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  1. First Intactivist Presidential Candidate!
  2. Comic about Uncut
  3. U.S. HHS Seeking comments: "Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects".
  4. NIH Grants to study Ethical Issues in HIV/AIDS Research
  5. CDC: circumcision-for-STI-prev. in screening of immigrants. Comments need by 24 Aug.
  6. Petition for Heather and Chase
  7. Article in favor of intactivism
  8. Preventing retraction from well meaning health care practicioner
  9. CDC seeking comments re: federal guidelines on male circumcision
  10. NIH seeking comments on transparency of clinical trial results
  11. Falkland Islands: Leglislators propose including MC in FGM offenses bill
  12. Arkansas: Drew Memorial overclaimed as much as $1.8m from Medicaid for circumcisions
  13. WHO seeking comments: Public Disclosure of Clinical Trial Results (until 15 Nov 2014)
  14. Outrageous article comparing foreskin to a birth defect
  15. FDA seeking comments on Female Sexual Dysfunction. Deadline 29 Dec. 2014.
  16. AHRQ HCUP 2012 Kidsâ?? Inpatient Database (KID) Now Available
  17. AHRQ accepting comments on Informed Consent for hospital procedures ('til 8 Sep 2014)
  18. NIH Grants to study Ethical Implications of Genomic Research. Closes 16 Sept 2014.
  19. Women's Health article
  20. U.S. Congress: H.R. 4650, the “European Union Religious Freedom Act.” (introduced 9 May 2014)
  21. Intactivism
  22. looking for volunteers.
  23. Class action lawsuit against SkinMedica (manufacturer of foreskin fibroblast-derived product)
  24. Pls e-mail comments re: circumcision deaths in South Africa. Deadline 10 Apr 2014.
  25. Links help needed
  26. FDA Position Vacant - Informatics Fellowship, Center for Biologics Evaluation & Research (CBER)
  27. UK Parliamentary Inq. accepting written submissions: Child and adoles. mental health - Deadline 19 Mar 2014.
  28. PubMed now accepting comments on abstracts (from published authors).
  29. Ed Wallerstein video
  30. HPTN 071 NIH/PEPFAR funded prevention-intervention trial to be conducted in South Africa and Zambia.
  31. CDC/HRSA seeking candidates for HIV, viral hepatitis and STD prevention advisory committee.
  32. CDC Seeking Comments - Surgical Site infections. Deadline 8 May 2014.
  33. UK: Human Rights Comm. - "Violence against women and girls". Deadline 5 Mar 2014
  34. Circumcision Ban debate
  35. FDA Science Board accepting written comments in lead up to Public Meeting. Deadline 29 Jan. 2014
  36. Pls lodge anti-circ comments with the FDA (re: foreskin fibr. in med. products). Deadline 3 Jan '14
  37. Hi all! I just created this short video to help mothers understand the implications of circumcision. It would be great if you could share it! Link inside
  38. Please lodge anti-circ replies with the U.S. State Dept. (Re: PEPFAR). Deadline 23 Dec. 2013.
  39. Australia: Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.
  40. Mom charged $ to not circ
  41. USAID: "16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence" (25 Nov. - 10 Dec.)
  42. Thoughts on This Post?
  43. UK Parliamentary Inquiry- "Public expenditure on health and social care". Deadline 4 Nov 2013.
  44. Please lodge comments with the U.S. OHRP (re: circumcision "studies"). Deadline 9 Sep. 2013
  45. Please lodge anti-circ replies with the DHHS (re: 2013 Viral Hepatitis Action Plan). Deadline 5 July 2013.
  46. Please lodge anti-circ replies with the State Deparment (re: PEPFAR). Deadline 14 June 2013.
  47. study of circ'd men's partners
  48. NIH halts HIV vaccine study.
  49. Babies' herpes linked to circumcision practice
  50. new book!!
  51. Rebuttals, opposition, articles against, etc. in response to AAP's Aug 2012 statement
  52. I just posted this on my facebook account--let the games begin!
  53. Canceled my Medicaid / CMS & UK Parliament mailing-list subscriptions.
  54. Canada is next?
  55. USAID to host live webchat on FGM (February 6 at 9:30 a.m. EST)
  56. a mom tells me her sons had "gentler, low-trauma" circumcisions
  57. A Circumcise Oprah Protest
  58. Dept. of Health & Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG) recruiting Auditors.
  59. FDA seeking comments on Draft Guidance for Industry on Vaginal Microbicides (deadline 21 Feb 2013)
  60. White House seeking comments on HIV, gender violence & health-disparities (Deadline 20 Jan. '13)
  61. cool song about circumcision
  62. Sec. Clinton To Unveil PEPFAR Blueprint: Creating an AIDS-free Gen. (29 Nov. '12 - Washington DC)
  63. Please sign this petition to the President of the United States: Ban the practice of circumcising individuals under the age of 18.
  64. NIAID position vacant: Director, Basic Science Program - Division of AIDS (Deadline 11 Dec. 2012)
  65. Demonstration outside the AAP conference this past weekend
  66. Australian Sen. Inquiry: The involuntary or coerced sterilisation of people with disabilities.
  67. HHS Office of Inspector General Summer 2013 Law Clerk Program (Deadline 5 October 2012)
  68. Video demonstrates reaction to new AAP statement
  69. Logic vs Faith based thinking How to approach
  70. protest re: John Hopkins Univ. recent study....
  71. NIH announce Grants to Study Bioethics of HIV Research
  72. Washington Post article provides glimpse of new AAP statement
  73. Just need some encouragement.
  74. Please lodge anti-circ replies with the State Department (re: PEPFAR) - Deadline 8 July 2012
  75. First Public Inactivist Moment
  76. Please lodge anti-circ replies with the FDA (re: Modernizing Clinical Trials) - Deadline 31 May 2012
  77. Circumcision in Australia
  78. URGENT - online votes needed re: coverage for infant circumcision
  79. Disgusting blog post
  80. Australia: SA Health Vacancy - Perinatal and Infant Mental Health (PIMHS) Clinical Practice Consultant
  81. Illinois Medicaid
  82. FW: Boston Area Intactivism at Boston Pride (june 9)
  83. Australia: PhD Scholarship in men's health research, Adelaide Uni (Deadline 5 April 2012)
  84. Genital Integrity Awareness Week
  85. AIDS 2012 - Volunteer Applications open 1 April
  86. Uganda: Govt plans circumcision school camps
  87. FDA Community Consultation: Modernizing Regulation of Clinical Trials - Opportunity?
  88. Searching for like-minded Medi-Share members
  89. NIAID Contract Opportunity - International Clinical Studies Support Center
  90. AHRQ - Promoting Your Public Report: A Hands-on Guide
  91. An important function I want readers from the United States to start taking over.
  92. Brace yourselves -- and act
  93. Please lodge anti-circumcision submissions with Medicaid / CMS (Deadline 17 Feb. 2012)
  94. Colorado has a bill to reinstate Medicaid payment of circumcision
  95. Please lodge anti-circ replies with the FDA (Re: Foreskins in cosmetics). Deadline 30 Jan. 2012
  96. Help needed now (it'll just take a minute or two, promise)
  97. CMS Community consulation - "Reporting of Physician Ownership or Investment Interests"-Opporunity?
  98. BONO says CIRC! YIKES
  99. Broaching circumsicion issues with pregnant/recently delivered friends
  100. Please lodge anti-circumcision submissions with the CDC (Deadline 23 December 2011 *Extended)
  101. Please lodge this anti-circumcision response with the U.S. Office for Human Research Protections
  102. Botswana's Infant Circ Campaign
  103. CDC Cons.: Red. Trans. of HIV, HBV, and HCV Through Solid Organ Transplant - Poss. Opp?
  104. Chicago October 13th: CUT screening and ethics panel dicussion with the director
  105. CUT tour stops in Pittsburgh Pa tonight
  106. DV Regional Roundtable Event: Engaging Men and Boys in Preventing Violence (Boston, 26 Oct 2011)
  107. Indiana wrongful circumcision case
  108. 2012 National Health Promotion Summit - Call for Abstracts (Deadline 24 October 2011)
  109. Help, Infection? in intact penis
  110. CA governor signed bill prohibiting cities from banning circumcision
  111. Is intactivism important to you?
  112. Join me in Chicago November 10 - 13 to demonstrate at NMAC's AIDS conference
  113. Top economists say circ. not cost-effective against HIV
  114. Petition the Obama administration to Ban circumcision.
  115. I retracted my baby's foreskin; now it's "stuck" -- help!
  116. study links circumcision to personality disorder
  117. Foreskin Regeneration Petition
  118. hospital door banners?
  119. "Cut" film tour kicks off at Pasadena CA public library tonight 8/31/11
  120. URGENT! AB 768 and HR_2400
  121. AHRQ: State-Level Partners Collaborating to Eliminate Healthcare-Associated Infections Meeting.
  122. 16 Aug 2011 12pm EDT - Healthcare Associated Infections webinar (circumcision, MRSA & Central lines)
  123. Very important changes to clinical trials being proposed by HHS. U.S. members should read.
  124. Ways to distribute circumcision information?
  125. End Genital Mutilation in The United States
  126. Where the TCAC sticky?
  127. Letter to my pediatrician
  128. Please lodge this anti-circumcision submission with the Peace Corps (Deadline 25 July 2011)
  129. Child Circumcision: an Elephant in the Hospital
  130. Doctor Appt Question, re: Retracting
  131. a thought for the day
  132. Colorado drops Medicaid circs:
  133. ALERT: Bob Sears promoting retraction-by-doctor on MDC
  134. Russell Crowe
  135. Tim Hammond?
  136. Open for Questions: 30 Years of HIV/AIDS (Deadline 1 June 2011 3pm EDT)
  137. Votes needed for the anti-circ campaign on GetUp!
  138. England: Public Health - new inquiry accepting written evidence (deadline Monday 13 June 2011)
  139. FDA seeking public comments in review of existing regulations (deadline 27 June 2011).
  140. Update wikipedia "foreskin" page
  141. Please lodge this anti-circumcision submission with USAID (-Closed-)
  142. Please lodge this anti-circumcision submission with the FDA (Deadline 23 May 2011).
  143. Proposed U.S. passport Biographical Questionnaire form "DS-5513" follow-up.
  144. Please lodge this anti-circumcision submission with the US State Department (deadline 24 Apr 2011).
  145. Intactivist meeting to plan for a demonstration near Philly
  146. Please lodge this anti-circumcision submission with the CDC (Deadline 15 June 2011).
  147. CDC: Public consultation - Combating Antimicrobial- Resistance (Deadline 15 Apr 2011)
  148. A good site to look at for anti-circ opportunities in the United States.
  149. FDA: Cosmetics Regulations Public Input Sought - Possible Opportunity? (Deadline 22 Apr 2011)
  150. FACEBOOK "march" for genital integrity
  151. Please lodge this important anti-circumcision government submission (-Closed-).
  152. April 3rd - Don't Miss the Intactivist episode of Strange Sex on The Learning Channel
  153. 18th annual Genital Integrity Awareness Week - March 28-April 3, 2011 - Washington DC
  154. Well, Helloooo there!
  155. March for Genital Integrity 2011