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: Breastfeeding Beyond Infancy

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  2. Who does she think she is?
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  4. getting tired of breastfeeding
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  6. rapid weight loss and nursing a 19 months old
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  8. Hives and Extended-Breastfeeding Weaning
  9. Weaned - offically. Hormone advice?
  10. I have sore nipples
  11. Weaning toddler: How soon will period return?
  12. 13 mo only falls asleep with mum at breast
  13. Can I share my new book on here?
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  16. 4 year old nursling
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  18. Feeling guily for establishing boundaries
  19. Homeopathics and Flower Essences
  20. Tazo Calm Chamomile Safe?
  21. Toddler Says "yuck" after nursing!
  22. Nursing Toddler Behavior
  23. nursing 16 month old with a cold
  24. Tandem nursing and allergy?
  25. milk drying up and NOT ready to wean! HELP
  26. Does DD know something that I don't?
  27. can toddlers forget how to nurse?
  28. Wanting to do a juice fast with a nearly 3 y/o nursling
  29. a cry for help
  30. Rhodiola Rosea for Mood while nursing a 2yo?
  31. Mama at the end of her tether!
  32. Surgery, possible radiation and Nursing
  33. trying to end the connection of milk to sleep. looking for advice
  34. Night weaning 3.5 y/ impending baby...and a mommy who needs advice!!
  35. Fatigued from extended nursing?
  36. Feeling angry while nursing my toddler
  37. TMI: what is your toddler nurslings' BM like?
  38. Trade-off for 4 year old night nurser?
  39. We have weaned
  40. Milk production stops overnight!
  41. Should I wean and how to do it?
  42. Nursing and resentful
  43. Breastfeeding Beyond Infancy
  44. Tandem nursing questions
  45. Advice on pumping while away from 14 moth old
  46. Can nursing ever cause unhealthy dynamics?
  47. Toddler unlatching multiple times
  48. a night off... is it impossible?
  49. Period and milk supply dropping, help!
  50. Mixed Messages
  51. ambivalent on weaning preschooler - help!
  52. No longer nursing to sleep but I'm having second thoughts
  53. weight watchers while nursing?
  54. Feeling anxious about weaning nearly 3 year old
  55. did you 'dry nurse' your child?
  56. 2 1/2 yo. bit nipple and now is not sleeping without it
  57. I think I finally have a decent chance at tandem nursing! Took me five babies to get to this point!
  58. Setting nursing boundaries with 3 year old - need support/advice/commiseration
  59. A letter to myself before I started my breastfeeding journey
  60. Nursing my 4.5 year old
  61. BF 2-yr-old, have to go out of town
  62. salty breast milk
  63. Clueless about how to night wean?
  64. Nursing my 2.5 year old who is driving me crazy! And H is telling me to stop...
  65. Violent reaction to weaning
  66. Weaning Toddler due to Elimination Diet
  67. Period and weaning
  68. Weaning Nearly 3 Year Old
  69. Support needed for weaning 3-year-old
  70. Ideas for weaning 4 year-old
  71. Breast feeding ugh!!
  72. 15 month old BFing pattern
  73. Regress while weaning baby off of breastfeeding
  74. 18 month old too distracted to nurse during day, clusterfeeding at night and giving me very painful nipple bleps
  75. 7 1/2 years and NOW it hurts
  76. may be an odd question
  77. 2.5 year old nursling-- is she nursing too much?
  78. Pregnant nursing tired
  79. Keeping up supply while pregnant?
  80. Change after night weaning
  81. Can newborn catch something from toddler via tandem nursing?
  82. Looking for support and ideas for weaning my 26 month old
  83. Oversupply and weaning of 4 year old ?
  84. Can breastfeeding cause constipation in a toddler?
  85. Having a hard time tandem nursing, thinking of weaning DS1
  86. Extended nursing, AF and mom's weight...
  87. X-Posted - 16 mnth Old is on Nursing Strike
  88. Has anyone ever thought stopping BF cold turkey could be less cruel?
  89. Nursing blister in 15 mo old?
  90. Night weaning again with a 26 month old
  91. Trying to decide about saying no to early morning nursies
  92. Early morning trouble
  93. Feeling done with breastfeeding...
  94. Milk Disappearing :( So Painful - What Could Be Causing This?
  95. feeling like a human milk cow
  96. Biting - how do you handle it?
  97. I need some encouragment.
  98. child led weaning
  99. There must be another way....
  100. Looking for advise from moms, who solidly breastfeed for a long time, about introducing solids.
  101. Toddler nursing shenanigans - what's your favorite story?
  102. 5-month old trouble eating at daycare
  103. New friend wants to take her kids out of the room when we nurse. What would you say?
  104. Nursing during pregnancy? Tandem Nursing?
  105. Plugged duct and/or Mastitis....advice please!
  106. hate tandem nursing
  107. Does this position mean anything?
  108. the same milk
  109. Oversupply and 24 months with no PPAF!
  110. Just needing to vent a bit...nursing a teething toddler at 34 weeks pregnant
  111. Really low supply while pregnant, worried about DS getting enough calcium
  112. How did your toddler react to milk coming in after birth of baby?
  113. Managing thrush- late in PG w 2.5 yo nursling???
  114. Help!! Desperate for sleep....16 month old DD
  115. Difficult nursing relationship with 29 month old and sibling rivalry over my attention
  116. Toddler not sleeping before my period
  117. What is going on re: my supply and my cycles? Help?!
  118. Talking to a 2.5 yo about taking turns at the breast
  119. Urinary Incontinence
  120. Do I need to worry about medications anymore?
  121. When did your tandem nursing toddler start to eat again?
  122. Needing to transition
  123. Moving the Bed! (Re-posting from toddler forum)
  124. Would you start nursing your toddler again?
  125. What's your breastfeeding age limit?
  126. Speech delay and extended breastfeeding studies?
  127. Where does the myth about needing to wean when the teeth come in stem from?
  128. Help with 3 y.o. Nursling
  129. A couple questions from a stay at home dad
  130. How to lead weaning (17m old)
  131. Does this sound like thrush?
  132. Pregnant and breasfeeding supply issues
  133. I'm done
  134. Where did my support network go?
  135. SO HUNGRY!!! Best Snacks When You're Nursing Toddlers (and up!)?
  136. Compliments to the chef, at last!
  137. 3.5 year old barely eats
  138. Nursing while pregnant
  139. Anniversary
  140. My newly 2 year old is suddenly wanting to nurse more
  141. Tell me about your nursing while pregnant/tandem nursing experience?
  142. Wet!
  143. Tips for convincing my toddler to unlatch while awake (but going to bed)
  144. Night weaning & First morning milk...
  145. Night weaning
  146. Advice please? How much is too much at this age??
  147. Letting 23 month old go with ex for 2 week visit?
  148. is it okay/healthy to give in?
  149. occasional formula ok for EBF 9MO?
  150. Ped said that "breastfeeding beyond 12 m will ruin her teeth"?!?!
  151. Pre-term labor risk and breastfeeding
  152. Does anyone know how to do a good sandwich latch while lo is teething?
  153. Stressed about Nursing Strike
  154. Help! Nursing boundaries & nursing during pregnancy
  155. Tips for nursing 18 month old at Disney World in very hot August?
  156. Almost exclusively BF 15 month old newly constipated.... Change in mama's diet to blame?
  157. Urgent help needed please...
  158. Not sure how best to BF at night...
  159. Dropping bedtime nursing first?
  160. Suddenly very clingy and wants to nurse constantly
  161. Weaning Hell: Any tIps for dealing with hysterical 23 month old who wants to nurse during the day?
  162. struggling and want to wean
  163. Back pain and breastfeeding an 18 month old
  164. Stinky breastmilk!
  165. Weaning two year old
  166. Fluids?
  167. Pneumonia: Nursing Break or Wean
  168. 18 months old-Wants to nurse ALL DAY LONG.
  169. Horrendous nipple pain?
  170. I cannot stop gaining weight
  171. How to calm a toddler who strongly prefers calming through nursing?!
  172. Toddler taking too much milk?
  173. How does nursing change after a year?
  174. Weaning 3 year old with on and off diarrhea?
  175. 12 weeks pregnant and my 2 year old wants to nurse ALL THE TIME
  176. I think we're ready to night wean
  177. Nursing 18mo to sleep
  178. Pregnancy signs and 22month old nursling
  179. I need help....tandem nursing struggles
  180. So over it...
  181. Extended breastfeeding the second time around, and sleep
  182. DS is 3.75, libido is still gone -- normal?
  183. Extended Nursing
  184. Help, I need encouragement...
  185. should i wean?
  186. DS is weaning, but I'm still producing milk
  187. It Happend
  188. Night weaning- Advice for cutting out final early morning nursing?
  189. Daycare and Bottles
  190. Breast feeding three year old
  191. Tips for the 21m frequent nurser
  192. Sick toddler - nursing AGAIN?
  193. Tandem Nursing Stories
  194. Almost 4yo son groping and talking about breasts all the time, I'm getting angry
  195. Feeling guilty, 19 month old asks EVERYONE for "na-na"s nursing. Problem?
  196. Getting my Wisdom Teeth Out
  197. Leaving 2.5 yo nursling for 4 days
  198. Is my daughters overbite caused by breastfeeding?
  199. Looking for tips for gently stopping nursing to sleep (3.5 years old)
  200. Hives on toddler caused by my pregnancy?
  201. Hope for those who wondered if they would be able to peacefully night-wean
  202. Hoped to EBF to a year but now DS has dropped on the weight curve--Add solids or not yet?
  203. 16 month old nursing much less at night, BM Supply Plummeting
  204. Setting respectful nursing boundaries
  205. night weaning gone wrong
  206. My kid has been weaned for four months, but I'm still lactating???
  207. Hot Castor Oil Packs
  208. Going away on work-related travel
  209. nipple shield fot flat nipples: how long is ok?
  210. first postpartum period?
  211. Gentle parent-led weaning. Please share your tips, experience, and support...
  212. Anyone else EBF to a year and dealing with frustrating comments?
  213. Nerve damage in breasts?
  214. Back to work
  215. Moved. Nm!
  216. Another Thread about Breastfeeding and Weight Gain in Toddlers
  217. Too late for tie clip to do anything?
  218. Will my nipples ever return to pre-BFing length?
  219. What Does a Day of Breastfeeding Your 2-Year Old Look Like?
  220. Tandem Nursing and Illness?
  221. Just weaned my kids and bawling like crazy
  222. 9 month old self weaning? :(
  223. Breastfeeding 12-24 months and good fats for brain growth
  224. Breastfeeding and top teeth
  225. any other ways to boost breast milk?
  226. How long to wait to buy bras after weaning?
  227. a few nights away
  228. Who has experience with "Don't offer, don't refuse" for night nursing?
  229. I'm loving the advice, "Don't offer, don't refuse."
  230. Mamas who were comfortable going away over night with a BFing toddler - talk to me...
  231. overweight older nursling- help needed.
  232. 2 year pictures, wanted to share :)
  233. getting sick and tired of nursing my toddler and feeling ashamed.
  234. Major Sleep/Breastfeeding Issues. PLEASE HELP! :(
  235. Pregnant and Nursing a 3 yr 2 mo Old
  236. Help me eliminate our 5am need for milk - 17mo.
  237. Pregnancy and Painful Nursing
  238. Still nursing my 2 year old and need advice on how to wean without upsetting my DD
  239. breastmilk is inferior to cow's milk for
  240. Healthy breakfast ideas for 1 year old
  241. Why didn't I know about the dangers of night feeding??
  242. Feeling depleted - nursing a toddler
  243. Hey, breastfeeding moms!!
  244. baby bites while breastfeeding
  245. autism reduced by breastfeeding
  246. Weaning a 3-year-old during pregnancy
  247. MIL threw a blanket over me while I was nursing DD - what would you have done?
  248. Forced weaning at 3.5 years (language delay)
  249. Is it worth worrying about irregular periods while still nursing?
  250. Painful nursing a sign of PMS or is my baby nursing differently?