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  1. GoodBye!!!!
  2. This DDC is closing
  3. Holy Cow! Sept 09 DDC is up!
  4. My kid is way ahead...
  5. bleeding anyone??
  6. Anyone else have baby fever already?
  7. losing the baby weight anyone?
  8. Had sex, now red spotting
  9. How often do your babies eat?
  10. Period?
  11. Rolled over!
  12. Breaks during feedings...
  13. Eye color?
  14. Our Babies...stuff that makes you smile
  15. "fused vagina"? & vent!
  16. I wish I trusted myself more
  17. Update!!
  18. Birth announcements...
  19. where will we go when due date club closes?
  20. Need something to complete midwife gift....
  21. Baby pictures...
  22. Growth spurt!
  23. Bliss
  24. formal event at 3 months postpartum: what would you wear?
  25. misery loves company
  26. back to work?
  27. So this is fun...
  28. 7 weeks postpartum issues again...
  29. Birth control: what are your plans?
  30. Sttn!
  31. Not so little anymore and changing fast
  32. CM akin to Glue? (TMI)
  33. Bleeding Again!
  34. 6 week post pardum midwife check up
  35. Now baby has my cold...
  36. playing with baby
  37. getting cold!
  38. Herbal remedies for stretch marks?
  39. Anyone scared of resenting their baby?
  40. Gennavieve's Birth story
  41. the birth of beau
  42. I can't believe the lady at the grocery store...
  43. How do you feel about your postpartum body?
  44. itchy
  45. Orion Hunter is here
  46. What did you do with your placenta?
  47. Hubby's sick
  48. Ugh... I have a cold!
  49. PSA: Postpartum mamas should not watch certain TV shows
  50. Lyam is here!
  51. So, when will you...
  52. clementine jane is here!
  53. Does labor just "happen"?
  54. Another Oct. baby, it's a boy!
  55. Anyone else's baby have yellow eye goop?
  56. What you now know...
  57. announcing our baby boy!
  58. I guess she wanted to be an Oct baby... (Birth Announcement)
  59. 1wk postpartum - gushing fluid/blood
  60. Hips don't lie...
  61. Maddox is here!
  62. After shower
  63. Orion Hunter is here
  64. So what have you all been doing these last days?
  65. who is still bleeding?
  66. on behalf of "daniturtle"
  67. Umbillical stump question
  68. Postpartum Headaches & other Hyper-sensitivity symptoms (drug-free birth)
  69. Finally our birth story!!
  70. Announcing Isabella Anne!
  71. Welcome Parker Joie
  72. Why no driving for 2 weeks??
  73. Crashing at 6 weeks pp
  74. just a quick birth announcement
  75. Bienvenue, Junie!
  76. It gets easier right?
  77. My DH came home early!!!
  78. Anyone not had their baby yet? (new list)
  79. My water broke!
  80. Our baby is finally here!
  81. Charlie is here and recovering from surgery in the NICU **UPDATE W/PICS**
  82. for those of you with babies...
  83. Thanks September DDC
  84. baby Muhammad's birth story & pics...
  85. She's here! I made it before September ended!!
  86. Born on his due date
  87. Announcing Matthew Ashton's arrival!!!
  88. Finally some progress!
  89. Baby Giovanna is here!
  90. Anyone not feeling really bonded?
  91. My homebirth slideshow
  92. For all those still left…
  93. Contractions - under 5 mins but irregular? (water already broke)
  94. gestational hypertension
  95. Mucus Plug & Bloody Show!!! 40wks 6days **UPDATE** Water broke too!
  96. this is not fair
  97. My Water Broke!!
  98. Our little bundle is here!
  99. Midwife gift ideas??
  100. Baby Muhammad is here!!
  101. Welcome Rhys Athanasius!
  102. Woohoo my baby boy Zackary is here!
  103. C-section mamas
  104. Mucus Plug Question - TMI
  105. Marion gets to be a model!
  106. Losing bladder control?
  107. Pics and birth story of Cheyenne
  108. Announcing Matthew Benjamin
  109. Lucas Gage is here!!
  110. lost my plug this morning
  111. Remember how we all checked TP at the beginning of the pregnancy....
  112. OMG!! I just lost my mucus plug!!!
  113. Announcing Baby Amelia!
  114. Our first full night together...
  115. So who wore their birth necklace? Pics?
  116. I can't handle this anymore :(
  117. Anyone heard from MuslimMama?
  118. Jillian Nicole is here!
  119. Finally - some pics for your viewing enjoyment
  120. I've been swept!
  121. 41-weekers (and up) UNITE!
  122. Amazed to be holding my baby!
  123. Early labor? - not going well :(
  124. Anyone else starting to feel a bit frantic?
  125. Packing on the pounds, Chloe that is!
  126. bloody show/early labor - wish me luck!
  127. First time on since Ike...(baby pics finally)
  128. I think this might be it - and a question
  129. Baby Cheyenne is here
  130. Nearing the end of the month -- who's left??
  131. We welcomed her at home!
  132. Another "after midwife appt" update
  133. Warning, please read. Re: edema/swelling after birth
  134. What is curb walking?
  135. We chose a name
  136. 39 wks and breech :(
  137. Cecilia Elizabeth has arrived
  138. Any other Breech mamas attempting Homebirth?
  139. Karly Mae has made her fashionably late appearance!
  140. I think I picked the wrong name
  141. They got to me!!
  142. Evan James -- an amazing home water birth *pics added*
  143. There's someone I'd like yall to meet
  144. Leave me Alone
  145. family issues around my secretive birth plan...
  146. 2 weeks past edd. We have a baby...
  147. Officially Late
  148. Things I've tried...
  149. Baby girl is here!
  150. Maybe baby?
  151. Another I think my water broke thread
  152. Being induced on Tuesday
  153. Saving the caul?
  154. umm...anyone know anything about cycles/gestation length?
  155. Baby Girl
  156. The Pelvic Pain! Yow!
  157. I think my water broke
  158. Delilah Ruth is here!
  159. Announcing Baby Ethan!
  160. Welcome Abigail Arianna! 9/17/08
  161. Today's my EDD!
  162. I want to go *over* 40 weeks
  163. what to do when your birthing partners become your tigers
  164. come on baby
  165. Sooooooo ready to be done!
  166. anyone get contractions after dtd??
  167. So many babies have been born in the caul!
  168. sleepy
  169. Superfantasticgreat news!!!!
  170. Had my membranes stripped
  171. Baby Pic Thread - Sticky please??
  172. Just random venting :(
  173. Blood but not bloody show? *update - in labor!*
  174. my brest friend
  175. I'm so frustrated!!
  176. Name Help
  177. How accurate is your due date?
  178. Declining induction....crazy??
  179. Progress - maybe this is it
  180. Need labor vibes to kick this up a notch...
  181. Ok I am a little excited now
  182. it is a girl!!!
  183. Update on Kati
  184. Halloween- Are you dressing babe?
  185. What are you all doing in these last couple days?
  186. Do you think they'd let me switch OB's this late?
  187. Yeah! Making progress!! Hit me with some labor vibes please!
  188. My mom hates baby's name!
  189. Progression of labor after first baby or more
  190. giant panda birth
  191. interesting news story/video
  192. Practice labor just at night????
  193. Here is Miss Chloe today!!
  194. Stupid question
  195. less than 1cm @39 weeks?
  196. herbal/medicinal postpartum?
  197. He's pulling his own hair!
  198. Omg! I Peed On My Ob's Floor!!!
  199. I think my midwife hates me!
  200. How many of us are past our due date?
  201. Sex? Baths? After Membranes stripped
  202. Sweet Baby Boy
  203. Tacky to take store bought baked goods to L&D nurses?
  204. Introducing Chloe Jean!!! [pics]
  205. Rules for visiting...
  206. 3am insomnia ramblings...
  207. Am I in labor?
  208. Stripping membranes...
  209. Almost there!
  210. my dad
  211. DD said it would be this week....
  212. Sending Full Moon Labor Vibes
  213. I'm tired and bored....
  214. How pregnant are you?
  215. What's stressing you out right now?
  216. Ok, I'm ready...
  217. Today is the day!
  218. Baby Boy
  219. What if my bedroom ends up too hot to birth in?
  220. Hurricane Mamas?
  221. We have a baby!
  222. birth photog - need sound advice!
  223. Anyone with little to no vag. discharge?
  224. Announcing Freya! Super fast and easy birth story added.
  225. It wasn't prodromal after all
  226. MIL just decided to stop by...
  227. Will you do anything for PP belly blubber?
  228. I am going crazy with the waiting game...
  229. to the woman who stopped me when I was crossing the street today . . .
  230. Welcome to the world, Brier!
  231. Would water breaking on bed ruin mattress?
  232. Wow, DH gets it...
  233. ohpleaseohpleaseohplease
  234. Can I share a cool contraction monitoring website?
  235. If I'm dialated already to 3 cm does that mean...
  236. Nipple stimulation DOES work!!!
  237. Can contractions feel like
  238. whoo full moon on monday, anyone getting a little excited?
  239. Nursing shawl patterns
  240. Anyone having labor confusion??
  241. Still working?
  242. baby name Thoughts??
  243. URGENT! Need a new DALLAS midwife ASAP!
  244. finally!! she's here!! birth story added
  245. Shoulder Dystocia
  246. And we're home!
  247. Early labor...
  248. how low can baby's head get before labor starts?
  249. Argh!
  250. Weird pain in left hand