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  1. January 2012
  2. This DDC is set to close.
  4. You know you're a mom when...
  5. Hand-eye Coordination?
  6. Our amazing 3 month old babies!
  7. She stopped talking :(
  8. Baby doesn't like being worn
  9. Anyone else a total recluse?
  10. PPD Mamas
  11. A couple of rough days...
  12. Teething already!!
  13. Stuffed up baby; are there any tricks to help her breathe better?
  14. Dry skin in eyebrows/forehead...cradle cap care?
  15. Daily routines?
  16. How to ward off a cold while nursing...is Airborne safe?
  17. Can I make the skin of my belly tighten faster?
  18. postpartum sex
  19. Weird hand issues
  20. When do babies develop colic?
  21. White noise - a blessing or a curse?
  22. Vitamin supplements for babies?
  23. I'm so excited about poop!!
  24. How do you stimulate your newborn's brain?
  25. Rainbow baby K is here:)
  26. Finally....Eli's birth story
  27. Taking LO out?
  28. Is it "normal" to be able to hear/feel rumbling in baby's tummy?
  29. Lots of gunk in one eye
  30. A couple of questions... re: co-sleeping and birth control.
  31. How's everyone doing???
  32. Jaundice??
  33. hello friends- had a baby jan 25th pics
  34. Yahoo group
  35. 3UBAC of Baby M
  36. Unassisted Waterbirth of Ali Elisabeth!
  37. Baby Girl is Here!!! Born 1/31 at 8:35 PM
  38. My normally mellow newborn screaming while nursing, sleeping, etc.
  39. Fern Ophelia, Born at Home on 1/28/2012
  40. It's February 1st!
  41. Still pregnant!
  42. Henry Magnus is FINALLY here!
  43. Jan 31 - Last Day for January Babies!
  44. baby girl, 8lbs14, born at home last night 5h40pm
  45. congratulations mamas and babies born in the last 2days!!!
  46. Monday January 30th....
  47. Max arrived by failed induction and c-section :(
  48. Rowan's Birth Story (LONG, yikes!)
  49. Midwife/Doula/OB gifts...
  50. Sunday January 29 (?)
  51. Zara is here - unmedicated hospital transfer birth
  52. Niamh Amelia 1/28 - Birth center water birth
  53. so it's saturday, january 28th!
  54. Friday the 27th of January
  55. Meredith Renee-9 lbs 8 oz in 2 hours 45 minutes
  56. it's thursday, january 26th!
  57. Brian's birth story (unmedicated hospital vbac)
  58. My Unplanned U/C!
  59. Maggie Faye is here!
  60. Jan. 25th
  61. Long labour help!
  62. January 24th
  63. Coralie Quinn's Birth
  64. Bonnie Quinn arrived on 1/13/12 :)
  65. New Mamas chat-week of 1/23
  66. 1.23.2012...check-in
  67. I can't keep up!
  68. The natural hospital birth of Wren Louis, 1/20/12!
  69. Sunday! Sunday!! Sunday!!! 1/22 check-in
  70. It's a girl!!!
  71. Anemone is here! Born in the caul at home & in the water *UPDATED*
  72. January 21st
  73. Add me to the list!!
  74. She's here! Wild Home Birth Story
  75. Keeping in touch after the births
  76. Baby Zachary Drake is here! - Updated with birth story and pictures!!
  77. 1/20/2012...with a challenge!
  78. After nearly 10.5 months..she's out in the world!
  79. thread deleted
  80. January 19th
  81. Accidental Unnassisted Birth of Owen- Birth story added
  82. Injectable vs oral Vit K
  83. feels like menstrual cramps for the last month, anyone else?
  84. this makes me cry
  85. January 18th
  86. My little mermaid finally arrived...birth story (finally!)
  87. January 17th
  88. Baby Girl E is here!
  89. Social group
  90. I just want to cry! (Overdue)
  91. January 16th
  92. It's normal, right? (whine included)
  93. Long awaited Baby Omar is here!
  94. january 15 check-in
  95. Our little girl Evie Ryan is here! (UPDATED WITH FULL STORY AND PICS)
  96. Daily check-in: January 14th
  97. baby on the way!!!!
  98. Delivery clothes?
  99. Joey's Birth! Warning long, and with a little TMI water breaking story
  100. January 13th Check In
  101. She's Here!
  102. January 12 Check-In
  103. Birthing Balls for Optimal Fetal Positioning
  104. January 11th CHECK IN:
  105. Home birth of our little girl: one hour labor and caught by daddy!
  106. Baby is here after I unexpectedly got very sick
  107. January 10th check in
  108. Effacement vs. Dilation
  109. Checking in with all the new mommas
  110. January 9th check-in!
  111. baby indigoscot is here!
  112. Little Liam
  113. If you are leaving the house to give birth...
  114. Baby Eleanor FINALLY arrived! Birth story/pics added.
  115. check in for january 8th - elvis and david bowie birthday share day!
  116. Dunstan Baby Language
  117. I'm not pregnant anymore!!!
  118. it's saturday, january 7th! check in!
  119. Daily Check-in - January 6th
  120. Sex... do it or not if you are wanting baby to stay in there a little longer?
  121. Anyone else expecting an overdue baby?
  122. Daily Check In - January 5th
  123. Recipe to help with swelling :)
  124. Labour Tip
  125. daily check-in, january 4th!
  126. He's Here with a BANG!
  127. daily check-in, jan 3
  128. Best friend traveling back from India, worried about health risks
  129. Birth Thread Reminder
  130. It's a .... BOY!!
  131. Moving Cervix More Forward?
  132. Humidifiers
  133. He's here......a new year baby! (better pic in OP)
  134. Article - what makes labor start?
  135. daily check-in, january 2!
  136. Last minute cloth diapering questions...
  137. My LO arrived
  138. Preparing your body for labor?
  139. Baby Picture Thread
  140. Happy New Year! Daily Check-in 1/1
  141. Newborn Pulse Ox screening
  142. New posting here but need support
  143. How to honour the losses
  144. Very Sad News
  145. My baby is here! 12/29
  146. Do you labor like your mother?
  147. Advice for C section??
  148. How do YOU get comfortable at night?
  149. Anyone noticing their toddler's behavior changing?
  150. I caught my baby this morning!
  151. Taking baby to the pediatrician
  152. Natural inducing methods?
  153. Bummed that it's almost over...
  154. My house isn't ready, and that's okay.
  155. Well, I was in labor and now I'm not anymore
  156. Nova Elise
  157. GBS Positive Ladies?
  158. Has your baby "dropped" yet?
  159. Anyone tried spinning their babies??
  160. your favorite thing to do in these last few weeks
  161. Braxton hicks and labor
  162. The day your *other* child was born!
  163. OMG!!! Leptospirosis will ruin my Christmas...?
  164. Change in Baby Movement Patterns Due to Less Room in Womb
  165. Milk Donation
  166. i had a baby last night!
  167. Add me please
  168. Fan for the crib?...
  169. feels like the first trimester again- anyone else?
  170. What are you doing to stay "zen"?
  171. When are you going on leave?
  172. Patiently Waiting...
  173. benefits of placenta medicine
  174. had my new baby at 35 weeks
  175. To the ladies who participated in the bead exchange
  176. Constant bh contractions
  177. Mostly braless during nursing?
  178. Birth Chat - December
  179. Newborn tips for first timers
  180. Delaying baby's first bath...
  181. A feel good story!
  182. c-section advice?
  183. Hypnobabies
  184. December Chat
  185. Tell me about Braxton Hicks contractions
  186. Anyone "preparing" for GBS screen?
  187. How did the size of your second (or third, or fourth..) child compare to your firstborn??
  188. What's on your labor soundtrack??
  189. Baby dropped...anyone else's?
  190. Tell me about reusable diapers!
  191. In utero movements related to childs personality??
  192. Has anyone else lost all patience?
  193. Help! Cold remedies?
  194. BH vs labor...
  195. To all the early January Mamas
  196. Who's still working out? How do you feel? What are you doing?
  197. Anyone still wearing their wedding rings?
  198. Tell me I'm doing the right thing..I'm going to the ER
  199. Due 3/6, but now delivering no later than Jan 31
  200. Leaking like crazy
  201. Baby furniture and toxicity?
  202. Epsom salt bath = really good.
  203. 30 weeks - SICK OF BEING PREGNANT!!!!!
  204. Advice for "carrying low"?
  205. whatcha doin'/cookin' for thanksgiving?
  206. Show and Tell
  207. Pregnant With a Toddler
  208. Breech anyone? Baby is breech at 30 weeks.
  209. Do you do your own cervical checks?
  210. Birth Chat - November
  211. Nipples! (Needing some reassurance about breastfeeding)
  212. What baby stuff do you HATE? And what can you not live without?
  213. To pump or not to pump?
  214. Hospital/birth center stay length?
  215. Herbs in the 3rd Trimester
  216. Is my baby falling out of me?
  217. Funny but painful story THREAD
  218. Oh, boy... Circumcision?
  219. Nursery Ideas?
  220. January DDC Birth Bead Exchange?
  221. Prenatal Class Cancelled - ideas for birth prep?
  222. GD testing help!
  223. VBAC consult tomorrow...NERVOUS!!!
  224. I'm here to pick your brains again ladies!
  225. Tandeming mamas
  226. Funny but painful story II
  227. November Chat Thread
  228. Only wool?
  229. Funny but painful story
  230. Anybody else NOT experiencing terrible pregnancy symptoms?
  231. 3rd trimester bodily functions
  232. Hemorrhage/other PP bleeding... minimizing/preventing?
  233. Need Help with Registry
  234. My "big boy" has weaned...
  235. Any other moms with HUGE appetites and lots of weight gain?
  236. Baby Getting Hiccups Regularly
  237. Unassisted Birthing Mamas...I have a Question!
  238. Is anyone else crying an awful lot?
  239. unmedicated births- best pain relief?
  240. Halloween Bellies?
  241. Headaches
  242. Relative Rants
  243. Uninviting someone to a homebirth?
  244. What should I say??
  245. Blood in urine?
  246. Anyone else have insomnia?
  247. Leg cramps
  248. Help! I have pregnancy brain!
  249. birth tubs
  250. Changes in body chemistry