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  1. Bad breath!!!
  2. Root canal or tooth extraction
  3. How much does it usually cost for dental implants?
  4. Need Orthodontic Help/Information
  5. IPR (teeth stripping)
  6. Told you so
  7. TMJ pain after dental work
  8. Dental braces during pregnancy?
  9. Methacrylate free bonding agent?
  10. Hello pple
  11. Strange disease afflicting dentists
  12. I’m nervous
  13. Is tooth extraction safe during pregnancy?
  14. Local anesthesia doesn't work well on my kids - need advice
  15. Amalgam Filling Removal
  16. Bentonite Clay, Xylitol Wipes - Help?
  17. Root Canal in First trimester
  18. Teeth Whitening cause sensitivity?
  19. Dental work while nursing?
  20. Dental X-Rays
  21. Can teeth whitening done in second trimester?
  22. Question about root canal
  23. Mouth full of cavities in almost 6 year old
  24. Celiac, gluten -- enamel breakdown, stains, cavities
  25. List of food after wisdom teeth removal
  26. Need to make a decision fast on 3 year old's dental work
  27. Thank you guys - my teeth are looking the best ever!
  28. Licorice root or neem sticks for brushing
  29. my DIY toothpaste hurt my gums!
  30. How to strengthen enamel and cell salt questions
  31. cavity that wasn't filled or smoothed out
  32. 15 month old with dental decay
  33. Is surgery needed??
  34. Crowns on front teeth what to expect for recovery
  35. Success stories with remineralization please!
  36. 16 month old with holes in his teeth, dont think it's decay...?
  37. Small brown lines on 2 bottom teeth/front? What is it, cavity or plaque? Thanks
  38. Homeopathy for cavities
  39. Dentist wanting to seal "sticky spots" on my 11 year old son
  40. infected root canal, retreat or extract?
  41. Flouride?
  42. 3yo cavities- HELP!Please help me pretty pretty please
  43. Helppppp dentist says my daughter needs 4 crowns!!!!
  44. Hi all!
  45. oil pulling
  46. White lines along the tooth gum line of 14 month old.
  47. Fixed Bridge Painful?
  48. Tartar in 2-year old?
  49. Reassurances... My teeth, the baby's teeth.
  50. Orthodontics
  51. Dental Angst
  52. Dental
  53. MI Paste vs Mouse...and a few other cavity repair questions
  54. Did your child's gums bleed when they got caps?
  55. invasive dental work recommeded for 3 year old
  56. Pregnancy and Dental Work?
  57. Preemie Teeth?
  58. ds's BABY teeth are crooked! Help!
  59. Lip tie, decay, remineralizing & WAPF!
  60. Coconut oil?
  61. Is there a way to remove dental sealants?
  62. CEREC versus white filling
  63. Please help! 15 month old with black stains on teeth
  64. Help! My son is having two tooth extractions- what should I know/ expect?!
  65. Xrays without apron
  66. Routine Annual Dental X-rays and routine dental care
  67. Healing Tooth Decay & Vegetarianism
  68. abx for wisdom teeth extraction?
  69. Reversing dental decay with Xylitol in toddlers? Post surgery care?
  70. Please Help! 5 year old with first cavity
  71. Remineralization ?
  72. What is the procedure of tooth extractions for a 2-3 year old?
  73. Studies About Holistic Dental Care
  74. Can someone explain cell salts to me?
  75. dental work on a toddler with no it possible?
  76. DMG Icon resin
  77. flouride and breastfeeding
  78. Breastfeeding Extracting Mercury Fillings Infected Root Canal
  79. Dentist wants to do silver caps - won't listen to me
  80. Vitamins Causing Bad Breath?
  81. Needing support
  82. space maintainer on baby molar
  83. 8 year old "needing" root canal after filling put in 8 months ago
  84. CLO/butter oil
  85. Huggins Protocol - less wait time for TTC?
  86. TTC Cavity in a mercury filling - advice please!
  87. should i get this root canal?
  88. should i get this root canal?
  89. Ozone therapy applied to DD (7) at cleaning appt...share your experiences?
  90. Need referral to pediatric dentist in Baltimore, MD area who can handle very young children with special needs
  91. 2 year-old facing extractions and filling WITHOUT SEDATION!
  92. Braces for my DS in the morning.
  93. Pediatric dentists, Fort Knox/Elizabethtown/Louisville KY??
  94. Stained teeth on a 3 year :(
  95. 4 year old with cavity in back molar. no dental insurance. and they said he may need a stainless steel crown how well do they work?
  96. Are there good anti bacterial mouthwash?
  97. Root Canal on 7 year old.....
  98. Please recommend snack ideas for a 3-year-old starting diet to remineralize!
  99. Three year old with cavities!
  100. Lesser of two evils-amalgam fillings or fillings which continuously give off fluoride?
  101. Check my protocol and help me fill any gaps that I may have missed.
  102. Should I be concerned?
  103. How to get children to take High Vitamin Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil
  104. Orthodontist - expanders, etc
  105. Fluoride rinse without alcohol, without glycerin, without saccharin, do you have one?
  106. Please give me the name of a brand of XYLITOL mints that are GMO free, NO CORN. Thanks.
  107. Help with TMJ
  108. What are the side effects of nitrous oxide?
  109. Will GHEE butter help in reversing tooth decay? If its grass fed, does it have the same benefits?
  110. Xylitol use to prevent cavities & reverse them. Can XYLITOL REVERSE tooth decay? Thanks..
  111. fearful of changing diet of 7 yr old to cure cavities naturally
  112. Some success stories, please!
  113. 11 month old tooth problems help!
  114. Success with tooth decay!!!!
  115. black in toddler's back teeth
  116. Why go through possible trauma?
  117. Dental work on a 2 year old and trauma
  118. Curing Tooth Decay with Vegetarian Diet - Possible?
  119. Preventing biting inside of mouth when numb
  120. Advice is Much Appreciated!
  121. Cavities?
  122. 2 mo. old teething molars first
  123. Root Canal Woes - Need advice :(
  124. Waterpik vs Flossing
  125. Friend got a amalgam replaced and she is breastfeeding
  126. need advice please
  127. Flouride and Holistic Dentists
  128. Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation
  129. Dental Varnish
  130. Need Advice for 18 month old with decay
  131. Fluoridegate Documentary
  132. Can naturally bad teeth get "better" with care?
  133. wisdom tooth pep talk
  134. Shall we talk x-rays?
  135. Dental Work Under GA For 4 & 6 YO, Seeking Support, Advice, Suggestions......
  136. Children's SLS and Flouride Free toothpaste?
  137. No Dental Insurance Woes
  138. Is it dental malfeasance when teeth are extracted without your consent
  139. Healing a dead tooth?
  140. Has anyone taken a combination approach (both modern dentistry and nutritional healing)?
  141. oil pulling
  142. DIY toothpaste
  143. Do you have a favorite fluoride free brand?
  144. Advice on 7yo teeth cavities
  145. Great resource for those who reject fluoride
  146. Some good news with my 4 year old
  147. Need advice: non BPA-free composite fillings
  148. 2 Year old bit popcorn kernel in half
  149. Huge absess and pregnancy, what to do?
  150. Is there a MI paste without fluoride?
  151. Is Calc Fluor the same as fluoride? What is the difference?
  152. Breastfeeding and possible cavity
  153. cavities in baby teeth
  154. SOS! mercury? dentist? flouride? child has cavities
  155. Trauma at the new ped dentist!
  156. Major Dental Work and Nursing
  157. Greatest flossing tip!!
  158. First Visit by First Birthday
  159. Explaining tomorrow's procedure to DS (time sensitive)
  160. 4 rotting teeth and a lip tie - Glass ionomer fillings?
  161. Please Please Please Help me. :(
  162. 3 and a half year old with 9 cavities..
  163. Dentist put in amalgam fillings into my 9 year old without my consent -- what do I do?
  164. need an amagam filling replaced, how important is it to take precautions?
  165. Vanish fluoride "varnish"--my kid reacted to it.
  166. Periodontal Disease and Pregnancy--Questions.
  167. Only way to get 2.5 year old to eat fclo -- is it worth it?
  168. What is Concentrace? Will it help prevent tooth decay? Will it remineralize your teeth? Thanks
  169. what kind of anesthesia for a pulpotomy in a four-year-old?
  170. Natural dentistry? Alternative treatment methods?
  171. Tools gadgets, brushes, water picks, metal picks you would recommend to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, etc.?
  172. What causes gum disease & what are the symptoms?
  173. Is Baking soda good to brush your teeth with?
  174. Please Help! Not sure what to do, 4 yr old ds needs to have an abscessed tooth extracted!
  175. Can anyone recommend a homemade or natural mouth rinse for kids?
  176. Changing Dentists?
  177. What do you brush your childrens teeth with??
  178. Individual flosser alternatives
  179. Insurance not reimbursing anesethsioglist. Any tips?
  180. front teeth crowns on toddler
  181. Adult teeth coming in behind baby teeth ... What should I do?
  182. How long does it take for a permanent tooth to come out? Once baby tooth falls out. Urgent question? Please! Sister is worried!
  183. Tooth crowding in 6 year old
  184. Recommendation for good brands for supplements please?
  185. Give me a crash course in healing my daughter's teeth
  186. Does this look like lip tie on a 15 mo. old?! Really worried!
  187. 9 mo with pitted front teeth - need advice!
  188. Advice on cracked molar -- help
  189. Help! 18 month olds teeth are chipping away!
  190. cavity filling uring 3rd trimester
  191. Adult tooth decay
  192. Baby Teeth, to care or not to care???
  193. 2 Year Old with Tooth Decay....Questions and Venting
  194. What options are available for dental anesthesia in a 5 year old?
  195. Giving FCLO to a 1 yr old
  196. Slight discoloration on front teeth?
  197. Pediatric Crowns in NYC
  198. How to tell if a tooth is dead
  199. Throwing up when brushing teeth
  200. removed - privacy concerns
  201. My 2 year just got her 4 front teeth extract, would like to hear from some experinces
  202. Before and After Photos of Our Son's Remineralization
  203. cell salt for cavities, advice needed
  204. Where to get FCLO and butter oil?
  205. GA versus Demerol and Versed
  206. 4 year old with extensive dental work needed- so scared
  207. To remove Mercury fillings or not?
  208. Cell Salts.
  209. ECC. How to reverse?
  210. We Are Seeing Some Success - Don't Give Up Mamas!
  211. Need dental advice re: bad root canal
  212. Oregon grape vs. goldenseal for recurrent abscesses?
  213. White outline along the top of my toddler's teeth.
  214. Dentist quest's? Abx necc. 4 abscess? Anesth for 5 y.o.?
  215. Natural ways to cure abscess in 5 year old's molar?
  216. Antibiotics for Abscess - to finish the round or not?
  217. Would you go back to a dentist you don't trust? (Time-sensitive!)
  218. How to explain to a 2 year old that we have to pull out her 4 front teeth??
  219. Panicked and worried; please help - toddler cut gums
  220. When to trust vs. question the dentist?
  221. Underbite - when to treat it?
  222. 8 month old has decay?
  223. Help cavities
  224. Tell me about sealants, wisdom teeth + my experience with panoramic x-ray
  225. Re Open a Root Canal while pregnant (31 weeks)
  226. Please help... fast! Anyone in Long Island?
  227. More Success!
  228. General anesthesia vs. sedation? What would you choose?
  229. 2 month old needs GA, molars not erupted yet though
  230. What Did It Look Like When Your Child's Tooth Started To Remineralize?
  231. Need sources discussing amalgams while breastfeeding
  232. His First Dental Appointment and Our Holistic DDS' Advice
  233. Severe childhood tooth decay - ADVICE, THOUGHTS, NEW RESEARCH? Thanks
  234. Is Having My Teeth Cleaned Safe While Breastfeeding?
  235. Yeast and Mercury Toxicity?
  236. Is the age at when teeth are lost hereditary?
  237. Did cell salts help your teeth? What about mineral drops?
  238. delete
  239. delete
  240. Cell Salt Dosage For 20.5 Month Old With Cavities
  241. 2 year old with serious tooth decay...need advice on treatment options!
  242. Baby's first trip to the dentist
  243. ?s about widening palates
  244. Lip Tie, Reflux, Cavities, Poor Digestion, Slow Weight Gain - Your Insight Please
  245. How far would you go for healthy teeth?
  246. Looking For Success Stories With MI Paste, Xylitol, Dr. Ellie, etc
  247. Feeling lost after DD's 1st dentist visit...Help!
  248. Healing cavities
  249. Strange reaction at the dentist
  250. 5 mercury fillings need replacing + breastfeeding + losing insurance soon- resources? recommendations?