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  1. This DDC is Closing
  2. How many times have you "done the deed" since baby arrived?
  3. Can you believe it?
  4. Reminder: Circumcision Discussions
  5. For those who "consumed" their placentas...a poll
  6. Gonna miss DDC
  7. holy cow, dylan rolled over!
  8. Checking in!
  9. we broke the rule of three....
  10. I'm late on this
  11. Third time is the charm!!
  12. This too shall pass, this too shall pass....
  13. Update on Levi and Dh's job situation
  14. Who goes back to work?
  15. ah, the best laid plans...
  16. Bitter sweet sleep
  17. Charlie Latched on!!!!!!!
  18. Anyone pregnant again already? Or trying?
  19. When naps are no longer cool...
  20. 6 weeks old...6 month old clothing
  21. How cold is too cold?
  22. I (finally) posted my birth story...
  23. PPD anyone?
  24. If you had a C Section...
  25. He's still so little!
  26. * DD opened an early Christmas gift! * Photo added!
  27. Did you eat your placenta?
  28. Anyone else having trouble with a post-partum wardrobe?
  29. still bleeding...
  30. baby acne?
  31. Christmas Exchange Thank You Thread
  32. Need help/ideas quick...
  33. how long did it take you to heal? ("skids" and tears)
  34. sleep deprivation
  35. Unexpected u/c of Kaleb Jonah
  36. Theo is here!!!!
  37. Charlotte Jayne is here!
  38. Carlos Alejandro has arrived...17 day's "past due"
  39. bragging up my baby boy...PICS
  40. Anybody Want Another Yet?
  41. Weird feelings in belly
  42. baby/birth announcements?
  43. Commercial sposie pads are evil!
  44. Pyogenic granuloma
  45. He's born!
  46. Erin's Homebirth Story!
  47. SERIOUSLY??? Is it really back already???
  48. I'm back
  49. Any other slow weight-gaining babies?
  50. DH remembered our Anniversary!
  51. Oh no! "Stop Work" issued on DH's contract
  52. What does your day look like?
  53. I have a diaper rash on my...
  54. Boy? Girl? What did we end up with?
  55. The wait it's December WHOSE LEFT check in thread...
  56. After a painless delivery...
  57. Baby Om arrived un-assisted!
  58. morning sickness and baby's sex, part 2
  59. She's (finally) here!!!!!
  60. Last day of November...who still has not yet met baby??
  61. Postpartum body image issues
  62. Confessions
  63. Nov 2008 mamas on Facebook?
  64. It's a BOY!
  65. Introducing.......
  66. Jasper is a month old! (and for those still waiting...)
  67. No baby here...want to post your post-dates baby mountain?
  68. Corbin Micheal is finally here!
  69. Our Thanksgiving baby, Isabelle Marie!
  70. Baby blues?
  71. is anyone else NOT leaving th house, or bed, for a while?
  72. Hudson Scout 11lbs 2oz !!! update w/pics!!!
  73. How are the post-partum mama's doing?
  74. my update - baby has turned breech :(
  75. No DDC's left to stalk...
  76. Yet to Be Named is Here!
  77. Welcome Anya
  78. So much for a gross motor delay. . .
  79. December babies are starting to arrive!! (Thankful no more)
  80. Lilleigh Belle nov. 16
  81. should I get membranes stripped tomorrow?
  82. How did you feel the day you went into labor?
  83. Jonathan's Birth Story
  84. Thankful for...still being pregnant. Join me?
  85. Christmas exchange? - NEED ONE MORE MAMA!
  86. My Beautiful Zoe, but failed VBAC
  87. I think I am being induced in the morning....(updated)
  88. Ginger Elizabeth- photo update!
  89. Pearl is here!!!
  90. I feel so broken.
  91. Calla Sydney, our unplanned UC
  92. Whoa, I'm a mom!
  93. Any one give birth without bloody show or loss of mucus plug??
  94. It feels so good to be a member of the "I had my baby" club.
  95. Could this be it? PLEASE?!?! - still not sure :( (updated)
  96. my baby is here in my arms
  97. She's Here!!!
  98. Faster than a speeding bullet... Ginger Elizabeth!
  99. ambotchka?
  100. Bloody show?!
  101. Yet Another "Who is Still Pregnant" Thread!
  102. How often is baby nursing?
  103. my birth story and pictures of Charlotte Rose, our second home-waterbirth
  104. 41 weeks and pissy (long vent)
  105. Rose is here! Update: Birth story post #17
  106. How are you, tandeming mamas?
  107. She's Here!
  108. Gifts for Doula?
  109. Is my body broken?
  110. Benji's Hombirth Story
  111. I think I'm in labor...maybe!
  112. Mini-milestones
  113. Violet Anne is here!!!
  114. how long will this go on?
  115. Not coping well with larger family
  116. Uterine infection, back to hospital, probiotics
  117. I'm proud
  118. She's here!
  119. It's raining babies!
  120. having an induction tommorrow, send good thoughts our way!
  121. Too late to de-lurk???
  122. ugh... c/s 3 weeks ago- when to start exercising?
  123. Let's talk about unladylike things such as, er, sweat, for a second.
  124. Lucien's birth story!
  125. two questions: placenta calcifications & dilating w/o effacing
  126. link to my birthstory/pictures (NSFW some pictures are graphic
  127. My story *Update in post 25 - PIX*
  128. After 40w,3d our baby is here!
  129. Let's talk PP bleeding
  130. She's not here yet.
  131. She's Here!
  132. For the first time in my life...
  133. Tailbone breaking in birth?
  134. Who is having a baby today?
  135. She's here finally! 42weeks 2days.
  136. Norah Sage is here!
  137. Update on my Meadow
  138. My Bug is here!!! Update: birth story link!
  139. update on Levi
  140. waiting for nerdymom is killing me
  141. He's finally here
  142. not in labor but i did lose my mucous plug
  143. My boy has arrived
  144. Alexandra Glee is here! Added a link to the full story and pictures
  145. How long can this last?
  146. Emotional Rollercoaster Ride
  147. Station - what does this mean.
  148. Seems a bit sudden! Is it normal for #1?
  149. hip pain?
  150. 41 and more weekers
  151. Irrational fears over baby's lateness
  152. Need Good Labor Vibes!
  153. Was that a balloon popping? Nope, that would be my membranes. What a mess!
  154. Elijah Arthur is here
  155. I did it!!! Now with pictures
  156. Laboring Slowly
  157. I found a chiro that accepts medicaid!
  158. Holiday cards
  159. If you've had a scheduled c-section
  160. Introducing Nathan Joshua!
  161. Having my baby tonight! Update
  162. Ummm, Thanks Sweetie.....
  163. Thinking of you, Sage
  164. How many of us are left?
  165. Anyone labored drug free to the end with pitocin?
  166. Anders Birth - need some support
  167. Good-bye Mucus Plug!
  168. My body wants me to go insane......
  169. Eleanor Margaret is here! - pictures added!
  170. HARMFUL effects of EPO?
  171. Ginger Katla Is Here!
  172. Wowowowowowowowowow Aug 2009!
  173. Cameron's home water birth story+ pics
  174. It's a.....
  175. Having second thoughts... what did you do?
  176. Castor Oil?
  177. Toddler/preschooler's behavior as birth approaches
  178. Starting to wonder......
  179. And the moon is full...
  180. Is this labor?
  181. Slightly freaked out...
  182. maternity photo session ~
  183. Just when I thought we'd ridden out the storm. . .
  184. Contractions - a question
  185. Mother Earth
  186. Baby Spencer just got out of the hospital :(
  187. Afraid I might have to be induced :(
  188. I can't take much more
  189. My husband....
  190. Things Not To Do When You Have SPD
  191. OMG the suspense is KILLING ME!!!
  192. The PERKS to "still" being pregnant...let's encourage eachother!!
  193. loose stools= baby soon??
  194. last-minute name change
  195. What are the chances of going into labor...
  196. 9 hours of this - call to give mw heads up?... THE RESULTS...
  197. Anyone else feel like a watched pot?
  198. Is there a 'slow leak' club yet?
  199. so different from last time
  200. L&d again!!!
  201. our amazing bodys! cool birthstory from my midwife
  202. anyone GBS+ and NOT doing antibiotics?
  203. My surreal due date
  204. Mucus plug or just gross stuff?
  205. is bloody show necessary?
  206. From Team green to team.....----- UPDATE! HE HAS A NAME
  207. 39 week appt., need encouragement
  208. 36 week doctors appt.
  209. Rocking Chair Indecision
  210. My belly is so big...
  211. Could this [finally] be labor? update #16
  212. insert banned word here: i have the start of pre-eclampsia
  213. ITT I am selfrighteous and judgemental toward a friend. :shame:
  214. Jasper's birth story!
  215. Labor? maybe
  216. Carpal tunnel and numb hands?
  217. Anyone else totally miserable? (warning, incoming vent)
  218. Why you should never EVER let 5 year old takes pregnancy pictures of you...
  219. Oh crap!
  220. I really want a chiropractor
  221. A Midwifery Manual
  222. Countdown...
  223. This twin thing keeps comming up!
  224. Period-like cramping?
  225. Placenta
  226. peaceful reflection
  227. What's the difference?
  228. Possible only to have contractions in back?
  229. welcome Charlie!
  230. Quick update on us.....
  231. impatient family & friends
  232. Elliot or Elliott?
  233. Baby Kara has arrived...........
  234. Post-partum Weight Loss
  235. The interesting, surreal, unexpected memories of birth...
  236. Bloody Show, timable contractions!!!!!
  237. What were your clues that labor was coming?
  238. Holy Moley!!!!
  239. Its my due date!
  240. zoey irene driscoll!!
  241. Becka's birth story
  242. Desperate for advice
  243. Happy Halloween!
  244. I can't wait for tomorrow...
  245. finally nesting
  246. Baby Blues and Anxiety!! HELP!
  247. I just got laid off
  248. Charlotte's birth story!
  249. prodromal labor have bloody show?
  250. i think this is it!