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  1. Yahoo group
  2. Interested in a yahoo group for Oct DDC Moms?
  3. new thread started in Life With a Babe for October 07
  4. Anyone up for a LWAB thread?
  5. DDC closing - Monday, December 17
  6. Pics added! Sophie found her voice at Publix!
  7. I am going to part-time!!!
  8. Stupid period
  9. DD is just so darn cute
  10. Bottles?
  11. Christmas gift ideas for LO and toddler? Help please!
  12. Anyone flying w/LO for holidays?
  13. PP weight loss
  14. Baby Surgery
  15. Consider helping, please!
  16. Thank you and candle lighting
  17. He did he did it!!! Jacob finally smiled (twice) today!
  18. what's going on with us...
  19. Still Spotting
  20. Social Smiling? Anyone else's baby not doing it yet?
  21. For the love!!!
  22. Pics of the girls and stuff
  23. Natural Pacifiers
  24. If you would like to help Candy (candyapplez)....
  25. Normal? Baby looks to the side?
  26. You wouldn't believe it if I told you...DS rolled over!!!
  27. My son has RSV
  28. Pacifiers
  29. Candy and Bryce need your thoughts and prayers *update 36* *127**256*
  30. Boppy slipcovers recalled
  31. Update to my "not liking DH much" thread. New developments
  32. been awhile
  33. Zachary's birth story
  34. ayla had her baby!
  35. Oct ddc post-partum roll call!
  36. It's been a while
  37. I *am* the last one
  38. Not liking DH very much....
  39. Today is....
  40. vaccinations
  41. I just love my new baby :)
  42. Eating machine!
  43. my frienemy long rant
  44. pictures of birth
  45. Hey!! This isn't so bad!!
  46. Late baby announcement
  47. Pretty sure I started my period today.
  48. When do they smile socially and not just in their sleep?
  49. Am I the only one left?
  50. My little guy is 8 weeks old TODAY!
  51. He'
  52. baby sleeping all day?
  53. Real Smiles!!!
  54. PP sex
  55. Baby fussing?
  56. Those who had C/S
  57. i think my period is back
  58. Anyone else had....bathroom problems? (tmi I'm sure)
  59. Big sister hitting new baby
  60. Niklas Aaron is here - pics and story
  61. ADDED PICS! 11/11/07, 11:11pm, Weight 9.4, SHE'S HERE!...
  62. Cord stump
  63. Elliot is HERE!
  64. Gassy lo
  65. Anyone with depression/anxiety?
  66. cosleeping and pillow top mattress
  67. How about a final Belly Pics thread.....
  68. I realized i have a tummy sleeper.
  69. How is your dh holding up?
  70. Pictures from the last month...
  71. Baby Wren
  72. warm fuzzies...
  73. Pet names?
  74. My overdramatic dh
  75. We got a baby!!!.. finally !!
  76. Family visits?
  77. My Sweet Babies...
  78. Elena Claire is here!
  79. Bleeding started up again
  80. Wish I had seen this sooner........
  81. Getting back in shape thread
  82. tempature of house
  83. Elliot William will be HERE...
  84. Big busted mama's? Small frame?
  85. Bryson James birth story (pictures added )
  86. Laynie Claire is here(just now able to post)
  87. I got my IUD today
  88. moms of 2 or more
  89. BF question....
  90. Need Sleep!!!
  91. My November October baby is finally here!
  92. Sex after birth poll
  93. November 5th 2007
  94. Clara Hypatia is here! (coming up for air, finally able to post)
  95. Who will be last....
  96. Older children driving me crazy..
  97. He's Here!! (finally having a chance to post!!)
  98. Any other Halloween babies?
  99. Chipped tailbone?
  100. Harriet Elva Primrose is here!
  101. Really need labor vibes!!!
  102. Korben Alexander is Finally Here
  103. Lincoln (no middle name yet!) is here! (short homebirth story & a pic!)
  104. Finally, maybe...
  105. I can't go anywhere...
  106. My little sweeties..
  107. How are your babes doing?
  108. Gabriel Adnan is here!
  109. Postdates complaining thread
  110. dmitry robins birth story (Really long and rambly)
  111. If I missed you, please let me know!
  112. tmi thread about pee
  113. He's here! I have a fresh new baby! * pics & story on post 7
  114. He is coming ready or not
  115. A little sad about tubal ligation
  116. Hey PP moms, can we talk birth control?
  117. Autumn Jane has Arrived!!
  118. woohoo! maybe...
  119. I think it is time.....
  120. Yay! I have a convert!!
  121. Well today is supposed to be that day....
  122. 15 hours...
  123. Fingers crossed :)
  124. 2:36 am
  125. October Mamas: Close to your "prediction" or not?
  126. Opps... sorry. lol
  127. ? about PP bleeding
  128. I feel pressured and stressed!
  129. So, Oct baby or Nov baby?
  130. I'm still Pregnant
  131. Maya Roanhorse has arrived!
  132. Atia Caroline is here! (late notice)
  133. Cece Lu is here!
  134. Markus Edward is Here! Birth Story included
  135. A question I can only ask here...
  136. 15 days late, Gabriella arrives
  137. It's a......
  138. Colic?
  139. My littlest cub has been born!!!! NAK!!!!!!
  140. iam i being silly i from uk
  141. I miss being pregnant, I wasn't ready. :(
  142. 3 for 3, being MOTW induces labor!!!
  143. We're pretty sick, baby is ok so far.... a little worried tho
  144. baby name help [i][b]PLEASE[/b][/i]
  145. Anyone Else Late?
  146. Aw Heck!
  147. "Wana, you get one na-num! Not your turn!"
  148. Henry Thomas has arrived!
  149. Need opinions re:induction/augmenting
  150. this might finally be it
  151. Lets Guess Elliots Weight
  152. Ellen Marie is finally here!!
  153. My breasts are hurting!
  154. Homebirth Guidelines for visitors
  155. Lincoln is HOME
  156. Happy EDD to me!
  157. Am I the only one left?
  158. Erin's one week old, pics
  159. Please send Jasper prayers and healing energy
  160. How did you birth your October babe?
  161. Boy was I off!
  162. My midwives rock! (42+ weeks)
  163. baby coming soon?
  164. What is the norm for giving gifts for birth attendants?
  165. did you do placenta print or a belly cast?
  166. Cross posted--need some outside input.
  167. Probiotics for newborn?
  168. Are you taking your LO out yet?
  169. My sweat pea is here...
  170. ****MOTW is moonfroggy!!!****
  171. Luke is here!
  172. Our sweet boy is here....
  173. Lana Akiko's birth story
  174. x-posted in im pregnant born in an ambulance
  175. Margaret Rose is Here!
  176. Could use some sleep help from you mommies...
  177. WTH? My water just broke....
  178. baby zola is here!
  179. My baby arrived on his due date!
  180. Who's Left and a Question (May be TMI)
  181. Why am I so antsy???
  182. Is my vagina an oddity? (Might be TMI?)
  183. lets get this baby out!
  184. Ok thats IT!
  185. Welcome to Naomi Star!
  186. she's here!!
  187. it's contagious! my bff is pregnant!
  188. A confession....
  189. stop and start! update post #4, questions, help please?
  190. tmi thread
  191. Welcome Skye Anees!
  192. Noah's Birth Story!
  193. My baby needs a name- suggestions???
  194. Prayers please
  195. She has a name!
  196. There's a new flower in my garden!
  197. Weird groin pain
  198. I have to push WHAT out of my vagina?
  199. 10 days past my edd and where edd's come from
  200. There was a lady in the hospital
  201. Who's online? Anyone contracting with me?
  202. My weekend at L&D (long and whiny...)
  203. Jacob was born healthy! THANK YOU for your prayers
  204. Welcome Kaitlyn Marie
  205. I'll stop whining now: He's out, He's out, He's OUT!
  206. BH or the real deal
  207. Off to the hospital
  208. Baby arrived!
  209. Mid-month mama's waiting paitiently...
  210. This is it girls UPDATED: He's here! see post #16
  211. Oh pretty pretty please let this be it.
  212. My EDD might be about 4 days off
  213. So that's why!
  214. How much help will you have after baby is born?
  215. question about bloody show TMI
  216. Hurting DS 1 feelings....What to do?
  217. had my baby!
  218. HOw do you strip your membranes
  219. May I complain for a minute?
  220. Broke down and bought EPO
  221. Welcome Erin Carly, October 19
  222. 2:25am
  223. Arrrrrgh!
  224. postpartum bleeding question
  225. ACK-Anybody else with a cold/sinus infection?
  226. Ok mommy's still to be
  227. edema whine
  228. Reece has arrived!
  229. jackson's homebirth remix montage *warning*
  230. Stupid things I've heard on TLC this week...
  231. finally some positive signs...
  232. 2am
  233. **MOTW** is naturalthinker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  234. I had my VBAC!
  235. My daughter arrived
  236. desperation leading to birth envy
  237. MrsReady2bMama...tomorrow
  238. C/S tomorrow and I am a nervous wreck...
  239. My trip to labor and delivery
  240. Will's incredible birth!!
  241. i'm going to be pregnant forever
  242. rough midwife appt that ended in a good note
  243. How often is your newborn nursing?
  244. baby engaged a question
  245. Had my baby on Monday! (Birth Story)
  246. Apparently Fighting w/ DH was Good For Jumpstarting Labor
  247. Due date is going away....
  248. Wren Victoria has arrived
  249. Pku?
  250. baby dreams