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  1. cleary sage and breastfeeding
  2. Macrosomia
  3. Birth Professionals (Archive)
  4. Vasa Previa...can any of you ladies give me some info? x posted in I'm Pregnant
  5. Heartbeat irregularity at 18 weeks
  6. birth mark on libia majora?
  7. What is my body doing!?
  8. CBE Class Curriculum... Pelvis
  9. Need Advise?!
  10. Birth assistants and milage reimbursement
  11. Are these herbal supplements ok to take?
  12. GBS carrier - question for midwives
  13. What q's should I ask potential doulas?
  14. How do "stork bites" happen?
  15. Bleeding question
  16. Client-friend w/bicornuate uterus
  17. A question about baby aspirin
  18. XP about VBAC after classical incision
  19. Midwifery today?
  20. fundal height measurements
  21. bleeding question
  22. Completely hypothethical Anonymous poll for midwives
  23. Placenta Previa and Amniotic Sheet
  24. What can I do for my midwife friend (loss mentioned)
  25. Just a small vent
  26. Any idea what this could be please?
  27. For DONA PP ladies!
  28. Need some feedback on my creative research project.
  29. acceptable blood glucose numbers?
  30. Marginal placenta previa & natural birth
  31. How did you know, and then how did you do it?
  32. growing a smaller baby
  33. Gbs +
  34. Birth in another part of the state -what would you charge
  35. Measuring Baby at 35 weeks?
  36. Doula question
  37. Would you take a client like me?
  38. Questions for CBE
  39. is anyone else...
  40. Child Birth Educators Question
  41. sewing the cervix shut?
  42. Questions about pushing
  43. Crackling bones-what are they screening newborn for?
  44. How to Name your Business?
  45. postpartum psychosis
  46. Wanted: Online-Midwife for birth in September
  47. Haptonomy - looking for midwife/doula
  48. Could use your thoughts - cervix length revisited
  49. Question for all the midwives and docs on this forum re: cervical polyp and labor
  50. ? for the Midwives about fear
  51. IUD question (serious matter)- cross post
  52. The accuracy of ultrasounds?
  53. Smell of Lochia?
  54. Birth Ball Covers
  55. Birthing Pros--career/education question
  56. Anybody use this to study for the NARM
  57. pau d'arco
  58. PMH of uterine fibroid surgery - HELP!
  59. Weird cervix question...
  60. Thanks, I got it!
  61. Birth Arts International Childbirth Education Training
  62. Pre-e in subsequent pregnancies
  63. huge blood clots? normal?
  64. What could have happened? Is this likely to happen again?
  65. ALACE got back to me!
  66. recovery from blood loss
  67. question about baby positioning
  68. Question on pph and placenta
  69. Cross Posted - ? about M/C
  70. Your take on *low* fluid levels?
  71. (cross posted) Looking for San Francisco midwife
  72. spin-off to "midwifery programs??"-AAMI and apprenticeship (pamamidwife maybe?)
  73. if suppressing, ~how long until 1st pp period?
  74. 4 wks PP, feels like nonstop mentrual cramps. Normal?
  75. breaking water to check for meconium?
  76. Referred Left Shoulder Pain??
  77. Thoughts? VBA2C, Bicornuate Uterus...
  78. Two Severe Lacerations
  79. "Half a Uterus?"
  80. What causes women to spill protein in their urine?
  81. Looking for a book
  82. Cervix question
  83. Question for Michigan MW's
  84. just a thought i have had..vbac related
  85. no midwife for me? So very, very sad....
  86. Induction and GD question
  87. Sciatica -32 weeks - cant afford to go on maternity -motrin?? positive UPDATE 21
  88. Switching CBE certification to ICEA?
  89. other types of oxygen
  90. Copy of an article from 'The Practising Midwife' ?
  91. ? about OB and legalities...
  92. Would you want an evaluation 3 years post birth?
  93. Twin birth question...two really
  94. "Appropriate Behavior" During Labor... Brain Storming
  95. Fetal Heart Rate dropping in labour...
  96. Childbirth Int'l or DONA
  97. U/S to r/o Ectopic PG
  98. Incompetent Cervix 101
  99. Midwifery Education Grants
  100. 20 Week U/S, 21 mm cervix, second baby
  101. Homebirth with a clotting disorder
  102. Uterine "Tonus"? Help my friend in Ukraine?
  103. Don't know how I'm going to be a midwife
  104. MWs - what herbs/ homeopathics/ etc do you carry
  105. Is this normal and ok?
  106. Positive C/S Links
  107. Home Birth Saftey Handout
  108. PPD herbal supplement advice please
  109. childbirth with no cervix?
  110. I broke my tailbone...
  111. Have to share this quote with my fellow midwives
  112. Midwife programs??
  113. Black Cohosh?????
  114. Natural induction methods
  115. Malpractice question for Doulas
  116. advice on getting receipt & charges submitted
  117. My Brest Friend?
  118. Why do I hemorrhage?
  119. Question for well... everyone
  120. CBI doulas
  121. Anyone going to the Midwifery Today Conference?
  122. Macrosomia
  123. Am I doing the wrong thing here?
  124. Is this in within the scope of a PP Doula?
  125. Here's a fun one for you doulas out there..
  126. more aspiring midwife questions
  127. Evening Primrose Oil?
  128. sensitive cervix
  129. GBS+ alternative to abx
  130. Postpartum Doula, certification necessary??
  131. Peritoneal Adhesions
  132. supra urethral tear
  133. Are we allowed to talk about business here?
  134. Student Midwife Tribe
  135. midwives practice question
  136. I want to share my ER m/c experience, and ask a ?
  137. Midwifery Opinions
  138. How dangerous is it...?
  139. Red ring around baby's eyes?
  140. Eating the placenta?
  141. Inducing a miscarriage
  142. Tria or huntleigh?
  143. Read at your own risk...
  144. Graves Disease and Pregnancy?
  145. WWYD- doppler repair
  146. ? about Foley Bulb used for Induction
  147. Why would there BE scar tissue there?
  148. Induction Techniques List
  149. Fibroids & VBAC Advice
  150. Healing from traumatic birth
  151. Any CPMs who have taken the NARM PEP Skills Assessment?
  152. Advice for avoiding repeat c/s
  153. Looking for midwife to assist twin homebirth
  154. Help I need links to studies
  155. Aspiring midwife
  156. Looking for people who have experience withTENS...
  157. Looking for people who have experience wtih TENS...
  158. MWs/
  159. Implantation or Ovulation Pain??
  160. ? For MW where did my birth go wrong?
  161. Postpartum doulas, some questions
  162. Midwife in Central wisconsin
  163. non stress tests
  164. Question re: fetal movements
  165. CAPPA Childbirth Educator Training- Tampa Bay
  166. alace
  167. Single Umbilical Artery
  168. tips for learning nutrition info
  169. Cpd
  170. anyone birthed at Danbury birth center?
  171. Does Previous Abortion Have an Impact?
  172. Doula in SF
  173. Question about "stations..."
  174. White Blood Cells in Urine - How do you handle this?
  175. Birth Ended in C-Section and Client doesn't want to pay half....
  176. Childbirth Yantra Workshop in Seattle
  177. Midwifery Self-Study
  178. Wearing gloves for a water birth
  179. baby too small so they're inducing?
  180. doulas scared of Dr.'s? you work with?
  181. Finishing a miscarriage
  182. Doulas - How do you go back to the hospital after a homebirth?
  183. iron levels in twin pregnancy; need advice/opinions
  184. Possibe retained piece of membranes ~ EEK! Need quick info!
  185. For fun, what do you as a MW, CBE, or DOULA want on your cell phone?
  186. writing policies and protocols: NARM
  187. Risk factors for incompetant cervix?
  188. Lactation Councellor Training online?
  189. RRL, EPO, and HBAC
  190. Doula Group Practice
  191. question aboout fibroid and RRL?
  192. Question about "bloody show"
  193. Approaching a MW about apprenticeship
  194. Purchasing a doppler
  195. Supporting birth after full term loss
  196. The Farm's midwifery workshops?
  197. Lactation Consultant?
  198. Teaching from your house?
  199. emotionally rejected by my old midwife
  200. meconium?
  201. Was this true CPD?
  202. Not feeling the effects of oxytocin?
  203. Best herbs for cutting off PPH
  204. Asher Dean: A Doula's Beautiful Cesarean Birth (xposted in vbac and birth professionals)
  205. Question For the Natural Birth Advocates
  206. Question about a laceration
  207. Question about a laceration
  208. x-posted: ultrasounds
  209. Natural prenatal without RRL?
  210. business of being born
  211. Gloria Lemay
  212. Active Management of Third Stage
  213. do I really need another c-section?
  214. to give/or not give eye drops/ointment????
  215. any Midwives go to Maternidad La Luz
  216. Mothers Milk Tea Question
  217. Summit Doppler VS. Medsonics Tria??
  218. Tell me about a "stretch and sweep" ~ Edit, nevermind, baby is here!!!
  219. some encouragement needed
  220. neat nick heel lancet--how do i use it?
  221. 40 wks, not dialated or effaced
  222. doula websites/brochures/contracts
  223. Question about measuring dilation
  224. anti-c antibodies
  225. shenadoah's cnm program
  226. baby swallowing blood
  227. Cervix questions
  228. cord prolapse,meconium, what other reasons would i be transferred to hospital from homebirth?
  229. Sample Doula Invoice?
  230. Taking vitex while on Provera?
  231. Your favorite foods when you attend a home birth
  232. Am I miscarrying? Any way to prevent it?
  233. What's up with ALACE?
  234. Doula Question(s)
  235. Anyone work with a mom on bloodthinners?
  236. Doulas: question about declining a client
  237. true CPD?
  238. Herbs for psoriasis?
  239. Why Did you become a Midwife?
  240. birth activism abroad
  241. When do overlapped skull bones correct?
  242. Deso anyone know when the midwifery today forums
  243. Being anemic can increase your chances of hemorrhage?
  244. NYT Article - Doulas & LCs
  245. certified nurse midwives who deliver twins in seattle/eastside
  246. Air Force Midwife program
  247. The new NRP guidelines
  248. Responding to records requests?
  249. What is it called when...