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  1. This DDC is set to close
  2. December 2011
  3. Baby Teddy is here
  4. The still pregnant club
  5. Today's the Due Date!!!
  6. Tired of being pregnant? Eager to see your baby?
  7. Anybody missing being pregnant already?
  8. Anyone else past due yet?
  9. VBAC and Induction
  10. simon otto!
  11. Acupuncture Anyone
  12. Canon has arrived
  13. Need to vent. Advice?
  14. a (long) birth story
  15. So what goes in a hospital bag anyway?
  16. Hoping for Early One
  17. my baby arrived 3 weeks early!
  18. New and in need of reassurance, please.
  19. Approval for Social Group
  20. December is finally here!!!
  21. Oscar has arrived!
  22. Maddox is here :)
  23. In Labor!!!!
  24. Let´s talk induction
  25. Blood pressure...advice please :S
  26. Dental Conundrum
  27. How soon (if ever) did you feel "icky"?
  28. Paxton is here!!!
  29. Update * Welcome to the world
  30. Water birth questions
  31. Baby is transverse!
  32. External Version?
  33. How much clothing are you getting if you don't have a washing machine?
  34. bottles at night?
  35. lack of intimacy
  36. "Tear out" aka "print out" sheets from LLL
  37. Ina May Gaskins
  38. GBS stress.
  39. Inlaws coming after baby's born
  40. Witch hazel soaked pads?
  41. Migraine suffers and labor
  42. Choose the hospital or the OB?
  43. Who has a name?
  44. High Blood Pressure -- HELP!
  46. Wanted to share..
  47. Northeast snowstorm check in
  48. Urine test results. Cue panic attack.
  49. Link to postpartum meal planner?
  50. Is anyone ese dialating or thinning (efaced) yet???????
  51. HELP!! I need baby name help please
  52. Surviving sleep deprivation with #2 or more. Experienced mamas, please share your tips!
  53. Gift Ideas for your own list?
  54. Birth "Control"/Baby Spacing Plans for After This Baby?
  55. Breech - looking for advice on how to turn baby
  57. Post-partum Healing: Best Practices
  58. Sore belly?
  59. Something in my vagina...
  60. S/O--Who are you inviting after the birth to visit and how are you dealing with the holidays?
  61. Placenta recipes?
  62. pajamas
  63. Shortness of Breath, Anyone?
  64. Sleeping through the night.
  65. How are others coping without a family/community?
  66. Guilt
  67. Hospital birth & keeping placenta?
  68. December 2011 DDC Social Group
  69. stomach ache?
  70. Baby moving/not moving...
  71. Anyone else sad that our pregnancies are almost over?
  72. Glucose Test!
  73. Am I worrying too much?
  74. How to prepare for birth
  75. Lets talk about not tearing
  76. Choosing people to come to the birth
  77. WWYD? Family Drama around 1st Grandchild
  78. Reminder about Social Groups
  79. The Happy Things Tread (What are you LOVING?)
  80. Stressed about a possible job promotion for DH(long)
  81. Frustrated!!! - have Thalassemia beta minor
  82. October Chit Chat!
  83. What are you getting done/ what do you have yet to do - The List Thread
  84. Baby's position?
  85. Anyone else spying on November?
  86. Introducing baby and cat to each other
  87. Halloween Costume?
  88. Cramps & contractions at 29 weeks...
  89. Time flying for anyone else?
  90. Ready to guess???
  91. Any Mommies in South Eastern Arizona? (Tucson, Sierra Vista? etc)
  92. baby's hiccups!
  93. Cost of hospital vs. birth center
  94. experience with varicosities?
  95. Need a middle name like "Whimsy"
  96. possesive of ones newborn
  97. First Time Mom - Eugene OR
  98. Anyone in the Tulsa, OK area?
  99. looking for a childbirth class in east valley of AZ?
  100. cloth mamma pads for postpartum use
  101. Childbirth classes - how necessary are they?
  102. Gestational Diabetes? =/
  103. Burning pain in right rib cage?
  104. Fundal Height
  105. .
  106. Trouble gaining weight?
  107. Leaking?
  108. Dehydration
  109. Offered a c-section... (updated)
  110. ~September~ Chat Thread!
  111. Flu Shots!?
  112. Labor/Birth Preparation
  113. Anyone else already expiriencing Braxton Hicks?
  114. Why Do People LOVE to Scare Pregnant Women???
  115. FYI: Sale at Motherhood Maternity
  116. Are you relaxed in your pregnancy or anxious???
  117. DDCs --> Social Groups
  118. Embarrassing pregnancy symptoms?!
  119. Baby clothes
  120. linea negra/nigra anyone...?
  121. Product reviews cribs carseats strollers etc and so forth
  122. Truth about epidural?
  123. Birth Beads
  124. Anna
  125. Good birth Videos
  126. Swollen feet?
  127. Blessingway
  128. Gifts for your birth attendants
  129. Can we have a complaining thread too?
  130. Cravings
  131. Missing Aunt Flo...anyone else?
  132. Co-sleeping!
  133. 20 weeks pregnant & a question!
  134. miracle cure for heartburn!
  135. I've been lurking...
  137. New Here
  138. Share your pregnancy/birth wisdom!
  139. Does anyone else not look pregnant?
  140. Anyone else starting to stress more?
  141. Refusing internal exams with preterm labor risks
  142. hiccups...
  143. Anyone considering not taking a birthing class?
  144. A few problems found in 20 week scan
  145. Birth bead swap
  146. August Chat Thread
  147. Our fifth baby is our fifth . . .
  148. Fundal Height
  149. "They" say not to cut your hair during pregnancy
  150. Its a boy!!!
  151. Cloth Diaper Stash?
  152. Labor Playlist
  153. Are others planning on having a written birth plan?
  154. Gender scan today
  155. Freezer meals and canning ideas for preganancy/Postpartum RECIPE Swap!
  156. I need nutrient dense food ideas.
  157. Brr! It's Cold In there!! (Freezer food for baby's arrival!)
  158. Anyone else "put off" on selection of baby boy themes/ items?
  159. Am I the Only One Gaining a Pound a Week?
  160. Full breasts??
  161. Any plus size moms?
  162. Safety 1st Saunter Luxe Travel System - Rose Hill. Did anyone tried?
  163. What is on your clothing list for the first 6 months?
  164. Aches & pains. Already.
  165. Gifts given and baby does not live
  166. Anyone else expecting twins?
  167. Found out today, we're having a....
  168. Having a......
  169. Baby Dreams
  170. Name Help?
  171. Work?
  172. What have you purchased for the baby so far?
  173. it's a...
  174. Feeling like there is a head in my crotch already?!?
  175. Mama Blessing/Baby Shower Etiquette
  176. How are you telling everyone the gender?
  177. It's a bit early.. but what are you wearing?
  178. Life size drawings of baby, week by week
  179. The Gender (maybe a tiny bit of) Disappointment Thread
  180. is anyone good at looking and ultrasounds--gender guess?
  181. Twins?
  182. ahh leaky nipples already?!?!
  183. Anyone (Still) Waiting to Hear Baby's Heartbeat?
  184. Sibling preparation
  185. Due Date List - Final one!!
  186. SO HUNGRY!!!
  187. Possible sciatica!
  188. July Chat Thread
  189. Anyone else not a happy glowing pregnant person?
  190. Sneezing and peeing and other joys of pregnancy
  191. Generally sore in my abdominal area
  192. Anyone else still sick?
  193. MIL - I Can't Take It
  194. Wow, anyone else see baby move yet?
  195. worried about midwife
  196. Eating Dilemma
  197. Coaching to Tell You if You Are Pushing Effectively
  198. Birthing Center - St Luke's Roosevelt - NYC
  199. Weekly Chat Thread: June 23-30
  200. New here and full of questions!
  201. Vent(long and potentially confusing)
  202. How are your older kids doing?
  203. Gender?
  204. world's worst cold...what more can I do?
  205. Vessels before the cervix
  206. Swim little one, swim!
  207. Ack- planned c-section?
  208. Anyone else's cups running over?
  209. Questions...
  210. Yay! The baby will have a room!
  211. Pretty sure Arbonne gave me pink eye...
  212. Ignatia amara?
  213. Handmade maternity cloth - ideas?
  214. Weekly Chat Thread: June 14th - 20th
  215. The rude/inappropriate comments thread
  216. Motion Sickness, anyone?
  217. is it easier with more than one child?
  218. gender intuition yet?
  219. Feel like bursting soon ... anybody else?
  220. To Do List Before Baby Arrives
  221. How is Daddy Handling Things?
  222. What are You Eating and How Much Weight have You Gained?
  223. Flip diaper system..
  224. wives' tale or true? if a pregnancy feels very different than a previous pregnancy, babe will be different sex
  225. Weekly Chat Thread June 6-13th
  226. I might actually get a home birth this time around(long, sorry)!
  227. Registry etiquette question
  228. Hi!
  229. Insomnia-Help!!
  230. Difficulty connecting?
  231. How is everyone feeling?
  232. Pain in the pelvis
  233. Weekly Chat Thread ~ May 30 ~ June 5
  234. P17 shots anyone?
  235. I just ate a steak
  236. Nausea getting worse?
  237. ~ Weekly Chat Thread ~ May 23-29th
  238. Just Saying Hi
  239. You will all probably think I'm crazy-BUT
  240. My not minimalist at all shopping list for the babe- Input?!
  241. breasts no longer sore -- is this the end?
  242. Rude or acceptable? Help an emotional pregnant lady decide.
  243. First MW appt today- just gushing.
  244. One sided pain?
  245. Birth pool purchase
  246. Weekly Chat Thread 5/17 - 5/24
  247. WWYD: Birth Options
  248. cloth diapers
  249. Blogging mamas!!!
  250. Ouch! I think I tore something...