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  1. Wishing you all much Love
  2. testing 1,2,3
  3. no birth story
  4. Happy New Year and Good Bye November DDC
  5. Anyone still here?
  6. Who else is still bleeding??
  7. post-natal exam: what to expect?
  8. Need more baby skin help
  9. Bastian's Birth - Updating
  10. Help me!
  11. Fat Baby!!!/6 week check-up
  12. Little Miss Grouchy Pants
  13. help please
  14. Hold me up, Mamas, I'm sinking
  15. Oliver's weight...
  16. new forum NOT working for me
  17. New forum down??
  18. MamaHippo?
  19. I'm back!
  20. how to treat thrush in newborn?
  21. sleep schedule day and night??
  22. please help me with our new forum!
  23. is everyone comeing???? Come on, come on -- let's all go.....
  24. Food allergies in baby. Could it be part of your problem?
  25. help with gassy baby...
  26. question for our chiros
  27. meds for reflux??
  28. Would you cash these?
  29. 6 week check up
  30. What do you think of this?
  31. we have poop!
  32. postpartum vegan holiday baking
  33. Remind me, what can a 7 week old see?? *UPDATE POST 17*
  34. My Day...
  35. Where are we moving to?
  36. I'm a bad, bad mama...
  37. Smiles! Captured on Camera!
  38. gripe water?
  39. What the heck? (TMI)
  40. Baby skin issues
  41. Happy birthday Kimmy!
  42. Congrats scheelimama
  43. skin issues? pregnancy and post partum
  44. Let's stroke each other
  45. Ack! My baby had MRSA!
  46. Sick! Vomiting!
  47. It's my birthday
  48. how many do you have and are you done ??
  49. paid work status?
  50. Freaking out: the FLU?!
  51. PLEASE tell me they will even out!!!
  52. I dropped the ball.....
  53. Nov DDC mamas that posted a birth story.....
  54. Military class tomorrow and me and my Pink Hair! LOL
  55. Are we going to do a weekly thread?
  56. Lilly Pics!
  57. Pop on/Pop off is driving me crazy
  58. SUGGESTION for MODS...can we start MDC playgroups?
  59. Yay! Thanks Mods!
  60. DDC open until end of December!!!
  61. Not Closing Till End Of Dec!
  62. I do not want the opinions of others!
  63. Probably can't finish my birth story...
  64. Not myself, and not ready to lose support
  65. Why we post here in Nov 07 DDC....
  66. What CAN we talk about?
  67. Going to miss our safe home here!
  68. DDC closing tomorrow?
  69. One of THOSE days
  70. Babywearing question! I need help!
  71. DDC closing - Monday, December 17
  72. Lochia &...Cramping???
  73. searching threads in MDC...
  74. Baby Shower Today
  75. need hugs...feeling low
  76. When Lachness has the sniffles...
  77. Silas/Edwina
  78. my Husband's dream AKA why I should not TTC again
  79. Is your baby going bald?
  80. yeasties
  81. what is this PP bleeding -- AF? or still PP ?
  82. Are you freaking kidding me?
  83. Come on mamas...let's see some pics!!
  84. Pixiesmommy (Manda) - your PM box is full!
  85. Baby acne...what do you do about it?
  86. Rachel's birth story (long, and hard to write)
  87. Baby Names and Babies By Date for November '07 DDC
  88. Poll for "cheer buddies"
  89. Need idea for gift for baby from IL
  90. s/o "cheer up" buddies??
  91. Update on Elliot 5 weeks old!
  92. are we all born? and the total is ....
  93. Slow Weight Gain
  94. Since we are posting Santa pics...
  95. increased milk and less wet diapers????
  96. please help! 3.5 yo DC has UTI!
  97. Mastitis?
  98. One good thing that happened today (Friday-12/14)
  99. Baby video
  100. vit d for winter babies?
  101. how backwards is this??
  102. Do you get a shower everyday?
  103. Asher is 14 lbs!!!
  104. 2nd PKU?
  105. Postpartum Addictions
  106. Ronin has a cold
  107. Bug Balm and exhaustion = not a good mix!
  108. ALL three boys and Santa
  109. PP AF at 5 weeks?
  110. Anyone having DP issues?
  111. why can't i forgive myself for my labor?
  112. One good thing that happened today
  113. Crisis Buddies - UPDATE
  114. This is going to be way, way TMI but i need advice
  115. Methergen? for contracting the uterus PP
  116. I think I have PPD
  117. Cranial Sacral & Chiro for Latch Issues
  118. formula feed / supp moms....
  119. Yeast diaper rash
  120. Nov DDC Closing -- Come to our new forum
  121. Am I overreacting? BFing, Jaundice, etc (SIL)
  122. wooden teethers/rattles and wool covers...
  123. Alfalfa...can it make you & baby gassy?
  124. Finally...Henry's birth story!
  125. What's wrong with my toe?!
  126. i need a good herbalist site...
  127. Reflux/Puking
  128. Kimmy/Kontessa??
  129. Wish me luck...
  130. Nov DDC babes have the best names......
  131. No bath for baby yet...
  132. Losing It
  133. 6 week growth spurt hell
  134. Stinky lochia 3-4 weeks PP
  135. 2nd pku?
  136. bellybutton stank
  137. Shameless Brag.. pics of my gorgeous kids
  138. Most active DDC
  139. Favorite baby gear?
  140. baby in fetal position
  141. WTH is this ad?
  142. baby acne
  143. OT: Out of the mouths of babes
  144. PP FLU like symptoms minus the fever...
  145. To swaddle or not to swaddle?
  146. New Pictures of Angela
  147. What time is bedtime?
  148. Conrad Jerome
  149. Do you find time to eat?
  150. DH is worried about Lachlan
  151. DS is taking the attachment part of AP a little too literally
  152. momtoKailee
  153. travel help/suggestions
  154. I just feel like I'm about to lose it
  155. ChristyM26?
  156. who here just had their 2nd LO, and completely lost???
  157. DH Funny
  158. clogged duct PAIN!
  159. Labor, finally!!!
  160. Still pregnant? Check in!
  161. Tubal ligation
  162. Nov DDC adopted a Holiday Helper family UPDATED Post #69
  163. Baby boy's got big ones - Hydroceles anyone?
  164. What do you do about wipes?
  165. cold hands/ cold feet
  166. cute.. esp for robina!!
  167. breastfeeding help needed ASAP!
  168. Kage Breccan is here!
  169. Babe doesn't like being swaddled
  170. You have GOT to be KIDDING me!!!!
  171. ....
  172. Help...bad migraine
  173. Time for a paci? Need advice
  174. Anyone else loving their post-partum body?
  175. Question for a chiro mama maybe? My arm keeps falling asleep. .
  176. anyone having PPD?
  177. How ya doing with the sleep deprivation?
  178. Angela Quinn's Birth ***Warning: LONG***
  179. more dean pix
  180. Check in: Mamas who used to post and now just lurk
  181. People plan for this?
  182. waking baby to eat
  183. anyone else not get a single picture of labor or birth?
  184. More mommy milk weight gain!
  185. Remind me... does baby come face down?
  186. homeschooling mommies - check in
  187. Really cool pregnancy photo
  188. Why did I have a baby in November???
  189. I have a hole in my nipple (x-posted)
  190. a good reason to go to cloth dipes...
  191. Nathan's Birth Story and Pictures: In which we *almost* make it to the hospital!
  192. tongue tie
  193. Low low iron, revisited
  194. semi-OT funny
  195. Sleepy, sleepy baby (not normal)
  196. Food allergy/sensitivity timeline
  197. Pacis and Swings
  198. Help! Doc insists on Flu Shot today!
  199. I horrified somone and it was fun!
  200. So tired of people!
  201. one placenta down the drain...
  202. tara undercoverhippie: please check in!
  203. Whoa, did this happen on your computer too?
  204. Natural, breastfeeding safe treatments for light PPD?
  205. hug LO's extra close
  206. ? for those CDing, and using longies
  207. Not baby acne after all
  208. real smiles!!
  209. Well that was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me
  210. So many cute babes...must post pics too!
  211. One month old today pictures!
  212. pictures, finally!
  213. ugh!
  214. santa pix
  215. My 3 yo DS won't stop hurting me after my c-section ( x-posted in TCY)
  216. sheesh- 0-3 month clothes
  217. It's like being post breech only it isn't
  218. Buh Bye Bassinet, Hello Mama's Armpit!
  219. Operation Carpet Mouth: The Thrush Battle Continues
  220. Help! Need food suggestions for complicated dinner- VERDICT IS IN!
  221. too early to go out into the world for LLL meeting?
  222. She's huge already!!
  223. This baby is eating SO MUCH
  224. Update on us and pictures
  225. Need some good thoughts today! -update #10
  226. I can not sleep
  227. how to post pics (again)
  228. lactation tea that tastes decent?
  229. nighttime fussiness...lets revisit UPDATED: HYPER LACTATION
  230. Breastfeeding Funny!!!
  231. Who is still oozing fluids PP & Alfalfa
  232. suddenly fussy?
  233. I'm alone and I'm active! (Not THAT kind of active, perv!)
  234. We're on TV!
  235. Year of the golden pig
  236. midwife gifts
  237. Lizzie9984?
  238. Anyone's DC remarkably similar?
  239. Weight Redistribution after Birth??
  240. my PP appetite sucks
  241. My amazing superbaby
  242. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
  243. Their REAL Feelings About Circumcision
  244. WHAT is with people...another gripe.
  245. Abnormal pku?
  246. how do i use this 'thing'?
  247. Milo
  248. Is Baby sleeping on belly or back?
  249. In the throes...
  250. Thrush? WTH???