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  1. Alfie's Birth
  2. Bye friends!
  3. Astraea's Birth Story
  4. Riis Porter is here! (plus somewhat long birth story)
  5. Beautiful Zohar Alexander is in my world!
  6. Oak Thomas made his debut!
  7. Anyone overdue?
  8. The very long ecstatic birth story of Seraphina Iselle
  9. super sleepy before labor?
  10. Cloth diapers
  11. Astraia Faith is here!
  12. postpartum bath and body
  13. Who is still pregnant round here?
  14. Damn Full Moon....
  15. She's here!
  16. Labor
  17. 38.3 weeks along and having a meltdown...
  18. our sweet surprise UC baby
  19. Killian is here!
  20. Odds of labor starting -- statistical tool
  21. orgasm=induced labor?
  22. Due date confusion
  23. Pre-labor?
  24. Anybody else dropping?
  25. Suprise!
  26. Body prepping??
  27. older siblings?
  28. haven't taken any prenatal vitamins this go round
  29. Any more cravings?
  30. Breech baby, big belly
  31. Hearing loss?
  32. Cranky, irritable uterus
  33. Feet swelling
  34. I think I felt 2!
  35. Low platelets, might not get my homebirth
  36. No tolerance for noise/chaos
  37. Husband seeking help!!
  38. When are you taking maternity leave?
  39. Looks like chances of VBA2C are very slim now
  40. May I join?
  41. June Chat for Aug. DDC
  42. The things people say...
  43. Protein in the urine?
  44. I've only gained 10 lbs by 30 weeks, should I be worried?
  45. Sciatica : (
  46. Weight Gain
  47. Happy Mother's Day!
  48. Nursery Colors, Themes, and Anything Else
  49. To doula or not to doula
  50. Pregnancy Casting Notice
  51. Glucose test with juice?
  52. May Chatter
  53. Anybody else? it just doesn't seem real yet...
  54. Any working moms using a midwife (not CNM)?
  55. Allergies only while pregnant?
  56. How are you sleeping?
  57. Where do you get inspirations for names?
  58. Anyone been Diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes yet?
  59. How low is to low?
  60. Feeling really huge already
  61. This great stash can be yours!
  62. Anyone else still nauseous???! Ugh
  63. Any other dads freaking out?
  64. Anterior placenta mamas with first baby?
  65. Anyone feeling a lot of pressure, heaviness? (2nd or more baby)
  66. Date Nights and Couple Time
  67. Any positive stories of placenta previa resolving before birth? Diagnosed at 24 weeks and need encouragement.
  68. Cloth Diapering Classes in Chicago suburbs?
  69. New here - need some advice...(circumcision related)
  70. Anyone experience cysts in previous pregnancies?
  71. I had a small amount of pink discharge/mucus I feel miserable.
  72. side/lower pain
  73. Baby Boy name opinion
  74. April Chit Chat
  75. Anyone else here trying VBA2C?
  76. Anyone else NOT finding out the sex?
  77. Fears and Worries
  78. im starving!!!
  79. I don't know if y'all remember me ...
  80. Trampoline park at 18 weeks was... Interesting
  81. getting a friend to be my doula...
  82. Feeling like I've been kicked between the legs
  83. Anyone else have low thyroid levels?
  84. I want to rebuild my cloth diaper stash from the ground up with AIO's...what can you tell me about them?
  85. When can I expect much more regular and consistent/frequent movement?
  86. Natural Sinus Relief?
  87. Libido and Pregnancy
  88. Need some ideas to celebrate baby
  89. Name Thread?
  90. 16 weeks and fundus above belly button!
  91. Whipped Body Butter
  92. shrinking bump?!
  93. Feeling kicks from the outside!!
  94. Any other moms expecting #5 or more?
  95. Large BUMP in the morning
  96. 16 weeks pregnant and thinking of getting a young dog. Am I crazy?
  97. Totally OT Good News!!!
  98. What not to say to a pregnant woman
  99. best bras for pregnancy
  100. 2nd trimester- how are you feeling?
  101. Dealing with the pregnancy police
  102. 15+ weeks and getting a lot of headaches!!
  103. Appts so expensive, thinking of not going to Dr regularly
  104. I'm losing it
  105. birthing classes
  106. Research Study Opportunity
  107. How much have you gained so far??
  108. Just don't know what I want out of life anymore.
  109. I am 13 weeks and have not told my family
  110. Baby Brain and Work
  111. how much do your babies move?
  112. Ungood results of 1st trimester screening
  113. using an inhaler
  114. Can you feel your a baby lump?
  115. The Baby Doppler
  116. Struggling with wanting to know what the sex is.
  117. Gotta love it when I get kneed hard right in the uterus!!!
  118. Herbal Tea restriction
  119. Help me decide when to tell please!
  120. Mommies making money?
  121. Dropping in to say hi with news
  122. Can we talk about bras?
  123. Nausea
  124. Questions for Midwife
  125. Good Luck Mamas!
  126. February Chat -- August 2014 DDC
  127. oops... hypocrisy
  128. Facebook
  129. Boobs are owwwww
  130. Are there any "normal" reasons for ovary pain?
  131. First midwife appointment today!
  132. My husband is going to be traveling more for work and it is stressing me out
  133. Surprised that I'm getting hip pain.
  134. anyone else feeling depressed?
  135. Nursing moms: why is one breast so much more dense and firm then the other?
  136. Pinchie Feelings?
  137. The urge to TELL is burning away inside of me
  138. request
  139. anyone into stuff like manifesting and affirmations?
  140. Discharge?
  141. Horrible Sibling Rivalry
  142. Food allergies...or lack thereof?
  143. Broken hearted
  144. Homebirth Midwife Question
  145. Losing tons of weight from morning sickness?
  146. Relocating while pregnant
  147. Grumbly and growling stomach!
  148. Facebook Mama Support Group
  149. cloth diapering
  150. 12 Weeks!!!
  151. Breast tenderness
  152. out at work!
  153. Moms of many - any one doing a baby shower?
  154. Trying a low dose of caffeine...should I?
  155. Waiting sucks!
  156. Anyone experience a bleed at around 13 weeks?
  157. Natural remedies to kick a cold virus in the butt
  158. Flu season... bleh
  159. SAHMs, someone gets it!
  160. Carseat quandry
  161. Turning the corner? Hopefully?
  162. Bad news...
  163. Baby language...?
  164. Knitting Mamas?
  165. I'm out too.
  166. Good luck all!
  167. Fundus?
  168. where is my brain?!
  169. I'm out
  170. Yeast infection that won't go away!! Yuck
  171. been kinda constipated
  172. Struggling with fluids
  173. searching for a wedding dress - i'll be 30 weeks
  174. Birth Story Sharing
  175. Home Birth with Midwife
  176. mood swings?
  177. Libido?
  178. Lead exposure? Help!
  179. Has anyone tried Magnesium for morning sickness?
  180. ***The Bump Thread***
  181. when to schedule Tdap?
  182. What tests do you decline?
  183. Wheatgrass juice while pregnant??
  184. movement
  185. protein shakes?
  186. Boy/Girl Guessing?
  187. Want to share recipes?
  188. Group List of Estimated Due Dates
  189. Any other Mamas trying to keep the weight gain in check?
  190. Goodbye...
  191. Weird sleep things...
  192. Fun preggo books and movies
  193. Back up care
  194. What's the deal on consuming ginger? Safe or not?
  195. Started bleeding yesterday, I am trying not to freak out
  196. Working moms?
  197. January Chit Chat
  198. Cloth Diaper Coupon
  199. 8 weeks 3 days lessening symptoms
  200. Digestion Woes
  201. Anyone getting first trimester u/s
  202. Western Medicine Fail
  203. Thoughts on circumcision?
  204. Maca root
  205. Blended Family Siblings
  206. What are some good core stregenthing excerise during pregnancy?
  207. Symptoms fluctuating? Help...
  208. Cautiously Joining
  209. A silly question about pants
  210. Mamas of Many - How do ppl react?
  211. Merry Christmas, and a loving goodbye.
  212. Pregnant after a loss
  213. Midwife vs. OB
  214. Merry Christmas mamas
  215. Anyone else telling family over Christmas?
  216. I just don't feel pregnant yet.
  217. Not my best day ever
  218. Ugh. Morning sickness
  219. Unplanned pregnancy
  220. Linky Love
  221. Anyone here experienced light bleeding and is fine?
  222. Brewers Diet
  223. Exercise During Pregnancy
  224. Symptoms decreasing?
  225. Decreased Breast Tenderness
  226. Anyone else doing blood draws for hcg and progesterone?
  227. Materni T21 Blood test done?
  228. First Ultrasound
  229. Prenatals, Supplements, and all that Jazz
  230. Co-sleepers, I just don't get how it works with #2...
  231. Anyone else dreading telling work?
  232. Goodbye & Blessings
  233. Is August the best time to have a baby?
  234. Anyone else worried about chemicals?
  235. Whatcha Eating?
  236. Anyone else bleeding?
  237. Anyone else HUGE :)??
  238. Pos HPT at 8dpo and progressing but AF date is looming. Advice and calming needed.
  239. Anyone else opting to take progesterone?
  240. Nursing Mamas
  241. DDC Leaders Needed
  242. What books or courses would you recommend for preparing for this ride and the ultimate birth?
  243. Pregnancy Tea
  244. Anyone else not want to see a doctor at all during the first trimester?
  245. Any Vegan or Vegetarian Moms-To-Be?
  246. How are you staying sane?
  247. Pregnancy/ Childbirth Wish List
  248. breast pain and essential oils
  249. VBAC Mamas
  250. Is anyone still testing?