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  1. It's that time, ladies....
  2. November 2011
  3. Pregnant without insurance, single and
  4. Anyone else have to turn down unwanted "help"?
  5. Your Go To Site for Natural Baby Supplies
  6. I need support....
  7. Anyone still here?
  8. before delivery...important!
  9. Midwife and doula?
  10. Names - How did you choose yours?
  11. Had my little girl early Sat. morning... the 24th
  12. Anyone else on pinterest?
  13. Baby moves constantly at 32 weeks pg.
  14. Bummed About Possible C Section
  16. Growing out of your maternity clothes yet?
  17. 30 weeks pg & Gastroenteritis - Tell me Baby OK
  18. Question about vision changes and pre-e...
  19. Working out during last trimester?
  20. What Child Birth Class do you Recommend?
  21. Please help me put it all in perspective!
  22. Not opening gifts at shower?
  23. Shall we move our running threads to the new group?
  24. November 2011 DDC Social Group
  25. Questions to ask my pediatrician?
  26. How close to ready are you for baby?
  27. Is This Part Of SPD?
  28. Crampy Feeling?
  29. Are home UTI tests accurate?
  30. Gestational Diabetes
  31. Baby Shower questions
  32. Valerian Root
  33. Eco-friendlier disposable for meconium diapers? Recommendations?
  34. Cold pregnant barefoot feet?
  35. Has anyone been 'advised' to choose an elective C-Section?
  36. Compulsive eating?!?
  37. EVERYONE PLEASE READ! November 2011 DDC Social Group OPEN
  38. Cramping = ?
  39. This Baby Moves A LOT
  40. Should I be concerned?
  41. So much anxiety about being exposed...
  42. Your's & Your DH's/DP's Story
  43. Diapers and baby shower
  44. Labor Beads?
  45. Baby Name Roll Call
  46. How do you delete your account?
  47. Organic eating
  48. Woohoo! My GD test was normal!
  49. Preparing for the Birth!
  50. The ONE Thread- September Chit Chat
  51. baby names....
  52. Speaking of Middle Names....
  53. What do you think of Mildred for a middle name?
  54. Anyone Still Nursing?
  55. Spotlight on jbk21 (Jacquelyn)
  56. Let's talk about GBS testing
  57. Name Poll For Social Group
  58. Nursing Bras
  59. BELLY BUTTON: What will happen to it!
  60. Belly Aching at Night!
  61. Crashing in really late--another 11/11 mama here!
  62. DDC as a Social Group?
  63. Controlling Weight Gain
  64. DDCs --> Social Groups
  65. Halloween Costumes!!!
  66. Borderline GD test result....
  67. Doctor commenting on my weight
  68. They Just Don't Think!
  69. Spotlight on TalkToMeNow (Amanda)
  70. Acid reflux
  71. Birth Photography?
  72. 3rd baby shower?
  73. Any other high risk pregnancies?
  74. delete
  75. Linea Nigra
  76. Planned Delivery (Induction) Due To Hospital Staff Schedules
  77. When is Everyone Taking Maternity Leave?
  78. I'm worried I overheated my baby!
  79. Spotlight on Carrieb26
  80. Rant: stop ignoring my pain!
  81. I dont know what she was thinking...........
  82. My husband just lost his job and I'm pregnant
  83. delete
  84. Anyone else getting really excited about the birth already?
  85. Anyone know their baby's position?
  86. Where are you feeling baby's movements?
  87. miracle cure for heartburn!
  88. Who else is still transverse/breech?
  89. My goodness, the comments!
  90. Had A Dream......
  91. Placenta Encapsulation?
  92. Christmas plans?
  93. Trouble with baby boy name
  94. ER visit
  95. Unrelated to anything having to do with pregnancy... Just needing to vent...
  96. Is Anyone A Knitter?
  97. Using cloth pads postpartum?
  98. Ultrasound - yes or no?
  99. Peeing ALL The Time Anyone?
  100. Exhausted All the Time
  101. SUV or Minivan?
  102. Heartburn????
  103. What Did Your Contractions Feel Like?
  104. Spotlight on Breed210 (Ang)
  106. Poll: What mini van do you recommend?
  107. Safety of Hair Products
  108. So I've Been Up Since 2:30AM....Midpregnancy insomnia anybody?
  109. Antenatal Depression/Mood Swings
  110. Paranoid and Clumsy!
  111. Birth plan chaos
  112. What's your favorite relaxation technique?
  113. What are you doing for Thanksgiving?
  114. The ONE Thread- August chit chat
  115. --
  116. Filling the freezer
  117. Need help with a boy name please!
  118. Depression? Exhaustion? All of the above?
  119. Birth plans?
  120. Onset of Nightime Nausea at 23 weeks
  121. Nervous about u/s
  122. Hi! New momma-to-be.
  123. Spotlight on Abraisme (Abra)
  124. Movement..
  125. Would you travel across the world at 22 weeks?
  126. Colostrum???
  127. I threw out my back :(
  128. Feeling Overly Sensitive?
  129. 24 weeks!
  130. flying while pregnant with twins
  131. Diapers...times 2?
  132. Elimination Communication?
  133. My story of personal illness & concerns about vaccinating my children (not a debate)
  134. Where is your babe positioned mainly?
  135. Im Shaking and dont know why.
  136. Hi Fellow November Due Date Mommas!
  137. Anyone Suddenly Feel Huge?
  138. Visitors during and after childbirth --- thoughts?
  139. "Measuring Big"
  140. birth companions: how do I decide?
  141. Blessingway?
  142. Spotlight on Code Name Mama (Dionna)
  143. New Account..
  144. Baby Shower Etiquette
  145. DP and I split. Living with ex til after baby comes :(
  146. Anyone else with Diarrhea, stinky burps, gas, cramping?
  147. 23 weeks...finally felt movement from the baby!
  148. Cosleeping
  149. The shock of unsolicited comments/advice - wow!
  150. Woo-hoo!
  151. Koi Assisted Waterbirth.. Uhm?
  152. Spotlight on Mal85 (Mallory)
  153. Another Red Raspberry Leaf Tea
  154. Does anyone journal?
  155. Running mamas!
  156. Nursing Mamas - how's it going?
  157. wow. really?
  158. Dont Want To Go To Dr If This Is Nothing...
  159. itchy belly
  160. Maybe moving and so excited!!! (Houses, not baby!)
  161. Spotlight on KayPea
  162. Just for fun!
  163. What are your holiday plans with a new LO?
  164. If I Didn't Know Better.......
  165. Less movement?
  166. Birth Pools (not the water kind)
  167. Projects before baby?
  168. What is your favorite double stroller?
  169. Spotlight on Maverick061106
  170. Pain in the left knee - anyone experience this during pregnancy?
  171. Anyone using short-term disability pregnancy coverage early?
  172. What prenatal vitamins are you taking?
  173. Spotlight on Tank
  174. Gestational Diabetes test, refuse it??
  175. Looking for anyone in the same boat...
  176. Spotlight Thread on KeanusMomma (Rachel)
  177. Really bummed out
  178. Dilated Pelvis (Opening to the kidney)
  179. Fertility Guilt
  180. Interested in Cloth Diapering?
  181. Anterior Placenta
  182. The ONE Thread- July chit chat
  183. How to make the decision about working or not?
  184. Anyone debating NOT having a doula?
  185. Now that many of us know the gender, it's time to think of NAMES!
  186. Spotlight on Meb2
  187. Baby Shower Registry
  188. Holistic Stages of Labor Article
  189. What are your plans for older kids during the birth?
  190. Spotlight on KaliShanti
  191. Round Ligament Pain?
  192. Braxton Hicks? When did they start for you?
  193. Spotlight on mommie09
  194. Spotlight Thread for IwannaBanRN (Becky)
  195. I love that my baby is growing inside me but HATE how i look
  196. Anyone not CIRC and wish they had?
  197. Spotlight on numbersbyjasmin!
  198. Rejecting standard procedures--for those who hospital birth
  199. Spotlight Threads: Anyone Still Interested?
  200. Recovering a Healthy Diet after Months of Nausea
  201. Homebirth is a go!
  202. And reality is sinking in....
  203. Anyone planning a Unassisted Birth ?
  204. Stupid question - am I squishing my baby?
  205. Another trip to the ER with my little one
  206. This baby is going to fall right out of me
  207. My Belly Button Hurts!
  208. Nervous for U/S next week!
  209. Could This Be A UTI?
  210. Red Cabbage Test
  211. "Mom, Where Do Babies Come From?" Funny Blog
  212. So, who else is in Western Washington?
  213. Vaccinations?
  214. Friendly Pregnancy Sunburn Reminder
  215. Total Fluff Thread: What are you wearing?
  216. Serious kicking going on!
  217. 17 Weeks and Already on Bedrest - Ugh!
  218. Subsequent pregnancies more painful?
  219. Lost A Family Friend To Texting And Driving
  220. first time beiing pregnant and only 16
  221. What Do You Think When You Hear "Birth"?
  222. Possible gum abscess... what to do?
  223. How do you know if milk has dried up? xposted in breastfeeding
  224. Help please! We're having a boy, yay! Not so yay? DH's family.
  225. diastasis recti? Its freaking me out!
  226. 16-week Appt.
  227. Ouch!!!
  228. HUGE OB Vent!!!
  229. Someone Please Fill Me In On Intactivism?
  230. Has anyone had meningitis?
  231. Feet Swelling?
  232. Are you finding out the sex?
  233. got time?- help w/ parents/in-laws/other visitors post-birth?
  234. Previous Birth Story Thread
  235. Yes, I'm Pregnant. No, I'm NOT an Exhibit
  236. Great Hypnobirthing Audio Download!!! Guess what? It's FREE!
  237. Owwwwwww.... round ligament pain maybe?
  238. Today I vacuumed...
  239. I don't remember this, this early in pregnancy!
  240. Water Births
  241. Severe Pressure in Head/Sinuses When I Bend Over?!
  242. The ONE Thread- June chit chat
  243. Silly Acronym Question
  244. A TMI post - cervical mucous question
  245. Belly button
  246. Please stick with me, baby -UPDATED 6/5/11
  247. Poison Ivy--wtf
  248. Pregnancy Meditation CD/DVD recommendations?
  249. Had to make a new account. I got hacked
  250. Why don't we talk more, as a society, about birth?