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  1. Naturopathic Clinic
  2. Chicken Pox in California -
  3. Garlic or catnip tea for fever reduction?
  4. 3 y.o and Co sleeping
  5. Treatment for head lice
  6. need a non vax friendly ped. in northern NJ
  7. I need holistic advice about my 2 1/2 yo toddler's bowel movements
  8. Natural Parenting News
  9. Teachers Speak Out Against Common Core With Heartbreaking Stories
  10. Father's Age at Conception May Shape Child's Mental Health
  11. ACOG Says Cesarean Delivery "Overused," Sets New Guidelines for Reduction
  12. Graco Recalls Millions of Unsafe Car Seat Buckles
  13. Do We Believe There's A "Perfect Age?"
  14. School Throws Away Lunches Because Kids Can't Pay: Man Steps Up to Help
  15. Groundbreaking US Study Finds Homebirth Safe for Low-Risk Women
  16. National Freedom Day
  17. What's the Value of a SAHM? Career Site Puts Real Dollar Value on the Work of Stay-at-Home Parents
  18. UAE Law to Make Breastfeeding Mandatory Until Age Two
  19. Do introverts have a harder time parenting in today's world?
  20. Today California Declared Drought State of Emergency
  21. Bad Weather Disrupts Donated Breast Milk Pipeline
  22. How to Talk to Little Girls
  23. How working out during your pregnancy affects your baby's health
  24. Angel Care Monitor Recall
  25. 5 Things Parents Should Not Say To Non-Parents
  26. New Poll: Americans Think Women Should Start Having Children Earlier than Men
  27. A Protein in Breastmilk Fights HIV Transmission
  28. 37 Weeks is No Longer a Full Term Pregnancy According to ACOG
  29. Babies Smell Good To Make You Care
  30. Capitol Chase Driver Had Postpartum Depression, Baby in Car
  31. Henci Goer's Childbirth U
  32. Stressed out?
  33. Do Home Births Lead to More Stillborn Babies?
  34. New Federal Rule Requires Schools to Provide Healthier Snack Options for Kids
  35. Parenting as a Spiritual Practice
  36. Money Motivating Docs to Do More C-Sections. :-(
  37. School is a Prison
  38. Reducing fear of birth in U.S. culture - Inspiring TED Talk by Ina May Gaskin
  39. Teenagers and Sex
  40. Breastfeeding for Six Months Can Delay Cancer Onset by a Decade
  41. Increased Incidence of Autism Linked to Drugs Used to Stimulate Contractions
  42. Children's Menu History
  43. Modern parenting may hinder brain development, research shows
  44. Dolphin Parenting
  45. Autism-Phobia
  46. Kate MIddleton's Deemed "Gorgeous" One Day After Giving Birth. Should We Care?
  47. Midwives Become Critical in War Zones
  48. San Francisco may be the first city in the US to adopt a flexible work schedule for parents
  49. Breastfeeding Note From Pizza Waitress Pays It Forward
  50. Study Finds Benefits in Delayed Cord Clamping
  51. Irregular Bedtimes May Affect Children's Brains
  52. The Link Between Childhood Conscientiousness and Adult Happiness
  53. Getting Insurance to Pay for Midwives
  54. How could you forget your child in a car? It could happen to anyone, experts say.
  55. American Way of Birth, Costliest in the World
  56. 'Positive Parenting' approach under attack in Britian
  57. Do your kids not like eating vegetables? Make them watch this video!
  58. How Sex Stereotypes Harm Girls
  59. Is Obesity a Disease?
  60. 8 "Foods" We Eat in the USA That are Banned in Other Countries
  61. New Study: Breastfeeding May Help Children Move Up the Social Ladder
  62. Only Children
  63. Academia and the "Baby Penalty"
  64. Venezuela Considers Banning Bottle Feeding to Promote Breastfeeding
  65. Europe bans images of cute babies on formula packaging
  66. Brown Study: MRI imaging shows breastfed babies have enhanced development in key parts of the brain
  67. The benefits and risks of freezing your eggs
  68. More Breast Feeding Could Save Billions and Prevent Thousands of Breast Cancer Cases
  69. MomsRising Pushes Back After Fox News, Mississippi Gov Blame Decline of America on Working Moms
  70. Are Quinoa, Chia Seeds, and Other "Superfoods" a Scam?
  71. Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes
  72. Yahoo CEO banned work from home then built a nursery for her newborn next to her office
  73. First Genetic Markers That Predict Postpartum Depression
  74. New Study Shows Health Importance of Exclusive Breastfeeding
  75. Support the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act
  76. Mom Fired for Artificial Insemination Pregnancy Takes Stand
  77. US mothers increasingly main family breadwinner
  78. FBI distributes child porn in sting operation
  79. Fathers Can Recognize Their Babies' Cries Just as Well as Mothers
  80. Leave Your Kids at the Park?
  81. Similac for Supplementation: Formula Companies Continue Their Shocking Marketing Practices
  82. Two Men Experience the Pain of Childbirth in Hourlong Simulation
  83. When Helping Hurts
  84. Children of "Tiger' Style Parenting May Struggle More
  85. Angeline Jolie's preventive double mastectomy
  86. Skin to Skin Contact Saves Preemies
  87. "Listening to Mothers III" Survey Released Today, Supports What We Already Know
  88. ACOG Admits Pitocin May Be More Harmful to Newborns Than Once Thought
  89. New York pregnant student penalized for medically necessary absences.
  90. Longer Maternity Leave for Moms at Companies Like Yahoo Raises Questions About Equality for Dads
  91. Documentary Film, Birth Story, about Ina May Gaskin Released on DVD--Exclusive Mothering Discount!
  92. Sleep Disorders Masquerading as A.D.H.D.
  93. A special Mother's Day contest from Boba and Mothering - win a $500 prize!
  94. AAP Tells Pediatricians to Support Home Birthing Mothers.
  95. Natal Hypnotherapy Targets Pregnancy Anxiety
  96. Half of the food produced in the world is thrown away!
  97. Looking for healthy, green, ethical products? GoodGuide scientifically rates brands and products.
  98. Revolutionary baby bottle redesign?
  99. Picking Your Nose And Eating It May Be Good For You
  100. More Proof That Play is Important
  101. Markers For Autism in the Placenta?
  102. Company Releases Product to Test Milk Supply, Feels Wrath of Angry BF Advocates
  103. Happy Gut Microbes and Healthy Weight - Are they Connected?
  104. Scientific Proof That Holding Your Baby is a Good Thing
  105. US Dept of Health Launches Campaign to Support Breastfeeding
  106. Elimination Communication
  107. Study Links Autism With Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy
  108. Study Finds No Harm In Occasional Drink During Pregnancy
  109. Colic In Babies Linked With Later Migraines (STUDY)
  110. Exclusive, Extended Breastfeeding Lowers Mother-to-Infant HIV Risk
  111. Which of these baby products would you want to have for yourself?
  112. The Case for Teaching Kids 'Vagina,' 'Penis,' and 'Vulva'
  113. Babies Born Even Slightly Early May Lag Behind: Study
  114. Recent Study Promotes Music Therapy For Premies
  115. What Makes a Successful Stepfather
  116. The Benefits of Overpraising Good Dads (and Moms, Too)
  117. Drug for Morning Sickness Previously Linked to Birth Defects is now FDA approved
  118. Lotus Birth on the Rise in the West
  119. The Business of Baby: Groundbreaking New Book from Mothering Contributor Jennifer Margulis
  120. Sweet design idea: Unicef relief boxes reused creatively.
  121. Indiana Midwife Faces 17 Felony Charges
  122. Parental Ethnotheories and how Parents in America Differ from Parents Everywhere Else
  123. 'Being an only child, I felt like a foreigner'
  124. How A Spring Birthday Could Pose A Risk For Multiple Sclerosis
  125. Pink or Blue? A Photo Essay on Gender Specific Marketing
  126. ACOG President Says it's Best to Wait for Spontaneous Labor
  127. Exposure to Air Pollution During Pregnancy Increases Birth Defects
  128. Morning After Pill Will Soon be Available to Girls of All Ages Without Prescription
  129. Beyonce Credits Breastfeeding for Her Rapid Post-Baby Weight Loss
  130. Actress Isla Fisher Had Breastfeeding Breaks Written into Her "Shopaholic" Contract
  131. Knowing More About the Food We Feed Our Kids
  132. Texas Representative Debbie Riddle Won't Support Breastfeeding in Public Bill
  133. Researchers found that cesarean deliveries vary widely from one hospital to another
  134. In Medical First, a Baby With H.I.V. Is Deemed Cured
  135. CDC reports sharp rise in ADHD diagnosis
  136. Dad's letter to Victoria's Secret: Stop teaching girls self-worth is based on choice of undergarments
  137. Parenting classes ‘open doors’ for concerned fathers
  138. Baby Shower Cakes Shaped as Baby Bumps
  139. Sing to your fetus and newborn
  140. Top Five Parenting Regrets
  141. Babies Fed Solids Too Early Possibly Leading to Obesity, Diabetes, Eczema, and Celiac Disease
  142. US Public Support of Breastfeeding is Rising
  143. The Criminalization of Bad Mothers
  144. Dr. Sears Attachment Parenting featured on Time Magazine
  145. Obesity and Screen Time For Kids
  146. Wal-Mart Recalls Infant Formula
  147. Your baby sleeping with you can be just as dangerous... as a knife?!?!
  148. Mother gets probation and mental health treatment for home circ
  149. breastfeeding doll coming to america
  150. "Permissive Parents: Curb Your Brats" opinion piece
  151. Ovulation photographed for the first time in history
  152. Ignorance about Childbirth Abounds
  153. What are mothers' rights during childbirth?
  154. Parents keep child's gender under wraps
  155. Dealing with horrible news stories (child death mentioned)
  156. Share Your Thoughts: Hot pink-toenailed boy in J. Crew ad sparks controversy
  157. Women Who Breastfeed are less intelligent?!
  158. science and human milk
  159. Fake Blueberries Abound In Commercial Products
  160. Mothering's Editor Peggy O'Mara Interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield
  161. Mayim Bialik's Attachment Parenting Blog will be on MSN's TodayMoms
  162. Article: Why Chinese Mothers are Better
  163. Extending Daylight could boost health, help planet
  164. California set to ban plastic bags
  165. asthma and acetaminophen
  166. Is Puberty in Girls Coming Too Soon?
  167. Disputed chemical bisphenol-A found in paper receipts
  168. cholesterol screening in kids
  169. Condoms For Elementary Students? Yes, Says Mass. Town (no after all)
  170. 3D unhealthy for young children, warns Nintendo
  171. Wait to cut umbilical cord, study says
  172. Slight increase in home births reverses 15-year decline
  173. Study: ADHD linked to pesticide exposure
  174. New Pampers trigger safety concerns
  175. Vaginal Breech Birth Considered Safer than Cesarean in Canada
  176. Pepsi cuts sugary drinks from schools globally
  177. Doubling of maternal deaths in U.S. 'scandalous,' rights group says
  178. Baby Slings Deadly? Consumer Safety Commission Readying Warning
  179. Pregnant Ladies Banned For Their Own Good
  180. Scientists link flame retardants and reduced human fertility
  181. Gaza Father Finds Out Four Year Old Daughter Survived
  182. Will you be able to afford these handmade toys after Feb 10th?
  183. Sad Story ABout Boy and His Mom in Michigan
  184. Teen "Sexters" Charged with Child Porn
  185. 8 year old autistic girl handcuffed at school
  186. Canada Expels US Woman Deserter
  187. Three-year-olds to be taught about gay relationships