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  1. Goodbye lovely DDC
  2. DDC closing - Monday, December 17
  3. Consider helping, please!
  4. Christmas gifts?
  5. May I join you?
  6. Life with a Babe
  7. Big busted mama's? Small frame?
  8. Leaving babe for first time
  9. Halloween!
  10. Anyone had sex? Really.
  11. food allergies
  12. thrush here..
  13. Birth beads?
  14. newborns/babies and airplanes
  15. Flu vac/breastfeeding/our new little ones
  16. Anyone else losing steam on CDing the newbie?
  17. Mighty-Mama
  18. Out And About With Two
  19. Did this pregnancy wreck my body?
  20. 2nd child..Is this normal to feel?
  21. Pictures & Updates- Everyone!
  22. How did you give birth!
  23. Boys vs. Girls! What was the majority..
  24. go4it?
  25. Mnkygrl79... How are you?
  26. Would you let them do a story on your accidental UC?
  27. 1st postpartem sex
  28. Bandgeek update
  29. I started our thread on Life With Babe....
  30. Okay, who hasn't given us a birth announcement yet?
  31. tantum nursing anyone?
  32. My baby fell
  33. How many Homebirths/ UC?
  34. 6 weeks...
  35. Do you have any freezer meals left?
  36. Here's my birth story...
  37. Jazzybaby9
  38. 43w6d...She's FINALLY here!
  39. Had to give a bottle..
  40. He made it...a while ago! ;)
  41. c/s birthers update?
  42. Hunter Granville is finally here!
  43. town water shortage
  44. anybody else's babe unhappy to be awake?
  45. Active Hospital Birth
  46. Projectile vomiting
  47. I need a SMILE.
  48. What's your babe's personality..
  49. My lactating toddler!!
  50. Cian's birth story
  51. How does your dh feel about the birth?
  52. I think we escaped jaundice for once!! Anyone else with bf'ing issues?
  53. Calling The Toledo Area Mamas!
  54. Ava Marie is here
  55. Anyone else have no trouble breastfeeding?
  56. Possible date to move to Life w/ a Babe..
  57. Need to vent
  58. Judah Samuel really was a September babe!
  59. rolling at one month - a fluke, right?
  60. Townsyn is finally here!
  61. Siblings
  62. Husbands Report card
  63. Wanted to share these pictures with you all...
  64. signs?
  65. Esme is here!!
  66. Rebecca Juliet arrived Sept 21st
  67. How did visiting go?
  68. Finally! There really was a baby in there...
  69. October 3, who else is still waiting??
  70. Sibling pics!
  71. Charles (Charlie) Edward is here!
  72. Fatigue? Baby Blues? Hormones????
  73. one in a million!
  74. My baby has Cystic Fibrosis :-(
  75. Gavin Rutgar is here, born at home/placenta birthed at hospital!
  76. full birth story
  77. Anyone having problems
  78. Getting desperate...
  79. We have a BABY!!! (and a few surprises!!)
  80. How lucky I was w/ my insurance...
  81. To the mama's with newbies and toddlers
  82. He's here!!
  83. mimiharshe are you today?
  84. takebirthback had a baby boy!!
  85. For the new mama's here.
  86. Alasdair William arrived on Sept. 16!
  87. Update: No induction needed! Aiyana Autumn came on her own!
  88. Pics of my baby boy!
  89. before September is gone completely . . .
  90. YIPEE! I'm still pregannt!
  91. Thinking of you Jazzy
  92. I'm surprised I feel this way
  93. Otto is here!
  94. Where are all the mama's that have had babies?
  95. My SON IS HERE!!!!!!
  96. worst part of 4 kids, 6 yrs and under........
  97. Waylon Lyle arrived
  98. Nova Marie's Birth Story (Long)
  99. Prodromal Labor Sucks!
  100. did my waters break? (TMI?)
  101. Holy Moly Batman?!?!
  102. After a rough experience, a baby boy!
  103. Do this w/ your belly cast, before you babe is too big
  104. I don't get to post much.. but here's an update.
  105. 5 days until months end...who's left?
  106. Oh, the vanity: question about post-partum belly
  107. Induction set for Thursday 7AM
  108. Chaya Marilyn is here!! (Update - story is up!)
  109. It's about time... My little lady is here! ~*BIRTH STORY n' PICS UPDATE*~
  110. Susennah is here
  111. Another new baby girl is here
  112. Cian is here!! Added pics
  113. Baby girl is here! She's named! Post #15
  114. Scheduled induction?
  115. Anyone else approaching the 42 week mark?
  116. Leave Me Alone (a whining rant)
  117. Rough recovery?
  118. My birth story
  119. Samuel William is here.
  120. I'm finally back online!
  121. Nora Mae is Here!
  122. Sorry
  123. How ya doin Jazzy???
  124. Stacyg In Labor! (UPDATE STACY GAVE BIRTH)
  125. Cruz Augusto Gomes
  126. ~CONGRATS mrsfatty~
  127. Juliet is here!!!
  128. Is it my turn yet???
  129. So, get a load of this
  130. I had my membranes stripped today...
  131. Did you get your Halloween Costumes
  132. Okay, so apparently this baby is coming tonight (not in labor)
  133. PP Poop
  134. Please help, emotional and having fears... (sorry...long , read if you have time)
  135. Madison Faith came 09/09/07 (Easy cheesy labor!)
  136. HELP! Another "Natural Induction Methods" Thread-
  137. She's Here!
  138. Keegan's here!
  139. I screamed through labor but out she came anyway!
  140. Postpartum visit to MW........
  141. SweetTexasGal
  142. I got my turn! - UPDATED WITH BIRTH STORY!
  143. It's A Boy!!!!!
  144. ******* Micah is here
  145. Jamison Olivia's birth story
  146. Dahlia's birth story
  147. Please send me positive vibes.
  148. Here is Evangelines Birth Story
  149. We did it!!!!
  150. Camden James was born 9/14/07!! On his due date!!
  151. What is prodromal labor & what causes it?
  152. I'm hopeful! UPDATE (BIG BOY)
  153. Plaid Leopard and Jazzybaby9
  154. Evangline-Lillian is here
  155. Lets talk about birthday cake :)
  156. It's a boy!
  157. What were a few signs you had a few days before labor???
  158. Crafty mamas~Show off what you've made for baby
  159. Lets play a game or two while we wait...
  160. Lucy Simone has arrived!!
  161. Laboring
  162. Finally holding my baby girl!
  163. Any book junkies?
  164. Our baby is here!
  165. Elijah Peter is here!
  166. I'm bored!
  167. How are those stillleft doing?
  168. My little boy arrived!
  169. Logan James has arrived!
  170. Today is the day...
  171. Sick of prodromal labor
  172. Pics of Lilah birth.....
  173. Overdue no more! Welcome Matthew Scott Lee Waggoner!
  174. We're finally getting it!
  175. FINALLY, Gabriel got here!
  176. People laying claim to your *birth* (slight end of pg rant)
  177. Is this babe your last?
  178. Leave. Me. Alone!!!
  179. Whoo hoo! My water broke!
  180. fed up today
  181. Now I know just how tempermental I am right now!
  182. "Nemo" is playing tricks on mama already!
  183. contractions/active labor???
  184. I think my water broke! [TMI]
  185. Oh no, I 'm getting a cold!
  186. Advice, support, encouragement needed!!
  187. Is sex bad if I'm dilated?
  188. Congratulations, MCsMom!
  189. Finally had my turn!!!
  190. So tell me...
  191. Wierd night last night.
  192. Chiropractor?
  193. "natural" labor induction methods...
  194. Sept. 11 2007
  195. Where is everyone today?
  196. I have my breastfeeding class today...
  197. 1 yr ago today!!!!!!
  198. Postcards....
  199. Us?????
  200. My new phone message...
  201. this stinks!
  202. Stalled...bummer!
  203. OK, I'm officially miserable!
  204. Help for a Toronto mom
  205. Could your belly get any bigger????
  206. have to vent, re: families
  207. Will I definitely know it's a contraction??
  208. Sabo has delivered!!
  209. Hard to read announcements?
  210. Our baby girl has arrived!
  211. She's here...unexpected UC.....story soon!!!
  212. My babe has arrived! - Birth Story and Photos Added
  213. aahhhh...nooo! :( stupid contractions!!!
  214. Menstrual-like cramping & lower back ache
  215. Who's left to give birth yet?
  216. Can you stop labor unintentionally by relaxing??
  217. Our little baby is earthside!!
  218. Please send healing prayers to Oscar
  219. Early babies and fast labors...
  220. I heard from Sunshine's Mama
  221. Danaalex.. Congrats on your little girl..
  222. Open Mouth, Insert Foot
  223. Little Sister is here!
  224. Anyone else having problems with DP/DH freaking out before the birth?
  225. I'm By Myself today............
  226. Super, super active baby - sign of impending labor?
  227. Dahlia Calliope More pics added
  228. DH and family leave
  229. Middle name issues
  230. Update on DH critical in the ICU
  231. Induction tomorrow...antsy, excited, scared
  232. Overdue mamas
  233. Small baby or IUGR? SIGH
  234. When and how did you feel "ready" for baby?
  235. So seriously, what's with so many of the Sept. babies coming in August?
  236. Maybe today...***UPDATE***
  237. Linkin Alexander is Here!
  238. Unexplained bleeding and hospital stay
  239. lila's birth story (x-posted from my blog)
  240. "The Other Side" - Moms Who Have Delivered
  241. Would I know if I "dropped?"
  242. DH wants to know
  243. Support, please...
  244. Where is Everyone?
  245. Roisin Lori has arrived!
  246. ??? about contractions
  247. another arrival! added birth story in post 25
  248. He's here, he's here!
  249. Kaitlyn's Birth Story
  250. she's here!