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  1. April 2012
  2. Shall we close this DDC?
  3. anyone have their baby?
  4. April 2012 Social Group - come over if you're hanging out here!
  5. Normal fetal heartrate?
  6. Birth weight differences in siblings - what's normal?
  7. Well I guess I will hang out here.....
  8. Call for good vibes, please
  9. May due date club?
  10. anyone have experience with toddler attending birth?
  11. Smells During Labour To Aid In Relaxation?
  12. unique births?
  13. Hubs & I can't agree on a girl's name...anyone have advice?
  14. Hi, everyone!
  15. What are you doing for stretch marks?
  16. New and introducing myself!
  17. Introducing myself :)
  18. such awsome news and such bad timing! gah! (OT-ish)
  19. Why are there no new due date clubs past ours?
  20. Baby Shower
  21. from one to two
  22. severe nesting instinct.
  23. I'm new
  24. Jumping back in
  25. Just found out i'm having twins, need an OB recommendation
  26. Pregnant and I am a hair stylist
  27. Nosebleed nightmare
  28. VBAC vs Pitocin
  29. Anyone having pain?
  30. Tips on Hips
  31. Been thinking about this crazy world
  32. My Mama DRAMA starter!
  33. Moving this week
  34. New Forum!!!
  35. birthday party help!!!
  36. long time lurker..finally introducing myself
  37. Hypnobabies Vs. Hypno birthing?
  38. a small venting...
  39. Bit of a movement worry
  40. New forum?
  41. Girls names that work in U.S. & Germany
  42. Weekly chat Nov 28-Dec 5
  43. pimple aka I have teenager face what can I do?
  44. An article worth reading..
  45. giant before baby comes checklist
  46. Hemorrhoids
  47. FOOD!?!?!?! Something I love ;o)
  48. due data clubs
  49. Growling Stomach Anyone?
  50. Newbie Introduction - fingers crossed!
  51. Any body else having terrible heartburn?
  52. Waiting for movement!
  53. Position yay!
  54. Weird sensation-- would love some feedback!
  55. Lying on Back at this stage (21 weeks)
  56. for fun- what color eyes does baby have?
  57. Cramping?
  59. mama's who have/are having boys...
  60. Cool Baby Stuff
  61. Weekly chat Nov 21-28 Gobble Gobble!
  62. Night in the ER
  63. developing new allergies :(
  64. The ginormous name thread
  65. Should I walk or run from this practice?
  66. Introduction :)
  67. Weekly freebie thread
  68. Crazy stuff others have said to/asked you about your pregnancy.
  69. Craving a beer???
  70. What are you eating for Lunch?? I need new lunch ideas!!
  71. A note about prices (midwife)
  72. When to worry
  73. Dangerously Convincing Myself I'm having a Girl
  74. Sick? Me too? Fingers crossed for speedy recoveries.
  75. Mom, is it too much to ask... (a tiny rant about mom completly forgetting what is normal for a pregnant woman to experience.)
  76. Weekly chat Nov 14-21
  77. Blood sugar problems already!
  78. New Here
  79. Has your caregiver measured your fundal height?
  80. Hunger in this pregnancy that I didn't have with other 3
  81. Managing Stress
  82. What is your favorite sling?
  83. Twin mama dancing her way into labor (video)
  84. Ahhhhhh! Am I worried over nothing? Found a bilateral choroid cyst in baby's brain!
  85. name help- 2 cultures...
  86. Hallelujah! I found a great OB!
  87. really weird dream
  88. Name help, classic or uncommon?
  89. Mrs. Duggar
  90. Eczema and Pregnancy
  91. Antibiotics - help I need to hear your thoughts!
  92. FYI - cramps or Braxton Hicks
  93. stretch marks...
  94. Sharing a due date month with a famous mom
  95. Weekly chat Nov7-14
  96. New here!
  97. Sudden fatigue at 15 weeks - anemia or just a hormone surge?
  98. Anyone nesting?
  99. Nearly killed my husband and almost started a kitchen fire...twice.
  100. Bonding with this pregnancy
  101. craving peanut butter...
  102. Tis the season to be sick
  103. So Bizarre!!!
  104. heard baby at 17w without doppler!
  105. Public Symphysis Diastasis?
  106. Any mamas with toddlers or have been PG with toddlers before?
  107. Hi everyone!
  108. Anyone still keeping their pregnacy from the majority of the public?
  109. Did I make the right CD choices?
  110. Baby Showers: Do you ask someone to host, or does someone offer?
  111. Dream Meanings
  112. Back up names?
  113. OB Panic Attack
  114. weekly chat Oct 31-Nov 7
  115. Our Baby is a Ninja!
  116. Hi Everyone!
  117. Colostrum?!
  118. Differences between this and previous pregnancies
  119. Godparents of a different faith
  120. Braxton Hicks, anyone?
  121. Twins????
  122. Obsessing over fundal height
  123. Interested in practicing EC with your new one?
  124. Incompetent Cervix fears
  125. Be gone, migraines.
  126. Questions for the Cloth Diapering Mamas
  127. Plugs for products/sellers
  128. How to start a new May or June 2012 Forum?
  129. Chat thread Oct 24-31
  130. Gender Guessing / Confirming
  131. weight loss at 17 weeks???
  132. playdate horror...help!!!
  133. Eating issues, nausea, etc
  134. Update on my pregnancy
  135. Worried
  136. how consistent should baby movements be???
  137. Frustrated with my bump today
  138. vaginal PH testing for gender?
  139. "Huh, I kinda feel lightheaded." (climb stairs) "Whoops!"
  140. So what's the deal with fundal height? Does it matter?
  141. Oddly early question about BF'ing
  142. Flu Shot + Formula Marketing at the O.B. office
  143. Protein Ideas
  144. I think I felt my first little flutter!
  145. Where is my Brain?!?!
  146. Hypothyroidism and Anemia...HELP!
  147. Weekly chat Oct 17-24
  148. Older siblings-what to do during birth?
  149. Holiday Helpers
  150. Thinking about day care arrangements...
  151. Weight Gain
  152. Sleeping arrangements
  153. Amazon Mom
  154. facebook announcement
  155. May & June DDC?
  156. Discharge question-- freaking out a little bit!!!!!
  157. Long shot and totally OT - need help
  158. Travel while pregnant - advice needed!
  159. weekly chat Oct 10-17
  160. Where is my due date club?
  161. This level of exhaustion can't be normal
  162. Overdue with 1st, will I be overdue with 2nd as well??
  163. are you finding out the gender. why/why not?
  164. cord blood banking (cross posted in I'm pregnant)
  165. Muscle pain, or something to worry about?
  166. Nighttime urinating - decreasing?
  167. Reminder about Social Groups
  168. An old take on spinning babies
  169. what every expecting or new parent should know
  170. Another missed miscarriage
  171. Strong hunger...is this normal?
  172. Tiny House Help
  173. Unassisted homebirthers
  174. Irritable uterus help....
  175. Can I join? :)
  176. Excited about nursery. What do you think?
  177. Sciatica anyone?
  178. Pregnancy rumors spread like wildfire
  179. Placenta previa?
  180. Self employed and worried about mat leave
  181. Weekly chat Oct 1-8
  182. Food no-nos
  183. it's like my own personal personal fight club over here!
  184. Which, if any, stroller are you getting?
  185. Attitudes of friends and my community getting on my nerves...
  186. Waiting for a natural M/C
  187. How important is the Nuchal Translucency screening??
  188. Amazing deal I just found
  189. EDD May 2012
  190. Weekly chat thread 9/24-10/1
  191. oh lord.....
  192. Freezing cold
  193. Bad dreams about baby
  194. Looks like insurnce will not cover this pregnancy. What to do?
  195. Have you squeezed your boob lately?
  196. I'm out
  197. Which carseat are you getting?
  198. I'm getting sick, what do i do!?
  199. May I join you?
  200. Need quick advice pleae!!!
  201. Ruling out twins?
  202. Interviewing Doulas?
  203. My teeny tiny "ninnies".
  204. ouch my head!
  205. Finding out sex at test?
  206. Anybody else plan on keeping their pants on at all checkups?
  207. when did you see the heartbeat?
  208. Who else hasn't "gone public" yet?
  209. Weekly chat thread 9/17-9/24
  210. Trouble with vision. Is it a worry?
  211. Constipation/IBS HELP!
  212. DS didn't believe us when we told him I am pregnant!!
  213. Did some bloodwork...low progesterone?
  214. 1st apt tomorrow
  215. stomach flu and dehydration
  216. my bump has disappeared!
  217. Stressed out working mamas!!!
  218. Why no barf smiley?!
  219. Wish you were real....
  220. Are you there, sex drive? It's me, arbybee.
  221. Last night my husband found me...
  222. stabbing pains up the woohoo? (and small breakdown)
  223. bleeding after pelvic exam...
  224. ROs, anything you need the second time around?
  225. Can we exchange deals?
  226. knock on wood...
  227. You can call me Granny!
  228. No midwives in Brooklyn!
  229. Weekly chat 9/10-9/17
  230. If you could win your dream birth vacation...
  231. PAL (pregnancy after loss) Mamas ~ Let's chat!
  232. cannot post in the may 2012.
  233. Ultrasound thread
  234. My poor uterus :(
  235. I know it sounds crazy but...
  236. OT: vote me to the beach!!!
  237. homebirth with other children at home?
  238. nerves making me nuts
  239. Complete lack of coordination?
  240. Feel the rage?
  241. Anybody else over 40?
  242. Speaking of registries/showers...
  243. *Ack* Please help me plan a registry!
  244. So surreal...
  245. Having #3 (and maybe #4)...
  246. Please analyze my cramps
  247. Constant hunger?
  248. Protein shakes
  249. "If one more person tells me..." game
  250. Anybody else super tender?