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  1. We need a miracle
  2. INO child-proofing items....
  3. Really wanting: mei tai, kozy carrier or like...
  4. IDNO: Mama Pads!!
  5. INO: wool wash
  6. IDNO: Size 3x maternity clothes OR a XL winter coat for DD
  7. INO diapers and clothes
  8. IDNO inserts for my fuzzibuns
  9. Please help, need winter clothes for my kids! *updated*
  10. I think were good on clothes for the time being, they are great, thanks everyone
  11. INO funds for milkotab
  12. INO: bedwetter pants or similar
  13. does any MDC fairys have 9-12m clothes for a needy girl?
  14. INO 2T Training Pants
  15. DISO nursing scrubs, boy clothes, and groceries
  16. Dh unemployed. Really need cloth diapers.
  17. Really hoping for a wrap
  18. INO of Groceries
  19. FOUND: A nice momma sent to me :) IDNO/IDSO Medela Pumping Parts
  20. Dear Faries, I would really like a sling.
  21. INO: Groceries
  22. INO wet bag...plz someone..LOL
  23. INO large Aio's for lil miss bellas
  24. Our wishlist and reason why
  25. How to get on fairy list
  26. Thank you Julie and other mamas!!
  27. (Taken): Mesh ring sling (need postage)
  28. Dear Fairies,
  29. In Need Faries
  30. Dear Faeries, We Need Just A Little More! (Updated)
  31. If I may ask...
  32. ISO Medela Pump In Style Breastpump
  33. Anybody need Lansinoh pads?
  34. plz plz plz someone help us.. and our lil girl
  35. On my hands and knees....
  36. Dear Fairy...a little dust this way please
  37. Dear Fairy, we need...
  38. Dear Fairy I need a breastpump
  39. Dear Fairy
  40. dear diaper fairy
  41. Thank you momuveight2B
  42. Thank you Emi Beans!!!
  43. Dear Fairy, this child needs some fairy dust!
  44. Thank You gossamer!
  45. Found!!! :)
  46. Dear Fairy, I need a birthing ball.
  47. Idno:babe Towels & Cloth Wipes, I'm Due Soon!
  48. IDNO NB layette
  49. 2007 Fairy List
  50. PLEASE help with selected items if possible... She is coming soon
  51. Please help!
  52. We are in serious ned on CD'd and or slings
  53. I wish you all the best with fairies
  54. deleted
  55. Updated post #1...can we have a lil more Fairy Dust due in 6wks...
  56. Fairy, can you hear me? I need help :(
  57. Need your Fairy Love!
  58. We have nothing
  59. Thank you MDC Fairy!
  60. Dear Fairy - please help us if you can
  61. OOOOOH Dearest fairy, please hear me!
  62. in need of a pouch size small for a needy mom
  63. Thank you sling Fairy.. froma greatfull momma
  64. Thank You Fairy!!!
  65. Thank You Fairy!!!
  66. Dear Fairy.. i need mama pads BAD!!!!
  67. Thank you
  68. MDC fairy, we need a new pot BAD
  69. Dear MDC Fairy,
  70. IDNO patterns and CD, Thank you
  71. Could anyone spare any prefolds?
  72. deleting
  73. MDC fairy, idno homeschooling supplies
  74. Please fairy please, I need your help!
  75. Joining the Fairy list question!
  76. Dear MDC Fairy (we're broke) and NEED updated Found something
  77. Dear fairies - could someone spare a folding travel potty seat ?
  78. Soft shoes for a new walker!
  79. Mei Tais or soft shoes?
  80. Dear Fairies, Help a mama and her dd out.
  81. ~HUGE Thank You to AKAmommy and Frowningfrog!!!!!!~
  82. MDC please help me find the answers!
  83. Does anyone need baby clothes?
  84. Dear Fairies - help me save my bedsheets
  85. Thank you
  86. Fairy Circle swap
  87. 2006 Fairy List (Hope no one minds a spinoff.)
  88. Could someone verify that I'm on the list ?
  89. Dear Fairy - Help me switch to cloth....
  90. tricia80...list
  91. Thank you!
  92. Faerying Nursing Bras 42B
  93. Is it too late to get on the list?
  94. Any fairies with rice-paper liners??
  95. Homeless Pregnant Mama ~ How Can I Help??
  96. can someone fairy me a ?
  97. Could I have been fairied even though I'm not on the list???
  98. Who Sent These??? Blue Washies from the Fairy???
  99. I need to be faired =(
  100. Was I Fairied???
  101. Why am I not on the list
  102. Thank you CA Fairy..
  103. I just found this forum - I GOT FAIRIED!
  104. I think I might have gotten faeried?
  105. Foster_SK
  106. raven, sent you a P.M.
  107. I got fairied!!!
  108. I posted this in "Diaper Fairy" but...
  109. Come on people!!!
  110. I got...
  111. Names for Fairy List
  112. Hmm. how about a *reverse* fairy?
  113. MDC Fairy Circle: What is it? How to join...
  114. Fairy Forum