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: Vaccination Policies and Legislation

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  14. The state of Washington that has brought you
  15. Atheist wants to school Orthodox Rabbis in Torah
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  17. Hospitals in Toronto lose mask battle
  18. Does the CDC lie about taking money from Pharma
  19. Federal Register - Request for Information from
  20. Religious Exemptions and Comparing Vaccine Choice to Civil Rights
  21. Policies to get parents out of the way
  22. UC Berkeley Encounter
  23. F*** the Voters!
  24. Westchester increases Health Department’s power to fight infectious disease
  25. What happened to WI-38?
  26. The Real Reason for Exemption Bans
  27. Nassau County Health Officials urge parents to vaccinate their children -
  28. Spotted on Facebook - Doritos et al
  29. HPV vax...3...2...1
  30. Polly Tommey Unbanned from Australia
  31. 2020 Presidential Candidates on Forced Vax
  32. BMJ asks "Should measles vaccination be compulsory?"
  33. ME passes new law to outlaw non medical exemptions to vaccines
  34. Please Call! Help Stop SB 276!
  35. Vaccines on the federal level
  36. Because Going to the Dentist Just Isn't Fun Enough . . .
  37. Moving Speeches
  38. Stop Saying "Just Homeschool!"
  39. David & Goliath
  40. Future Shock
  41. Hag Samech
  42. Everything is Bigger In Texas!
  43. Eliminating Religious Exemptions in NY
  44. New California Proposals by Sen Pan
  45. Speech at the UN by N.Y Law Professor
  46. Not mentioned in the hearings today in Washington, D.C.
  47. Merck accused of stonewalling in mumps vaccine antitrust lawsuit
  48. Ever wonder why political candidates once elected do not keep their promises?
  49. Canada too?
  50. FDA Threatens Federal Forced Vax Policy
  51. 2019 State-by-State Round Up
  52. NY Religious exemption in jeopardy
  53. Hate Speech and Sen/Dr Pan
  54. The power of health insurance companies
  55. No vaccine but,
  56. Vaccine ingredient disclosure bill in AZ
  57. VAERS reporting
  58. The Argentine's New Vaccine Law Is A BluePrint for USA real ID
  59. Documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) reveal that government
  60. Lawsuit
  61. Vaccine Law
  62. Letter to WHO questions fast-tracking
  63. Elections and Vaccines - 2018
  64. Update from Australia
  65. Forcing vaccines on foster families
  66. Serbia has nasty vax pushing laws
  67. Turkey Set to Imprison Non-Compliant Parents
  68. Mindreading!
  69. The Demise of Bad Mommy Laws?
  70. China censors a vaccine scandal
  71. Two Samoan babies die after MMR
  72. Good news in Idaho
  73. Sen. Pan Telling Major Whopper?
  74. Sneaky approaches to forcing vaccines
  75. Similar strategy on vaccine bills?
  76. Has anything actually changed in Colorado?
  77. Simple way to improve vaccine administration safety
  78. Increased trust in vaccines?
  79. Strong, athletic, healthy serviceman
  80. NJ wants to test your sincerity
  81. Vaccination Exemptions
  82. Schedule an Appointment or Else!
  83. SIDS legal protocol
  84. California Proposition 65
  85. CDC 2016-1017 Coverage and Exemption Data
  86. Newspaper out of line?
  87. Influenza vaccine policy
  88. Seven Vaccine Bills
  89. Ethical lapse on human trial
  90. House resolution 327
  91. Next on the Chopping Block: Medical Exemptions
  92. New Year, New Legislation
  93. Are Your Pets Vaccinated?
  94. CDC ban on key phrases used in the vaccine debate
  95. Should Non-Vaxxed and Alterna-Vaxxed Kids be Denied Emergency Medical Care?
  96. Science Denial in U.S. House of Representatives
  97. Vaccine Choice and Single-Payer Health Care
  98. Orchestrating Global Mandatory vaccination
  99. California SB277 lawsuit update
  100. The global crackdown...
  101. Polly Tommey Banned from Australia for Three Years
  102. Is Bribery Informed Consent?
  103. AANP Then & Now
  104. Trump set to tap Georgia health commissioner as CDC head
  105. Oh, those Japanese!
  106. CA's Proposition 65 to the rescue
  107. Texas vaccine battles from the pro viewpoint
  108. Soccer dad threatens lawsuit after son benched for suspected measles
  109. No litigation? Lower product safety?
  110. Alert: HR1313 - would give employers right to mandatory vaccines for employees
  111. Trey Gowdy made Chairman of The House Oversight Committee
  112. Land of Fruits and Nuts Passes Single Payer Health Care Bill
  113. German Government Wants Kindergartners to Snitch On Their Parents
  114. OR Nurses: CPS Threats & Intervention OK to Increase Vax Rates
  115. California As a Testing Ground
  116. "It's Easier to Get an Exemption Than a Vaccine"
  117. Discussion in Europe about vaccine mandates
  118. Sneaky!
  119. Sixth grade vaccine requirements mess up school attendance
  120. "Public Health" and "National Security"
  121. What California and N. Korea Have in Common?
  122. Faith Healing Laws
  123. Fascinating Framing in this Forbes Article
  124. Should A Third Dose of MMR Be Added to the Schedule?
  125. Trump Chooses Scott Gottlieb to Head FDA
  126. New vaccine policy recommended
  127. One mom's argument for vaccine choice
  128. It appears Denmark sold its vaccine production
  129. Forced Vax Backer Want to Ban Home VBACs
  130. Ontario teacher found guilty of professional misconduct...
  131. Google just black listed Natural News
  132. New Jersey Bill to Eliminate Heb B Requirement for Small Children
  133. Petition: Congress subpoena Dr. William Thompson; investigate CDC; repeal 1986 Act
  134. Chiropractorsâ?? Association of Australia finally comes out in favor of immunization
  135. Baby to be vaccinated against mother's wishes
  136. Iowa vaccine battle: vaccine pushers say freedom is dangerous
  137. How fair is the vaccine court?
  138. New York
  139. Conflicts of interest in medicine
  140. CDC asks for public comments and then deletes some material
  141. RFK jr to meet Donald Trump today to discuss vaccines
  142. Daycare workers OHIO
  143. Father sues WA government after vaccine reaction
  144. Lawsuit over vaccines and employment
  145. Coping with pertussis in schools
  146. Vaccine Injury denial in the real world
  147. Physicians for Informed Consent
  148. 21st Century Cures Act: What Do You Think?
  149. SB18 worse than SB277
  150. Adding Gardasil to school requirements?
  151. Chiropractors in Texas: By Referral Only?
  152. Trump picks new Secretary of HHS...
  153. New Physician Organization
  154. Vaccine Holocaust
  155. Facebook, Google to Become Gatekeepers for "Real" News
  156. Australian nurses who spread anti-vaccination messages face prosecution
  157. Planning a policy change?
  158. Another win in NYC against flu vaccine for toddlers
  159. Court Rules Hospital Did Not Discriminate in Firing Worker for Refusing Flu Shot
  160. Parents in Texas complain about consent form
  161. Revoke the license of any doctor who opposes vaccination
  162. More on the SB277 RICO lawsuit
  163. Dr. Smith faces possible revocation of license
  164. Double Standard on the Campaign Trail?
  165. Vaccines Are Ineffective in Canada?
  166. Dr Bob Sears faces possible revocation of medical license
  167. Religious exemptions -- do they make sense?
  168. Marketing study for HPV Vaccines
  169. Let's All Coerce Women into Breastfeeding?
  170. Links to court documents on SB277
  171. Australian government calls policy a success...
  172. Judge: Lawsuit Against Merck’s MMR Vaccine Fraud to Continue
  173. Atty Patricia Finn's lawsuit
  174. Virginia! Another Attempt at Coercive Vaccination
  175. "No Religions are against Vaccines"
  176. Allegheny County HPV Vaccine mandate meeting
  177. VBS: Fully Vaccinated Children Only!
  178. SB277 lawsuit #2 will be filed in federal court tomorrow
  179. Academic freedom is dangerous and should be limited.
  180. Is this organization providing valid guidance to doctors?
  181. ACOG on refusing treatment...wouldn't it be nice if some of these points related to v
  182. Vaccine Mandates and the Military Draft
  183. Good Policy for Pertussis Outbreaks
  184. Fundamental questions about rights
  185. California Legislator criticizes new law on exemptions
  186. They used the word "force". But good news!
  187. Academic discussion of "No Vax, No Visit"
  188. Demands for safer vaccines are a big problem
  189. Are Doctors Who Boot "Non-Compliant" Families Shooting Themselves in the Foot?
  190. Could money drive policy?
  191. Pakistan: 55 Held Over Refusal to Vaccinate
  192. Do Bad Mommy Laws Work?
  193. Court cases in Turkey could turn out to be significant
  194. Who Should Research Vaccines?
  195. Evidence for and against mass support for vaccine mandates
  196. Test of theory
  197. Vaccination Policies and Legislation
  198. Acceptance or Resentment?
  199. Canada- Looking to tighten Vaccination exemptions
  200. Guidelines For Referencing Articles Or Studies From Another Site
  201. Vaccination Forum Guidelines