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  1. Herding people to slaughter -
  2. Hope & Health
  3. State movement to remove the 1986 law requesting congress remove immunity.
  4. The epidemic that spawned the Jacobson case.
  5. Vaccines and storage problems
  6. This Season's flu shot spectacle
  7. Collective Punishment
  8. Dr Ken Stoller, MD
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  11. Hypocrisies, Inconsistencies, Irrational Thinking
  12. Tdap in pregnancy
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  14. For your amusement: Vaccine Education Module
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  16. 75 years ago today
  17. eradicated?
  18. Yale works with US govt to research the best way to Frame the message to get persons
  19. history of hideous truths of testing vaccines on children
  20. Dr Fauci testifies before Congress July 31, 2020
  21. So it was not some crazy conspiracy theorist's concept
  22. Freedom of speech and free flow of information
  23. Any one know how the Amish are doing?
  24. Fact Checking. Not microchips...
  25. 1986: The Act
  26. Tired of people being called sheep
  27. Battles ahead
  28. Meningitis vaccine
  29. Mask Madness
  30. Sweden
  31. Right to assembly
  32. Powerful people or knowing powerful people
  33. testing for COVID19
  34. Dr. Judy Miscovits, PhD
  35. not a meme...but a video!
  36. Modoc County set to open in defiance of Newsome's orders
  37. Woodstock Occurred In The Middle of The Hong Kong Pandemic
  38. The lockdown is bringing out the worse in people ...
  39. I know there is a lot of hate for Offit...
  40. Definitions
  41. Pediatricians apparently not delivering as many vaccines
  42. Connecting the Dots - CV
  43. Hyposcrisy at its finest
  44. The Almighty Covid Vaccine
  45. Fauci?
  46. Autism, gut problems (from MMR vaccine) and treatments
  47. Bill Gates who is helped by his philanthropy?
  48. James Earle Hughes
  49. Lorena Paints Herself into a Corner. Again.
  50. Paul Offit makes the mainstream angry
  51. NOW, that is HERD IMMUNITY!
  52. Mandatory vaccines and discrimination...against minorities
  53. martial law?
  54. Along the UK on M-1 outside Leeds -
  55. While you are worried about the corona virus ...
  56. R.I.P. Toni Bark
  57. New analysis of HPV trials is harshly
  58. Meanwhile, Back in California
  59. - balance -
  60. VCIP meeting Feb 26, 2020
  61. Missing outbreaks
  62. Pavelsky testifies in CT
  63. Word play or lying?
  64. Is Pro-Compliance a Grassroots Movement?
  65. Ben Shapiro challenged on vaccines
  66. Illinois pediatrician died by suicide
  67. So who's scared to death of coronavirus?
  68. New vaccine with 3 adjuvants
  69. Treatment for the flu involving IV vitamin C
  70. "Why we must resist reducing humans to mere vectors of disease"
  71. Religious Exemptions Are Great! We Just Don't Allow Them.
  72. Morally Vindicated Influenza
  73. This is what censorship in science and health will get you.
  74. Scientific observation from 25 years ago.
  75. Those "Milder Cases"
  76. From the Santa Monica Observer, Friday, January 24, 2020
  77. This happened ten years ago and little has changed.
  78. Flu vaccine, influenza, Tamiflu, death
  79. Chickenpox exposure?
  80. Meanwhile, in Canada
  81. Rubella in Texas
  82. My Medication Allergy
  83. At Least It May be Good for Something
  84. "It is a conundrum
  85. My great state
  86. WikiHow helps kids get vaxed
  87. New Appeals Court Ruling On VICP Cases
  88. Parotitis?
  89. Tour For Wellness and other health gatherings
  90. Is this why the pro-vaccine people are so scared?
  91. vaccine for MRSA
  92. Ebola vaccine?
  93. Congressman Adam Schiff D
  94. The flu
  95. Why mandatory vaccination is unethical and immoral
  96. Mumps vaccine failures are not just for college students
  97. Going after the Amish now
  98. Texas Rep Gene Wu Humiliates Himself on Twitter
  99. I hate tattoos
  100. Dr. Phil - What’s Best When It Comes To Vaccines
  101. Why Are So Many Samoans Dying of Measles?
  102. Congress must be very brave, risking their lives
  103. Cory Booker has the flu.
  104. vaccine damage by state and year
  105. Hamsters are cute.
  106. The Coincidence Disorder Thread
  107. Measles in Texas?
  108. Chickenpox vaccine reactivates in two boys, causing rare meningitis more commonly see
  109. Fully vaccinated child dies
  110. Study advises parents to avoid Tylenol after vaccination,
  111. Lyme disease vaccine coming next spring just for you!!
  112. Chickenpox Vaccine Reactivates
  113. More current polio cases have been caused by vaccines than the wild virus: WHO report
  114. Vaxxed ii
  115. I would never have believed it until happened to me
  116. Cuban Parents Threatened by Government for Posting about Vaccine-Induced Death
  117. Vaccinated Girl Dies of Influenza. Get Your Flu Shot.
  118. Maternal and early postnatal immune activation produce sex-specific effects on autism
  119. Offit wrong, Gorski wrong, CDC wrong
  120. China fears an outbreak
  121. Federal Register 1984
  122. Are vaccine mandates sexist?
  123. Tennis player no more
  124. Bernard Tyson. 60, has passed on in his sleep
  125. Study: SB277 Will Have Only 'Modest' Impact
  126. Vaccine Injured Marine Running for Congress
  127. Real risks of vaccines.
  128. Response to VaXXed II
  129. Shifting the Overton Window on Vaccines
  130. California - Vaccines and Charter Schools
  131. Dr. Jay Gordon on Bill Maher
  132. So universities and submarines are not the only place
  133. Oh, my. Someone did NOT pay attention in history class
  134. Is this woman suited for this job?
  135. Hep A
  136. Vaccines Prevent Racism!
  137. Meanwhile over on capital hill -
  138. Most Contagious Place on Earth?
  139. Healthcare made virtual
  140. Afm!
  141. Be on the Right side of history.
  142. 1902 Coal strike led to an increase
  143. So ironic!
  144. Worrisome study flirts with metabolic differences
  145. Dyslexia Doesn’t Work the Way We Thought It Did
  146. Baby Girl Dies In Cuba After Vaccination; Four Other Children Were Affected
  147. Next time
  148. "Rogue virus in the vaccine / Early polio vaccine harbored virus now feared to cause
  149. Yet another example of why you shouldn't blindly accept
  150. Mothering Forums Shutting Down?
  151. I'm Confused ...
  152. Measles Vaccine Failure in China
  153. NY Medical Exemptions Being Denied
  154. Only a third of pregnant women are getting their shots during pregnancy
  155. No mention of prenatal predestination
  156. LA Times UCB study states that CA voters approve of new vaccine law 72-95%
  157. Be ware of Medicine Marching in Lock Step With the Government
  158. Monkeypox - the next 'new' disease?
  159. Corvelva Releases New Data
  160. Teen Consent for Medical Intervention
  161. So I guess adults are dumb
  162. Uneducated thinking/rhetoric
  163. Pharmaceutical CEO
  164. Mandate for Choice
  165. Greta Thunberg
  166. No one died from measles in the US, but
  167. While CA stomps out every last case of infectious disease ...
  168. A Blast from the Past (Measles)
  169. When Vaccines Are More Important Than Children
  170. California Law to Restrict Medical Vaccine Exemptions Raises Thorny Questions
  171. vocabulary lesson
  172. Yet another example of why you shouldn't blindly accept vaccine injury/death stories
  173. Autistic child's desk put in bathroom.
  174. Insomniacs, UNITE!
  175. polio in phillipines
  176. Here we go - bribery/coercion tactics
  177. Welcome to Connetquot, NYS
  178. Yep, measles vaccines for dogs now
  179. Second case of measles confirmed in York County ...
  180. ''Sugar Daddy Science''
  181. Vaccination worldwide: power imbalance?
  182. That rascally, unpredictable flu shot!
  183. Hidden or Misrepresented Information
  184. Saving teens from their parents
  185. woman in semi comatose state after using pond's skin cream from Mexico
  186. Flatter Abs, Better Orgasms and . . . Vaccine Compliance
  187. First flu death of the season
  188. Doctor reacts to Middle Ground
  189. Healthy non-, del-, sen- vaccinated children have no place in CA schools,
  190. Meanwhile in Flint, MI
  191. SB276: The Downfall
  192. Non Vaccinated Pediatrician
  193. That is the way the vaccine works.
  194. The party is over
  195. Speaking Truth to Power
  196. What is wrong with religious exemptions?
  197. transforming vaccine critics into dangerous monsters
  198. Desperate attempt
  199. Corrupt to the core!
  200. We predicted this, too
  201. What did Wakefield observe about measles vax and the gut?
  202. Another case of measles
  203. Anti-vaccine activist assaults California vaccine law author, police say
  204. How the 1% number was arrived at -
  205. I know people have been warning about this for decades.
  206. Digging into the dissent
  207. Allergic?
  208. Hey, Dr Pan! -
  209. Blame-Shifting and "Vaccine Hesitancy"
  210. FB Alert
  211. If Drowning Were Treated Like Measles
  212. What is Copy Trading
  213. Anaphylaxis increase
  214. When Vaccines Fail
  215. Parents! It is all your fault.
  216. Conspiracy discussion from an old thread
  217. Affordable Hotels
  218. Manipulation of parents
  219. Tb testing during pregnancy
  220. Vaccination Policies You'd Change
  221. California woman wins huge settlement
  222. "We Can Predict Where Measles Will Happen. Why Don’t We?"
  223. "The Anti-Vaxxer Movement Isn’t Really Growing"
  224. Buck v Bell, We Hardly Knew Ye
  225. No one has heard of "First, Do NO Harm!" I suppose.
  226. what has happened to liberalism?
  227. Mon Dieu! Countries Most Skeptical of Vaccine Safety
  228. Thinking person's discussion of the NY law
  229. New SB276 amended language
  230. That Growing Trend of Non-Vaxxers
  231. NY loses the religious exemption for vaccines
  232. better post vaccine care from a vet!
  233. Glyphosphate, Vaccines and Science
  234. Wow, powerful talk by Wakefield
  235. History Lesson -
  236. Flu vaccine compliance and personality type
  237. Measles in the Ukraine
  238. MTHFR and vaccinations
  239. Mandatory = the Draft
  240. Trump Administration Cuts Funding for Fetal Tissue Research
  241. Opoid crisis
  242. Juice Up on that MMR!
  243. hey, should not be that mad at non-vaxxers....
  244. Your Vaccine Injury Stories Require Fact Checking
  245. Do You Think Name-Blame-Shame is Working?
  246. Measles is the least of our worries
  247. Public Perception of Measles
  248. Vaccine not protected by Feds? Lawsuits!
  249. CDC on the science
  250. New Evidence in Ezekiel Stephan Case