she's here!
  97. Violet Phoebe has arrived - birth story and pictures added!
  98. I'm so in love
  99. Pics of our babies
  100. Our baby girl, Brielle, has arrived.
  102. #6 has arrived!
  103. I had my baby! In a van!
  104. Baby girl is here!
  105. Charlotte Eliza Mae has arrived :) -updated with homebirth story
  106. DH goes back to work tomorrow
  107. Full Moon Babies
  108. In honor of Tutumamma and Jude... this is an incredible story... please read
  109. Tips for 2nd time moms?
  110. Arabella Skye is here...
  111. It's the simple things...
  112. Jaspers here, emergency c-section and in the NICU :(
  113. Welcome Théoden William! - Updated: birth story post # 28
  114. Chat Thread: 10/9-10/15
  115. My baby girl is here :)
  116. Maeve Penolope is here! Added birth story!
  117. Perfect storm of horribleness (long, sorry)
  118. Baby Chloe arrived
  119. Long labour that turned out short - Update & pics post #28
  120. My girl is here!
  121. My baby boy is here!
  122. Really freaking nervous
  123. Start-and-stop labor after water breaking?
  124. Cleo Casey is here!
  125. Postpartum Care - What to Do?
  126. Prodromal labor? Heading towards the real thing? Who knows? Vent here.
  127. Advice needed, UGH!
  128. Baby's here!
  129. Options for induction?
  130. Contractions STOPPED after my Stretch and Sweep....
  131. Just for fun - Labour prediction quiz
  132. You have a social group!!
  133. Olive Claire is here :)
  134. Post partum belly binding?
  135. I need a pep talk.... nervous about labor and delivery.
  136. Chat Thread: 10/2-10/8
  137. I have a new son! Pic added post #16
  138. They are here
  139. Ooh.. just hangin' out
  140. Other tips for swelling...
  141. Our baby has arrived, my homebirth induction story
  142. baby is here! amazing, fast, wild ride of a VBAC (updated with photos posts 39 & 44, and a name!)
  143. Wolfgang Auriel: the Perfect Birth of the Perfect Baby
  144. I am Momma, hear me ROAR- The VBAC homebirth of Matthew Evan
  145. soooo what to do with the placenta????
  146. Phew! Baby Malcolm is here!
  147. Rant: Too pregnant!
  148. Isaac Asher is here!
  149. Question for my fellow blood pressure watchers....
  150. I'm not sure if my water just broke or not...
  151. Baby is here
  152. What are you doing about birth control afterwards?
  153. Am I risking my baby's well being? (X-posted in "I'm pregnant")
  154. Chat Thread; 9/25-10/1
  155. Prayers please
  156. So,tell me about this s&s business. (Update) Mother nature has a twisted sense of humor!!
  157. The Unexpected Arrival of Corbin (Long Version)
  158. False alarms?
  159. Sign of impending labor or just wishful thinking?
  160. Need some help... Measuring ahead and nervous about OB visit
  161. update/question on family issue, if anyone has the patience for it
  162. Could you please look over my birth plan?
  163. "Going Home Outfits" - please share!
  164. Ack! Dh might have to go on business trip (to India) at 37 weeks
  165. When having a contraction, you feel...
  166. Swollen feet and ankles
  167. Hemmeroids!!!! self help group ;)
  168. Could you all please....
  169. She is here!
  170. Our Babies are Here--More pics added post 43
  171. Evening Primrose Oil
  172. Question about RH factor and placenta consumption...
  173. Iron Absorption FYI
  174. Chat Thread 9/19-9/24
  175. Interviewing Pediatricians...what am I supossed to ask!???
  176. BTDT Mamas: When did your weird pregnancy symptoms go away after the birth?
  177. SVT anyone?-update
  178. decreased movement........ Kick counts
  179. Stop, start, stop, start..... VENT!
  180. Experience with polyhydramnios? (x-posted in I'm Pregnant)
  181. c-section may be moved up yet again ...
  182. Tetanus shot after cutting hand?
  183. Let's talk about the ever-watched cervix
  184. Pails and covers...(diapers)
  185. Tell me about SPD
  186. Natural birthing and Group B Strep??
  187. newborn jaundice and formula supplementation
  188. What can I say so as not to offend anyone?
  189. postpartum doula
  190. I'm so scared this time
  191. Who else is working until they pop?
  192. Birth Announcements!
  193. New here. Episiotomy question
  194. What does dilation feel like?
  195. SPD? Please explain
  196. When to call...
  197. spotlight on not_telling (Sep 12-18)
  198. Chat Thread: 9/12-9/17
  199. corrabelle, I am curious ...
  200. moving slowly but surely through the to-do list ...
  201. Week 37 tomorrow...Question for all you "almost there" ladies...
  202. Baby bath time - tummy tub :)
  203. s/o nesting: What do you have left to do?
  204. a tad embarrassed
  205. spinoff on hospital bag packing ...
  206. spinoff: midwife gifts?
  207. Really helpful for Those who plan to breastfeed..thought i'd share.
  208. Job after baby comes
  209. what's the deal with bringing treats and thank yous for nurses?
  210. Transverse babies?
  211. Well color me surprised...
  212. Bed Rest!
  213. When do you think baby will come?
  214. Who is nesting?
  215. Who else doesn't have a name yet? (gulp!) DH and I can't agree...
  216. Big-breasted moms, are you packing underwire or non-underwire for hospital?
  217. Hospital bags
  218. UPDATE - baby movements a little more gentle lately?
  219. Nursery/baby space pictures!
  220. Chat Thread: 9/4-9/10
  221. Induction Scheduled-Sept 17th
  222. What will you miss, what are you looking forward to?
  223. TMI alert--vulvar varicosity!
  224. Birth control
  225. major family anxiety as the birth approaches ...
  226. Changing OB/GYN/Midwife at 32 weeks?
  227. My baby is gone.
  228. do we want to create a DDC social group?
  229. spotlight on Teruterubozu (Sep 2-8)
  230. spotlight on corrabelle (Sep 2-8)
  231. So torn
  232. Feeling anxious, pep talks welcome
  233. Baby journal recommendation?
  234. Let's talk about GBS...
  235. Which one would you pack?
  236. Visitors during/after birth
  237. Any Irish mommies?
  238. Back Pain... yuck!
  239. Chat Thread: 8/28 - 9/3
  240. Yikes - 32 Weeks and Losing Mucus Plug?
  241. Need a pep talk
  242. Stabbing cervical pains... Indicative of impending labor?
  243. Breech
  244. Halloween Costumes
  245. DDCs --> Social Groups
  246. Labor/Birth Affirmations Thread.
  247. For those who have had experience tandem nursing ...
  248. Need Opinion on This "Unisex" Name
  249. Who will watch my kids while I'm in labor?
  250. SPD