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  1. Vetmedin
  2. Best moth exterminator
  3. We are thinking to buy a fishtank with some golden fishes!
  4. A prayer for you
  5. Bristle Worms and Fireworms
  6. Those Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Boxes
  7. Envision instructing your dogs
  8. Can someone help?! My baby isn’t doing well!
  9. Adjusting to life without my Stella
  10. when to let go?
  11. Pregnant and Suddenly Hate My Cat
  12. Worried about cat
  13. Reliability on Animal-Assisted Therapy for Health Improvement
  14. Feral Cat
  15. Paint on dog
  16. Calicivirus outbreak
  17. Bitten by a hamster
  18. Dog show for a good cause
  19. Pet health insurance
  20. Distemper virus similar to measles?
  21. Feral kittens
  22. Getting new small-breed puppy, confused on what to feed (raw)
  23. Bank Of America: Better Money Habits
  24. Looking for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeder
  25. What is wrong with this cat?!
  26. Is this rescue a good fit?
  27. Airplane travel with dog in cabin?
  28. Pet nutrition - raw/fresh food diets
  29. flea treatments
  30. Why some vaccines cost $5+ while others $70+?
  31. We bought our Olde English Bulldogge puppy!!
  32. Any Alternatives to a Bark Collar?
  33. Dog females aggressive during heat?
  34. fecal incontinence in 10yo toy podle
  35. Is there a parvo/distember vaccine (2 in one) for puppies/dogs?
  36. Naturally-minded bulldogs knowledgeable vet in Boulder area, Colorado
  37. New poodle not eating much and always sleeping
  38. Partner allergic to cat- help!
  39. Getting a puppy soon and feeling "rusty"
  40. Puppy etiquette around kids
  41. 3 cats will have to stay in a hotel with us
  42. Miss my dog
  43. Doggie antics
  44. New dog and allergies
  45. New treatment for canine parvovirus
  46. Old English bulldogs
  47. Hyperthyroidism treatment.....medication or radiation?
  48. 2 week old kitten losing weight
  49. shitzu-poodle mix barking at my baby bunny- help!
  50. Please help me troubleshoot my dog's diet issues!
  51. Backyard Chickens???
  52. Adopted Cat Still Hiding
  53. Cat is urinating everywhere
  54. dog is itchy and sneezy after eating
  55. Cat peeing on bed
  56. Is my dog going crazy?
  57. "co-sleeping" with puppy at night
  58. Gray flakes coming off quaker parrot?
  59. BBC Documentary - Cats
  60. Getting urine smell out of carpet
  61. do you vaccinate your dogs?
  62. my adult male cat won't use litter box anymore. At all.
  63. Entertaining a New Puppy?
  64. tips on making cat litter box as least smelly as possible!
  65. URGENT! Abscess on cat's head...
  66. Help for a cat with anxiety
  67. Opportunity to re-home old, grouchy dog
  68. I have to re home my kitties
  69. My 3yo DD and 2 kittens
  70. Elderly cat - think its time for euthanasia
  71. Tell me how you got rid of fleas
  72. Cat Dying from FIP
  73. over weight pug
  74. Is anyone else's pets acting strange today?
  75. Pet Insurance
  76. My bedroom REEKS of cat pee, and I don't own cats!!!
  77. Rescue Dog?
  78. Our Dog is in Labor!
  79. At a loss for what to do with cranky, poopy kitty.
  80. any advice on what i can use on a yeast infection on a kitten
  81. dog plane travel day after vaccine
  82. Have to part with my pet, feel devastated, need some support
  83. Rebelling cat?
  84. Dog has been snapping at my 8 month old baby
  85. Cat won't stop peeing on new rug!
  86. Kitten Food &Poo?
  87. puppy gets diarrhea with anything other than her food
  88. Seatbelts for pets have a 100 percent failure rate in crash tests
  89. Freaking out no one to look after dog
  90. My Client Died and Left behind a whole bunch of cats. Now what?
  91. How long on puppy food?
  92. Looking to buy a kennel??with a couple of questions
  93. How to get pets ready for baby
  94. Puppy Naming Poll
  95. cat peeing in the house
  96. kittens soon??
  97. Cat Food Recommendations
  98. Need Advice - Love That Dog Training Program
  99. Pug mommas
  100. Keep Track of Death Dates?
  101. 5 mo puppy, can't seem to potty outside. UPDATED IN BLUE
  102. Nervous About How Pets will React to New Baby
  103. Puppy Obsessed with our Cats--Desperate for Advice
  104. so ashamed of my irresponsibility as a dog owner tonight!
  105. Kitty meow meow meow
  106. 10-year-old Border Collie mix has started climbing into the treehouse!
  107. Other treat/puzzle toys for dogs?
  108. Silly Idea?
  109. Anyone with experience with their cat having kittens?
  110. training puppy to not attack my chickens!!
  111. I have a great dog...but he drives me NUTS
  112. Alternatives to prescription diabetic food for dog?
  113. Puppy being clingy all of a sudden?
  114. Difficulties with "step-cats"; feeling resentful
  115. having a hard time with dogs
  116. My dog will NOT eat her dog food....
  117. I need puppy 101!!!
  118. 9 week old German Shepherd
  119. Has anyone overcome a cat allergy?
  120. Puppy who was doing great *just* pooped in his crate and peed in the house, I'm very concerned that he will not potty train, is this normal, help?!
  121. Advice about our puppy
  122. desperately needing advise
  123. Pancreatitis in Havanese
  124. Need some advice desperately.
  125. How to sedate my 70 lb. dog to change his bandage every 2 days.
  126. Mama Kitty
  127. Depression in Indoor Cat
  128. URGENT, HELP... dd wanting a rabbit / bunny for Christmas
  129. New puppy! Need crate & clicker training pointers.
  130. Thoughts on microchiping?
  131. Pink eye in dogs?
  132. Cats in Christmas tree
  133. PLEASE HELP !!!
  134. A cat we need to get rid of
  135. I need some advice/input about dog food
  136. Would anyone like a $5 coupon for Blue Dog Food?
  137. Dog fear aggression
  138. Cat Issues
  139. Feline Diabetes. Early signs can be corrected with food. Read on for proof.
  140. Please share your boarding/kennel experiences
  142. 4 Month Old Kitten First Shots
  143. Our beloved Copper Dog passed, how to explain cremation to 3 year old.
  144. Raw Feeding Cats
  145. Just switched to raw- wow is this expensive
  146. Best "premium" dog food?
  147. How to best feed dogs?
  148. Noticing Fleas Help!
  149. Outdoor dog containment
  150. What to do with remains?
  151. Introducting Dog to Livestock
  152. Help dog's nail won't stop bleeding!
  153. how do you make decisions about old dogs?
  154. Hip replacement v's amputation
  155. When to let a dog go, a euthanasia question
  156. Our cat moved around the corner. My kids are devastated!
  157. How do you stop a dog from marking ?
  158. Co-sleeping with a 12 YO Bedwetter
  159. cat attack and scratching
  160. Runny Kitten Poop.
  161. Help for cat who has suddenly turned into a panther/murderer (w/newborn on the way)
  162. wanting to get rid!
  163. My kids want a new pet... suggestions?
  164. desperate to get rid of fleas on cats
  165. I don't know what to do anymore
  166. I'm sure you can tell my my screen name....
  167. please help, my cat won't stop urinating outside his litter box
  168. Puppy troubles - any suggestions?
  169. help!! when to spray for fleas?
  170. Question about sending the foster kittens back to the shelter.
  171. Why is my dog becoming un-housebroken?
  172. Cookie Cat hasn not come home
  173. Found out that another dog was killed at our dog's kennel - need advice!
  174. My dog is completely traumatized and crazy after being trapped in a box in a shed over night! HELP?
  175. New Kitten and Adult Cat
  176. Dog Pooping on Bed
  177. Advice on visiting home with iffy dogs?
  178. Housetraining Help!
  179. Downgrading to dog food w/grain?
  180. Old cat, swollen nipple?
  181. Teenaged dog and potty manner issues
  182. Older cat having trouble using cat box... ideas?
  183. Guinea Pigs, fleas?
  184. Hermit Crabs
  185. Hello! Need advice about transitioning from paper training to crate training
  186. How old are kittens when they start to use the litter box and who "teaches" them?
  187. Anyone have their dog go through training classes to be a therapy dog?
  188. Foster's going to be harder than I thought to give them back! (picture included)
  189. Uh... my cat is trying to eat me.
  190. Lump on lab mix
  191. please help me plan
  192. Alternatives to Science Diet M/D for Cats
  193. Had to have my dog put down. So sad. And still trying to piece it together.
  194. cat passing twine!!!
  195. Advice needed regarding foster cat who is nursing.
  196. Natural flee and tick control that actually works
  197. Anxiety over new adopted dog
  198. Need Help with a Destructive Dog
  199. Puppies growing with toddlers. When did yours actually calm down?
  200. Cat Hurting 3 year old
  201. Washing a Dog *too* often
  202. cat anal glands
  203. multicat household woes
  204. Show off your furry friends!
  205. Metacam?
  206. When there are true alleges to animals you already have
  207. Anyone an Animal Therapist? (alternative health care for animals)
  208. Sad Update-Little Story and Advice needed regarding helping outdoor kitten transition into being an indoor.
  209. Cat lost a lot of weight
  210. Cat Stressed?
  211. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  212. Are dogs "more work" than cats? Moral support needed.
  213. Baby dragons
  214. What do you feed your dog?
  215. semi-feral cat had kittens
  216. help! what's wrong with my cat's skin?
  217. HELP. Since having my baby I find my cat sooooo annoying
  218. Injured Bunny
  219. Dog bite
  220. Tick spray that works for dogs?
  221. Want a new dog, but have concerns... advice please.
  222. My Ex's Dog Is Going To Be Put To Sleep
  223. Essential Oils To Prevent Chewing Wooden Toys
  224. How to find some kind of dog boot camp for my dog?
  225. Old cat suddenly drinks a lot of watewr
  226. Water Bowl Slime
  227. My kitty :(
  228. Need to place my 8 year old cat in a new home
  229. Akita with Sarcoma
  230. Anyone have experience with dogs that mark inside?
  231. Do you make your own dog food?
  232. Puppy pads to outdoors-- how and what age?
  233. pregnant hamster
  234. Solve our cat's water problem?
  236. rescue with house training issues
  237. Sick cat, help with symptoms??
  238. Bulldogs?
  239. German Shepards
  240. How to decide if my toddler is old enough for a dog?
  241. New Puppy...Questions
  242. Great pyrenesse...possible cancer
  243. Landlord problems with the cat. Need help.
  244. I love our new boxer!
  245. Dogs attacked my cat.
  246. My dog is packing his bags!!!
  247. Dog chewing leg obsessively
  248. Dog with a cough
  249. Cat Litter
  250. How to explain to kids that our dog can't move with us.