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  1. February 2012
  2. This DDC will be closing!
  3. We're a social group now!
  4. Hormonal v Copper IUD?
  5. Do you miss our DDC and want to have a future place to keep in touch?
  6. Cloth Diaper Mama's I could use your help :)
  7. My 11 week old has been taken from me.
  8. WHAT!? Tell me this is not my period!
  9. Lovin' too soon? Ouch
  10. From due date club to "group" DDC....
  11. Just smile and other concerns of this mama.
  12. How to deal with babies growing up
  13. Weight loss and exercise support thread?
  14. Starting the elimination diet today. Anyone else having sensitivity issues?
  15. Anyone else really sad that it's "over"?
  16. Sixth week bleed?
  17. Sleeping issues- grunting and "swimming"
  18. Elizabeth Violet's birth
  19. Mastitis? already?
  20. How expensive was your hospital birth?
  21. My doctor died....
  22. Prolapse or something?
  23. How much is your baby sleeping?
  24. Still processing this past week
  25. stripping membranes
  26. The Wait for Escher Riley is Over..... The Story.
  27. Post partum woes and a request for help / advice
  28. Going from a family of 3 to 4
  29. ideas for door sign
  30. Sad that the birth is over?
  31. Baby Buck's Birth Story
  32. Who's still pregnant? and how are you feeling?
  33. Postpartum Gripes, Tips, and Tricks
  34. Ever's unasisted breech birth! Long story, short birth;)
  35. Evelyn Claire "Evie" came before the midwife :)
  36. No nothing. Frustrated chat, Feb 20
  37. Henna Belly
  38. Heartburn
  39. nursing moms
  40. Lola May's unplanned unassisted water birth!
  41. where's the in labor thread?
  42. F's Birth Story
  43. Baby cries in her sleep?
  44. Baby cries in her sleep?
  45. Like I need this right now... midwife vent
  46. Help! We can't name the baby!!
  47. Crazy itchy rash/hives Am I allergic to being pregnant?!
  48. sneak peek of Colin's newborn shoot today!
  49. Congestion! (39 weeks)
  50. The short but sweet birth of Kathrine Leanne...
  51. Late February Mamas?
  52. Colin Daniel's waterbirth story 1/29/12
  53. Older sibling adjustment support thread
  54. Stripping membranes?
  55. Full Moon on Tuesday!
  56. Overdue Thread!
  57. Feb DDC Birth Stories
  58. What a night/morning....!
  59. Feel like baby's head is a battering ram!
  60. for those feb '12 mommies who have given birth already...
  61. overwhelmed... Sorry I just really need to vent a little.
  62. Acupuncture (or any other tips) for swelling?
  63. Lochia... what's normal?
  64. Your Birth Music: Grooves or Soothes?
  65. Uhmm... February Chat!!!!
  66. Does your birth plan reference studies or ACOG recommendations?
  67. Umbilical Cords
  68. Could this be it???
  69. Sooooooo DONE!
  70. Birth Quotes
  71. evening primrose oil
  72. another breech baby -- bummer...
  73. Moms with babes chat
  74. i know I'm supposed to be enjoying this precious time....
  75. Birth Story and Picture of my new little babe!
  76. Anterior Babe!
  77. 39 weeks, and... nothing???
  78. Lochia, natural vs c-section.
  79. Change in Plans, we'll be birthing in the hospital
  80. Strange feelings in my vagina
  81. Show me your babies!!!!!
  82. Stripping membranes/ breaking waters
  83. Having contractions
  84. Food even my husband can make...
  85. Share your Baby Names! :)
  86. Are you doing any natural induction methods?
  87. Dog sensing labor?
  88. Recurring yeast infection :(
  89. Early Labor Signs.... or a MeanTrick!
  90. False Labor
  91. Getting impatient :(
  92. Where to put baby's room?
  93. 34 weeks - intense sharp pains in low abdomen
  94. Hellloooo, 1st trimester food cravings!
  95. New here! Due Feb with 3rd baby :)
  96. Tips for boosting iron levels before birth?
  97. What are you planning to eat in labor?
  98. Suddenly... so... tired
  99. 38 Weeks and Midwife Wants a Growth Sono :(
  100. Mother's Blessings
  101. mucous plug question
  102. Just joining
  103. my baby has flipped!!!!
  104. 4-in-1 Crib - Is It Any Good?
  105. labor tip, stolen from jan 11 ddc
  106. Saying Hello
  107. New Arrivals Thread
  108. crampy and dilated, I hope this isn't how it's going to be until the end!
  109. my baby is breech. I am *very* upset
  110. Groaning Cake, anyone?
  111. Homebirthers: What are you feeding the crew?
  112. Who's kids are these?
  113. Baby Dropping & Positioning
  114. Belly Binding?
  115. Anyone else have sharp abdominal pain due to a bad cough?
  116. Starting to get impatient! Anyone else?
  117. Birth Mix Music
  118. I need help with names. And there's too many for a poll.
  119. GBS positive
  120. january chat thread-
  121. for fun & woo- year of the dragon!
  122. C-sections?
  123. pelvic pain
  124. portable crib recommendations?
  125. ARGH! Family rant....
  126. Anyone else feeling baby might be coming soon?
  127. Wedding rings (and swollen hands)?
  128. Labor anxiety
  129. Crazy Dreams and Nightmares during 3rd Trimester!
  130. Preparing the house for homebirth!
  131. Dialation and effacement
  132. WE are next!!!!!
  133. If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!
  134. Anyone else have a bad reaction to GD test?
  135. Might this be your last baby?
  136. cervical tweaks?
  137. Heartburn anyone??
  138. Packed!
  139. Anyone communicating with their babies in utero?
  140. Absolute essentials for baby and me
  141. I just want to get this over with....
  142. Second child anxieties
  143. Braxton Hicks
  144. What are you doing with your placentas?
  145. Anyone using Mederma for Stretch Marks?
  146. Swelling... again :(
  147. Car Seat Time: Graco Snugride OR Chico Keyfit 30 and Subaru Outback?
  148. Belly casting?
  149. What are you looking forward to in labor?
  150. Natural Induction Methods?
  151. The Happiest Baby on the Block?
  152. Help in thinking positive
  153. Diapers on Etsy?
  154. GBS status
  155. Facebook, anyone?
  156. co-sleeping, newborn and preschooler...wwyd?
  157. A Mother Blessing (Blessingway) for Just my Husband and I?
  158. third trimester belly photos
  159. Lower pelvic pain/pressure
  160. Head down! Yipee!!!
  161. Baby size
  162. On day 5 of the D's... TMI warning
  163. 31 weeks... whopper of a contraction
  164. Birth photographer?
  165. Blessingway Ideas?
  166. Freezer Meals for after the baby is born? Post your ideas and plans here!
  167. pregnancy/baby myths
  168. Hurt by Best Friend
  169. Bleeding, placenta previa, steroids and transfer of care... oh my!
  170. Measuring small...
  171. Yeah, that was my last car trip
  172. Birth Plans
  173. Labor FEAR
  174. How many baby clothes are necessary?
  175. Preschool or not for DS - any BTDT moms?
  176. The unprepared support thread
  177. Introducing DD to the new baby
  178. painful feet
  179. Just round ligament pain? And question about GD Test
  180. Baby weight
  181. comfy AND pretty bras/nursing bras?
  182. People's comments about belly size
  183. Nursery Pics
  184. new chat into december
  185. Cervical Fluid - a frank discussion!
  186. Anxiety with breastfeeding
  187. Help me stop eating like such a buttt head!!
  188. Doulas in training
  189. Strategies and Plans for Post-Partum "Babymoon"?
  190. Losing weight in the third trimester?
  191. toddler kicks to the belly :0
  192. Doula, Nurse, Midwife gift?
  193. sibling gift & are your other kids ready?
  194. Why Must People Say Scary Things??
  195. I can see my belly moving!
  196. Blood Pressure
  197. Supplements
  198. Cribs
  199. Latest and greatest carriers (besides moby) for newborns?
  200. the pink kit?
  201. Moving to a new state at 33 weeks
  202. Wanting Suggestions: Cloth Diapering and Carriers/Slings
  203. herbal tea made by friend safe?
  204. Newborn eye onitment?
  205. Swelling
  206. 3 more months...really?
  207. So emotional!
  208. Anyone else feel like they hit a wall at 26 weeks pregnant?
  209. Baby movement...
  210. Maternity Hoodies?
  211. Bad reactions to your plans for birth
  212. Birth plans..
  213. Birth prep supplements- When to start and what is your favorite?
  214. Stress relieved today...
  215. Just getting comfortable and BAM!
  216. GD test today
  217. What size clothes do you have for your newborn?
  218. October to November Chat!
  219. So many aches and pains already!!
  220. Stylish Nursing Tops - Do They Exist?
  221. Come cry with me as my VBAC plans go down the drain :(
  222. Due in February!
  223. Pregnancy tea
  224. Please Help: What is the Impact of Gestational Diabetes on a Natural Birth???
  225. Third Trimester Plans
  226. Emotional and I need support!
  227. Big Bumps!
  228. wow, baby is kicking SO MUCH
  229. Too late to start exercising? Ugh.
  230. Gas (kinda funny)
  231. Collecting baby gear...
  232. Halloween Costumes?
  233. Baby's position?
  234. Holidays + Pregnancy= Overwhelmed
  235. Just joining!
  236. Interesting articles - to share and discuss
  237. a new chat thread mid october...
  238. Babywearing
  239. Let's Talk Pregnancy Food Cravings!
  240. pelvic pain anyone?
  241. How to pick or evaluate a chiropracter?
  242. Food craving shifts.....
  243. Who is still nursing an older child?
  244. Joining at 20 Weeks... (IUD Surprise!)
  245. Who's got an album on their profile?
  246. Weight Gain: How many lbs do you estimate you'll gain by delivery?
  247. Reminder about Social Groups
  248. expecting parents should all know this...
  249. Anyone having multiples or suspecting multiples?
  250. Got to hear the heartbeat!