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  1. Hello
  2. mirena iud?
  3. What Are Your Babes Doing Now?
  4. Thank you for your sympathy
  5. Rainer Matthew Keegan Rest in peace 12-12-05
  6. Announcing the arrival of Cade Harris!!
  7. baby FINALLY came out
  8. here are the babies...
  9. Connor's Birth Did Not Go As Planned
  10. bailey228-where are you?
  11. C'mon over to Life with a Babe!!
  12. I need some help (It was reflux - thanks!!!)
  13. bailey228 & other October Mamas who haven't birthed yet...
  14. Late Posting--Signe Arete has arrived
  15. My UC birth
  16. How Big is Your Baby Now?
  17. Creeley Quinn is here!
  18. Anyone left?
  19. Baby Kaia is here!
  20. Mastitis anyone?
  21. baby pictures!
  22. Very late announcement and BIG THANK YOU TO ALL
  23. how do you get your kiddo to calm down?
  24. need compelling evidence AGAINST induction at 42 weeks
  25. So...who delivered last?
  26. Green Faery
  27. Baby Blues
  28. postpartum headache
  29. my body is just not responding
  30. Mamas of two, how is it going?
  31. October baby chat thread
  32. DD is 4 weeks old already...some pics
  33. birth story..very long
  34. Rainer Matthew Keegan- finished the story
  35. Reactions to homebirth
  36. So what happens next on this forum?
  37. Rowan's VERY LONG birth story
  38. Baby is finally here!
  39. jaundice?
  40. pics of my little girls
  41. I found my ankles!!!
  42. im in labor!
  43. my birth story (sorry, very long)
  44. Clots at 11 days postpartum?
  45. Our little girl has a name!
  46. Annika is here!!
  47. Pictures -birth and then some
  48. Kahlan is here!
  49. Who is Still Waiting Now?
  50. what to take for afterpains?
  51. Ember Rune: birth announcment, pic, and story
  52. SEEKING homebirth supplies
  53. Otis Ray Is Here
  54. omg, I LOVE the chiropractor!
  55. A picture of our baby!
  56. Well, I *thought* I was going to have a baby.
  57. My babe arrived!
  58. Samuel Wilson arrived on October 21!!
  59. dont have to change my user name!
  60. Come and read Kayleigh Grace's birth story.... post # 11, pictures added
  61. Where did my contractions go?
  62. Ethan's homebirth story
  63. Today's the day!
  64. contractions getting closer and stronger!
  65. My beloved
  66. my little man is here!
  67. Finn 's birth movie
  68. any last belly pics?
  69. here we go again
  70. Noah James is here!!!!! UPDATED with birth story~long story
  71. My baby is here!
  72. our little pixie babe
  73. Is my baby going to fall out??
  74. The fast, fantastic homebirth of Freyja Naunet Agape
  75. I'm not pregnant anymore!
  76. They are not going away tonight
  77. Um, can you dream yourself into labor?
  78. roll call: who is still waiting?
  79. I'm confused
  80. Hey, I'm having surges!
  81. What to do?
  82. omg...i think i'm nesting!!!
  83. so it begins.....
  84. I'm very discouraged right now
  85. 5 days past EDD
  86. I'm confused? What is it???
  87. No, I don't want to have my cervix checked!!!
  88. onlyboys/Amanda had her baby!
  89. Michael Henry Is Here!
  90. Baby movement
  91. My iron levels
  92. Finally Jonathan's birth story (from a "Sept. mama")
  93. Alyona's Birth Story!
  94. What this Pregnancy has Taught Me
  95. My NST and a major breakdown
  96. October DDC Moms who have birthed - check in here!
  97. 40 week appt
  98. Ethan James is here!
  99. Still going....
  100. Today is My Due Date
  101. My water broke!
  102. midwife appt
  103. Feeling peaceful, please don't hate me
  104. Why are those last few weeks/days so MISERABLE and LONG???
  105. Arrrrgh!
  106. non-stress test?
  107. Argh, don't know what to do
  108. Nothing, nada, zip ...
  109. Is it possible?
  110. I have a cold
  111. anyone keeping their placenta?
  112. Note to Baby: Full moon tonight
  113. ACK!!! Pregnancy brain!
  114. How do you keep busy?
  115. i'm still not ready!
  116. Rough night..no baby
  117. how do you treat thrush?
  118. So for the loooooonnnngg prodromal labors...
  119. Trent Alexander is earthside, at last!
  120. Big thank you
  121. i got the cutest thing!
  122. Happy due date to me!
  123. I guess she's just not ready
  124. it's my due date
  125. I'm soooo ready!!!!!!!!
  126. Cramps, Backache & Bad Sleep, Oh My!
  127. birth story
  128. Annika Journey!
  129. Who else is past due?
  130. Let's get this show on the road already!!!
  131. short labours and big babies!
  132. Shes here
  133. baby's got a birth date
  134. Quinn's Birth Story
  135. 39 week appt
  136. Help! 38w6d today and I think my DR wants to start talking induce next week....
  137. Ana Inez!
  138. feel like i wasted the day
  139. Not ready
  140. Yet another unplanned UC!
  141. Vitamin K?
  142. 5 Days Past EDD - sigh....
  143. Tingling boobs
  144. 38 week ultrasound pic
  145. Welcome Baby Finn!
  146. Link to Aurelia Mae's Birth Story
  147. Baby Joey is here
  148. Please tell me this is good for something
  149. Today is my EDD
  150. After all my whining...
  151. We're going to do a homebirth!!
  152. Monday roll call!
  153. Early labor maybe?
  154. haye jude is here =)
  155. Staying focused
  156. LONG latent phase/prodromal labor
  157. Still Pregnant!
  158. Baby head-butting his way out?
  159. Strange conception stories?
  160. Katherine Quinn is here!
  161. How long did your body 'prepare' for the birth of your 2nd child?
  162. I get so upset with mainstream!
  163. Maybe soon?
  164. Birth photos
  165. Holy smokes, I'm going to have a baby!
  166. 38 week appt
  167. yet another name thread- need help
  168. I think I spontaneously grew another baby in there!!
  169. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!
  170. Yay!!! GBS swab was negative!
  171. my iron levels.
  172. Oh my, didn't mean to be rude...
  173. Roll Call for Sept. Mama's who haven't birthed yet
  174. Our baby girl is finally here-UPDATED with name
  175. Matthew's fast and UC birth story
  176. Felicity has arrived after 1 hr 15 mins of labor!
  177. Too Anxious
  178. Things you shouldn't say to me
  179. We need baby stats!
  180. Our baby boy is here!!!
  181. Our girl arrived October 1st!!!
  182. Pot Belly Pig
  183. sleep...sweet sleep!
  184. Measuring dilation?
  185. Just another weight gain thread..
  186. Aurelia Mae has finally arrived!!!
  187. Anyone else experiencing this?
  188. lilypie counters?
  189. Ergggghhh! Medical intervention rant!!
  190. What food/drink will you have on hand for labor?
  191. Newest Sept/Oct mamas....
  192. Advice on hospital visitors?
  193. Hi from the Nov DDC!!!
  194. Emotional wreck!
  195. stupid question
  196. Updates!
  197. Our little man is here!
  198. had my baby! :)
  199. What is going on? (Could contain tmi for some)
  200. essential oils for labor & birth
  201. Ouch! Pelvic pressure
  202. Feeling so emotional
  203. Anyone hear of this?
  204. New
  205. spina bifida mama update-- updated again
  206. Need sleep
  207. Hello from the Sept. due date board
  208. 37 weeks!
  209. 39 week midwife appt
  210. The Birth of Aidan Thomas
  211. It's October!!!
  212. Afterpains
  213. The Unassisted Birth of Piper Mackenzie
  214. questions
  215. I wonder who
  216. Piper Mackenzie is here!
  217. Wondering about after the baby...
  218. Eclipse had her baby this morning!
  219. Is anyone feeling scared of labor pain?
  220. My dd said
  221. What my toddler has been saying....
  222. Fooled by early labor today!
  223. 40 week appointment
  224. Hello...*very* late intro
  225. so, give me a refresher course on pee vs. amniotic fluid
  226. SO nausious
  227. lost my mucous plug this afternoon!
  228. Midwife appt today
  229. Welcome Jane Katherine!
  230. my doc got hit by a car--it wasn't me, i swear!
  231. can't fit in maternity clothes
  232. so, who else is feeling like a "bad mom" in these last few weeks?
  233. lost my mucous plug
  234. Lurkers...come out!
  235. emergency visit: UPDATE number #10 or something ;)
  236. What's going on? Maybe a bit TMI?
  237. Anyone nervous about nursing?
  238. I HATE prodomal labor!!!!!!!!
  239. I feel like I have one brain cell. If that.
  240. Those who have names picked out
  241. How has your DH been during your pregnancy?
  242. Anybody accident prone?
  243. New weekly chat thread
  244. Griffin Patrick-His silent birth story
  245. He's here!
  246. Favorite Diaper Stash Item
  247. Let's pick a date
  248. The latest
  249. Ack! He flipped posterior!
  250. partner's a jerk