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  1. Living Under Fascism-sermon from UU church
  2. Soldiers who resist
  3. Announcement: Changes to Activism and War & Politics
  4. Same-sex couples win rights in Israel
  5. All hail to Caligula's horse
  6. Government Secrecy Oaths Imperil Public
  7. Lawsuit Claims CIA Officials Urged False Reporting on Iraqi Arms
  8. Still going strong (recounts and investigation)
  9. WH plugs 10 commandments displays
  10. Karl Rove
  11. We all knew the republicans stole the election again.... "vote switching"
  12. Troops Put Tough Questions to Rumsfeld
  13. Homeless Iraq vets showing up at shelters
  14. Seeking Quick Loans, Soldiers Race Into High-Interest Traps
  15. more evidence of torture of Iraqi prisoners
  16. The New Red Diaper Babies
  17. Ohio certifies Bush
  18. a sad little rant about, um, poverty
  19. Us or Them
  20. Pentagon advisory panel: 'They hate our policies, not our freedom'
  21. 2 C.I.A. Reports Offer Warnings on Iraq's Path
  22. Which worries you more?
  23. Iraqi Lullaby
  24. Origami Bomb
  25. ‘With Deepest Sympathy’
  26. In Iraq, the US Does Eliminate Those Who Dare to Count the Dead
  27. Cutting forces in Afganistan?
  28. Eight Soldiers Plan to Sue Over Army??s Stop-Loss Policy
  29. The Unnecessary Death of Pat Tillman
  30. It's only a matter of time
  31. Privatizing IRS debt collection
  32. The "unofficial" draft has started......
  33. The House of Representatives Judiciary Committee takes on Kenneth Blackwell
  34. Our freedom at risk…your thoughts please
  35. Let's get CSPAN/CNN to cover 12/8 Congressional forum on Ohio election fraud
  36. Dems of House Judiciary Comm. investigating OH
  37. ohio rally
  38. Assassin's Gate
  39. Health Care Crisis
  40. Ukraine Supreme Court Says Election Invalid
  41. something we can all agree with?
  42. White House getting used to idea of Shia government in Iraq
  43. Before you shop, find out which companies donated to which parties!
  44. Bill Clinton never should have pardoned this criminal!
  45. some abstinence programs mislead teens
  46. Fun map shows USA by red and blue counties
  47. Put your money ...............
  48. little old ladies in Switzerland, beware
  49. My cousin's tour was extended.
  50. regulating the Internet for 'security' reasons
  51. An honest question for our conservative mamas
  52. Now this is really scary.
  53. Does supporting our troops mean supporting the war?
  54. queer friebndly ads are not acceptable
  55. Let Freedom Ring!!!
  56. some thoughts on news
  57. Can you even imagine?!!
  58. Poems, letters and thoughts from US soldiers, their families and others.
  59. Today is "World AIDS Day"
  60. Margaret Hassan - read this...
  61. This is how bad politcal correctess has gotten
  62. December conservative chat
  63. December Progressive Chat!
  64. The Spy Ring At Gitmo Debacle
  65. Red Cross Finds Detainee Abuse in Guantánamo
  66. What happened to Iraq’s oil money?
  67. 10,000 additional soldiers, Marines to secure Iraq elections
  68. U.S. generals told of detainee abuse early
  69. inclusivity "too controversial"
  70. CONCERNED VOTERS!! Call to Action in OHIO
  71. Bush goes to Canada............
  72. Interesting info on Social Security
  73. Italy's General Strike... anyone here participate?
  74. Tom Ridge Resigns
  75. seek info on charities helping in Iraq or Afghanistan?
  76. help, i need a quick resource on NCLB
  77. War, Politics, and why societies collapse.
  78. Looks like Kerry is finally getting involved....
  79. For those who support the war in Iraq and aren't too scared to check this out...
  80. When will we hear the results of the recounts, or "audits?"
  81. Still Bummed Kerry Lost
  82. Some things Americans beleive
  83. Big Media's Democracy Double Standards
  84. Zarqawi seems a little disheartened by the Fallujah fight....
  85. Check out this interactive graph to learn more about our 1000 fallen soldiers
  86. Odd question.....
  87. Audit: Halliburton unit lost govt. property in Iraq and Kuwait
  88. A nice lighter thread for W & P....
  89. *Some* November election votes may be counted!!!
  90. "I support the troops."
  91. How Thanksgiving became an official holiday...
  92. Compulsory voting
  93. 'Something Was Not Right': Cameraman Goes Public on Video Footage of Marines
  94. Iraq: The Uncounted Wounded
  95. Malnutrition Rising Among Iraq's Children
  96. Mr "War President" is buying back pres yacht
  97. On a lighter note..
  98. Dahr Jamail
  99. The Onion hits the mark once again!
  100. How do you keep from getting overwhelmed?
  101. Red states support the war, blue states pay for it.
  102. Raising the "credit limit" for the deficit!
  103. US National Debt Clock
  104. Red Cross Estimates 800 Iraqi Civilians Killed in Fallujah
  105. Clinton's inspiring speech at opening of his library
  106. How low can you go? Republicans lower ethical standards
  107. The Cons want to shut this man up!
  108. Instead of catching the real terrorists
  109. US expected to boost troop levels in Iraq
  110. Spy vs Spy: Porter Goss
  111. How Electronic Voting Actually Works (joke)
  112. Bush's likely tax proposal
  113. Well done study from UC Berkeley documents excess e-votes for Bush in Florida
  114. letter to bush about the bible
  115. immigrant detainees beaten, attacked with dogs
  116. Were sorry everybody.com
  117. "They are Risking Their Lives for Us"
  118. the world leaders view on global warming
  119. Here is a place you can play with Bush's face!
  120. Congressional investigation underway
  121. too funny!
  122. Apologies Accepted
  123. California's Letter of Secession
  124. Religion, rationality and Bush
  125. Former G.I.'s, Ordered to War, Fight Not to Go
  126. Uncounted Box of Ballots Found in Florida, by employee cleaning a desk
  127. Amending the Constitution for Foreigners
  128. Repubs want to allow indicted folks (ie, DeLay) to remain in leadership post
  129. Why isn't anyone talking about the oil for food scandal
  130. Margaret Hassan- may she rest in peace
  131. Karl Rove is in the running...
  132. Fallujah in Pictures
  133. Politics and Language
  134. what religion should be...
  135. Civilians shot trying to leave Fallujah
  136. oops
  137. and another one bites the dust.....
  138. Irrefutable Evidence: Ohio election rigged, The numbers don't lie!!
  139. The votes in Ohio will be recounted!
  140. Stats RE: IQ and who they voted for
  141. WA residents - who is going to win the governor's seat?
  142. Un-American (have you seen this?)
  143. Christians who do not support the religious right sign this petition!
  144. "Leave our homos alone"
  145. Colin Powell Just Resigned, others to follow today!!
  146. Psychological trauma seen in US soldiers returning from Iraq: report
  147. Whats the deal with France????
  148. Assume the position...or is that just a warm-up for "sieg heil"?
  149. is there something we can do for Iraq civilians?
  150. do you pray for Iraqi civilians too?
  151. Schwarzenneger's 2008 Presidential Bid????
  152. Interesting article: allegations of systematic vote fraud
  153. Bush Facing Domestic Challenges
  154. Anybody see Charlie Rose on voting irregularities??
  155. On the subject of stealing from the Palestinians ...
  156. Cheney in hospital
  157. Understanding the Truth (and lies) About Liberals and Conservatives
  158. Election glitch found in Indiana
  159. Support the troops? Give them insurance!
  160. Our Puppet President
  161. werenotsorry.com
  162. Could Someone Explain To Me
  163. Does anyone feel like Bush will be sticking his nose where it does not belong again ?
  164. Sign help?
  165. November 15 2004-service announcement
  166. "Give Bush a Brain" game
  167. Very interesting article: exit polls vs. vote tallies
  168. Chinese Muslims Held at Gitmo to Be Freed
  169. Hey, SleepingQueen
  170. Badnarik, Cobb, Nader call for recounts
  171. States Ranking re: Education
  172. my friend kama...please add your own story
  173. Immigration
  174. Bush is NOT pro-life. He signed a measure allowing abortion by minors
  175. If you had problems voting because of your local system...
  176. "Confiscate excess returns" to fund SS privatization
  177. when it ain't the queers' fault....
  178. Ohio! Act now--were you disenfranchised?
  179. 'Groundhog Day' in Iraq
  180. if you thought they couldn't do worse than Ashcroft...
  181. Help this liberal understand...
  182. George Bush Senior on Iraq
  183. Plans for secession
  184. Inauguration 2004
  185. Veterans Day
  186. ROFL. Matt Lauer sticks it to Lynn Cheney
  187. "Cat Stevens" awarded peace prize--oh, the irony!
  188. Dark Secrets of the Bohemian Grove
  189. Dean as DNC chair?
  190. And now for something on the lighter side...
  191. bush and increasing abortion rates
  192. Aaaahh!!!!
  193. Arafat has died - What will happen now
  194. CA settles suit against Diebold for 2.6M
  195. one more map..a little bit different from the usual red/blue
  196. Bush's policy director? Hey maybe The Pearls can get a cabinet spot too!!!
  197. Blue states vs. red states
  198. holy moly - tanks on the streets of LA
  199. Blue state morals vs. red state morals--new rule
  200. anarchist chat
  201. Nailing the Guilty
  202. at least He's a Christian!
  203. Guilianni 2008??
  204. Call to Action--Voting investigation
  205. Two words: Barack Obama
  206. Election 2004- Interesting cartograms adjusted for population density
  207. Alaska oil
  208. Let's talk about Gonzales
  209. Help America Recount needs donations
  210. Sorry Everybody
  211. Are you asking for a dictatorship?
  212. A survey of sorts....
  213. terrorist strategy
  214. Gay rights: a modest proposal
  215. watch "voter fraud" and "votergate"
  216. Bush Ear Prompter Video
  217. 'watching Tragedy Engulf My City'
  218. Gay Marriage law discussion on air next - PRI
  219. ashcroft resigning for second term
  220. Voter Fraud news on the air! finally
  221. Rant! (media related)
  222. Its Official: Attorney General John Ashcroft has resigned
  223. War on Civilians
  224. At my work...
  225. If you voted Bush b/c you are anti-choice...
  226. Arafat... A coincidence?
  227. Important - Women's Health Issue: UPDATE!!!
  228. Clip from Keith Olberman (MSNBC): Election "irregularities" ???
  229. Kerry's back
  230. Bush Supporters - what do you think of this Neo-con Agenda for Bush's Second Term?
  231. More on voting fraud. This is scary
  232. Positive stuff
  233. Word on the street in Washington D.C.
  234. Are you suffering from PESTS?
  235. Fascism Anyone?
  236. the "sorry everybody" website is now back online
  237. Have you ever thought of boycotting...
  238. I can't resist...
  239. but, but, there is no global warming, right???
  240. Court Ruling Halts Guantanamo Hearings
  241. We need a moment of silence to mourn the loss of the seperation of church and state..
  242. Kinda sorta sweet
  243. informative boycott site
  244. The European press about Voting Fraud
  245. New Rule
  246. Corporate Sponsors
  247. The REAL Winners of the Election Chime In
  248. Reach out and sneer: Dem radicals speak to the Red States
  249. Voter REform
  250. Palestinian Authority faces financial crisis