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  1. Parents As Partners Temporarily Closed
  2. More thoughts, more feelings (and no sex this time)
  3. Masculinity vs. Civility
  4. Effective Marriage Counseling?
  5. So why would a woman be obligated to have sex with her husband??
  6. Wife is not obligated to have sex with her husband.
  7. Parenting researchers need to hear from YOU
  8. men's minds- other woman vs. their wives
  9. Lusting after BIL
  10. oops
  11. what do you do to show your DP you love him(her)?
  12. I could use some advice?
  13. I really need some perspective on this (xposted)
  14. I really need some perspective on this
  15. bi-polar partner?
  16. Let's talk About Sex
  17. surviving infidelity?
  18. do you feel lonely even though you have a DP?
  19. Engaged...but scared of marriage...
  20. DH vent...
  21. Which sounds better?
  22. help -need recommendations for marriage counselor in Seattle area?
  23. reality check: my problem or his?
  24. how sad to remember...
  25. Could use some tea and sympathy...
  26. Today is my Anniversary
  27. Hurt by dh AGAIN......UPDATE-he's coming with me!
  28. Separate bedrooms?
  29. I can't think of a title... I need some input!
  30. I'm sick of my hubby's job...(Vent)
  31. Need advice please
  32. need a reality check! re: family bed
  33. So proud of my hubby!
  34. Drunk DH
  35. Is it appropriate to discuss your sex life in details
  36. my dog, d-that-doesn't-stand-for-"dear"h & the 4th of July
  37. Should I stay or should I go? UPDATED!
  38. Does something seem "off" about this?
  39. Grow up
  40. Controlling DHs
  41. Why do we always want what we don't have?
  42. I did something really stoooopid Update
  43. inappropriate crushes
  44. whats the most insensative thing Dh or partner has said???
  45. Me and my "buddy," DH
  46. my dh is an alcoholic
  47. So sad..
  48. Differing Spirituality
  49. My paranoid and complex filled DH
  50. How do you do "it"
  51. So unhappy about hubby's habbit(long vent sorry)
  52. sparks are flying!
  53. Why dh is a good father...FATHER'S DAY!!!
  54. update on our situation, and questions
  55. Suicide
  56. It's over
  57. I don't know my dh anymore...
  58. Getting dh to help a little more...
  59. Regret
  60. Will three kids put us over the edge?
  61. male friends?
  62. Is this too much to ask of DH?
  63. Sensitive Couple!
  64. What do you think?
  65. DH smacked DD :(
  66. We are broke.....vent
  67. The Big "D" Word
  68. husband is leaving me & 3 kids
  69. time to give up?
  70. Dh only wants one child, I really want two-anyone else
  71. Is my issue valid?
  72. Dh told dd she is "hopeless"
  73. Are you psychic with your DP?
  74. need help
  75. Why does he think I don't like him?
  76. is my marriage just odd?
  77. Internet porn question
  78. How is this working 5 days a week??
  79. How do you deal with a partner with depression?
  80. DH won't help at nightweaning - is this my problem?
  81. Super DH
  82. Do I have the right to throw away DH's clothes and buy him new ones?updated w/ photo!
  83. I am ashamed....
  84. UGH! DH vent!
  85. please help me get him to stop this
  86. Educate me ladies, lying spouse
  87. In-Law Widdow
  88. Cheating...
  89. Dh smoking bumming me out
  90. What to do?
  91. I'm so depressed. DH ignoring my needs. Updated.
  92. Conversations that irk you
  93. any intercultural marriages?
  94. He Lied.
  95. Please! I need help for a friend
  96. Mr. Fix-It... RANT!!!
  97. Would you have yelled?
  98. DP acting very self centered - am I being unreasonable?
  99. yelling is a choice ( spinoff)
  100. I just wanted to say....
  101. My husband is the bomb!!!
  102. DH fed DD FAT!!
  103. How important is attraction?
  104. What helped you through the rocky times?
  105. Just another thread about just another crappy marriage
  106. update on our situation
  107. dealing with the harsh reality, thoughts?
  108. Porn and Spying... help? (long) **update**
  109. Wait, where did his sex drive go?
  110. Kinda irritated
  111. DH is a negative downer and I'm sick of trying to make him happy
  112. When the age gap becomes a black hole...
  113. How often does your DP yell at you?
  114. Spicing it up - by myself!?
  115. Be honest with me: am I a prude?
  116. hurting and confused
  117. What should I do? Please help.
  118. Mommy StormRaven re: His Needs/Her Needs
  119. Is there such a thing as a one sided affair?
  120. "Open" relationships?
  121. therapists and parenting styles
  122. dh seems controlling.. but I dunno
  123. Pregnant and Oversexed!
  124. I feel like a single parent
  125. Is my libido messed up?? Parenting mag shows how often parents have sex/month...
  126. hey Silliest! you're not so silly :)
  127. 46 and too tired for sex
  128. tantra + relationships ~
  129. Help please counsel me
  130. Sometimes I really don't like him very much
  131. The Other Woman?
  132. Not sure whats real...very long
  133. Spinoff: How does your dh feel about divorce?
  134. “You teach people how to treat you.”
  135. spinoff: top five things your partner does that are good.
  136. Top five things *YOU* do that irritates your dp.....
  137. How is your love for your partner different from your children?
  138. Top 5 things that dp does that irritates you!!!
  139. Partners and business trips
  140. How does your partner cater to you?--my first spinoff!
  141. Cater to your man
  142. Can Anyone Recommend A Marriage Counselor in Atlanta?
  143. Top 5 things dp and you argue about
  144. Dh's who cry too much, too easily...
  145. Another Angry Man Thread..
  146. he just snapped, lost it
  147. Can someone explain this logic to me?
  148. Feeling Hopeless. Nothing New.
  149. My Dh doesnt want to move
  150. Anyone else have a DH that gets hit on all the time?
  151. Can I just boast about my DH for a minute??
  152. Why is he like this? Can someone explain??
  153. Anyone else on marriage #2 or about?
  154. 100 great cheap dates
  155. How often do you go out as a couple?
  156. Is divorce an option?
  157. Last night dh confessed to me....
  158. Very long, rough patch
  159. Feeling pretty low at the moment
  160. idiot Y chromosome
  161. Dh's family is back . . .
  162. Strong attraction to an old friend - when is it a concern?
  163. I Think I'm Starting to Hate Him
  164. Partner Scared To Kiss You?
  165. How does your DP feel about MDC?
  166. S/O of 'Is it just me or all men..."
  167. What do you call the in-laws?
  168. When DH Springs stuff on you...
  169. domestic violence
  170. husband threatening suicide,I am so exhausted
  171. Counseling over child-raising/discipline issues
  172. Military spouses and others: keep moving with dp or stay put?
  173. Not sure what forum to post in.....
  174. Happy Mother's Day!
  175. Tell me about your wedding!
  176. Loving Husband Doesnt celebrate holidays...I Do
  177. He Will Not Quit SMOKING!
  178. Another "My Dh doesn't appreciate all the work I do" AND he makes rude jokes!
  179. Teeth brushing?!?!
  180. falling..out..of..chair
  181. How can I spice up my marriage?
  182. Dh sprayed my yard with weed killer!!!
  183. please don't make me ask
  184. Where are the fathers?
  185. DH is a bad kisser--what do I do???
  186. husbands and internet pornography
  187. 37 weeks pregnant and have to vent!
  188. Those long, heavy relationship discussions that are always the same...
  189. Am I being cranky or is this crappy?
  190. Newbie here: Constantly arguing with DH about GD
  191. On the heels of the handholding thread...
  192. What have I done? *updated post 10*
  193. Parenting Discussion BEFORE Kids
  194. Dh Problems when Pregnant? Please help!
  195. I need to get this out.
  196. Do I Have the Right to be Mad About This?
  197. aaarrrggghhh
  198. Interesting Article about Dads and depression.
  199. Do you share a dresser?
  200. On allowing DH to do things differently with DC ... trying to stop my micromanaging
  201. one of my children is not my husband's
  202. I Cannot Communicate!! (Update - Yes I can!)
  203. Thanks, DH.
  204. I Really Love My Wife!!
  205. Just a vent - suggestions maybe?
  206. i feel the need to say something about my partner...
  207. How do you hold hands w/ your partner?
  208. How do you show dp your love?
  209. My dh is in the bedroom crying...UPDATE!
  210. Differences...
  211. Maybe I'm overreacting?
  212. dp out of work
  213. You want it but HE doesn't
  214. I am so annoyed
  215. I don't want to be a single mama..
  216. Tell me something nice about your SO.
  217. so confused, so conflicted ...
  218. I seem to be venting about DH a lot lately ...
  219. DH won't stand up to his dad- LONG
  220. I'm trying to remember that I love him...(rant)
  221. Do You and DP Have a Hobby Together?
  222. Need to Vent re DH
  223. When you have different styles of doing things LONG
  224. When you disagree about *everything* related to parenting
  225. Cheap but nice wedding?
  226. Is there a blended families forum?
  227. Annoyed with dh
  228. My husband raped me
  229. Does someone always love the other more?
  230. No Sex Life - Mate NOT Happy
  231. DP has add....
  232. lightening up in parenting and homemaking
  233. Update on Need Advice, please: DP insists on going to his friends wedding alone.
  234. Bringing baggage (debts) into a marriage?
  235. What to do about lack of romance?
  236. Gripe about my husband maybe confusing!
  237. On the truth-telling continuum...
  238. Would you stay?
  239. Call Me Crazy, But...
  240. Who "ruled the roost" in your childhood home
  241. Why do you love dh/dp?
  242. Articles: Improving Marital Intimacy
  243. okay so i think i need some help now
  244. Obey? as part of a marriage vow?
  245. Frustrated Beyond Belief (Freakin Long)
  246. Hubby & I are out of sync....just not connecting.
  247. Rambling about my husband...
  248. P.M.S....okay I said it...
  249. Career *OVER-ACHIEVING* Partners?
  250. Something Sweet